Village Praxis: Pistol Carry Options by Bill Buppert

“The paradigm that government should have a monopoly of small arms implies the surreal normative postulate that citizens—or, rather, subjects—should be treated as the Jews were in Nazi Germany.”
– Stephen P. Halbrook, Gun Control in the Third Reich

“Rome remained free for four hundred years and Sparta eight hundred, although their citizens were armed all that time; but many other states that have been disarmed have lost their liberties in less than forty years.”
― Stephen P. Halbrook, That Every Man Be Armed: The Evolution of a Constitutional Right

Publisher’s Note:  I am a non-voter and not a fan of any inhabitant of the Offal Office but I have to admit, I am impressed with the peace efforts pursued by The Amphibian right now with his trip to Singapore to meet with the nK communist leader. No one has used this simple hands-on approach to trying to bridge the gap. I wish he would do the same with Iran after calling the ball in the Middle East and bring all the soldiers and other American mischief machinery home to real jobs in America.

In other news, if you want to know just how amazing it is to be alive today, go to a Dollar Store and spend half an hour looking around at a bounty no communist country could match. The free market in America manages to deliver this in spite of a government regulatory regime of monstrous proportions that soils and shits on everything it touches. I can just imagine the riches available to every human once individual industry is untethered from the statist shackles.

I would also recommend that every polling place in America replace the lever in the booth with a phallic lever and ask the voters to use their mouths to select their new masters. It would make the experience more authentic and reflect great things to come.

You now have six months and counting of opportunities to plus up your stores and munitions until January comes if the Grand Old Politburo manages to fuck themselves out of power in the November Plantation Owner Selection contests across the nation. The Collapsitarian (h/t to Skip, the Village Armorer) Party has yet to get off the ground but I may just become a voter again if SMOD and Cthulhu manage to top that ticket in 2020.

Yes, we have been experiencing regular outages.

And yes, I have reading more Halbrook lately.-BB

Herschel posted a video of a man successfully injecting lead in his junk through an ND entirely of his own making. The usual suspects started to blame the carry modality; in this case, Appendix Inside the Waistband (AIWB) carry.

I can’t account for the reason for the ND or what pressed the trigger.

When I don’t OC, I do carry AIWB. I have no other way for my body-type to do so because dedicated IWB holsters don’t conceal well and I don’t want to have two sizes of pants in my closet.

Kydex holsters in the waistband prepositioned can be very dangerous carry options for the reasons this gentleman apparently demonstrated. As with all things gun, you practice to perfection and repetition the little shit. The engineering profession teaches you that attention to detail is the secret sauce for success.

You never re-holster a weapon without checking the magazine and a chamber check. You clean them regularly on a schedule. You don’t put a Punisher symbol on the back plate. You wear it everywhere so it becomes second nature and you are not fiddle-fucking with it. Even at home.

You either live with guns or use them every now and again. I decided to live with them both at work when I served in the Legions and at home and out and about. I am strong hand right.

My primary carry is a Glock G19 with an RMR or a G34 with an RMR. My recommendations apply to any handgun. I use a trigger cover attached to a lanyard which means I never have to point a pistol with an exposed trigger at any part of my body before the trigger is covered and then it is slipped into the waistband. The lanyard system is the ONLY IAWB system that permits this unless you limber your entire Kydex holster from the waistband, insert the weapon and then position AIWB. It also helps because I am not a big guy but still slim-waisted in my 50s which makes this carry a comfortable option. If you find you are in a race to exceed your height by your girth and the gallons of liquid wheat you consume have made you unfit, the Gods are sending a signal on why AIWB may be uncomfortable for you.

Per the video, this is also why it is critical to have shirt tuck overbuild between you and the pistol for OC in OWB.

My additional safety factor for OWB is I employ RTI systems from G-Code that allow me to separate the holster body from the paddle on my hip w/ the weapon holstered safe. I was turned onto these systems in AFG where I could unlimber the holstered G19 from the side carry and put it on my armor on a dedicated RTI wheel on my chest never having to expose the trigger.

So every one of my holster systems whether OWB or AIWB are chosen because they allow me to have a covered trigger for any transfer of the weapon to my body. I don’t use shoulder holster systems because they don’t allow me not to sweep my own flesh. The only exception to this for my carry purposes is if I am wearing body armor, I wear the pistol chest center on an RTI wheel which means I do sweep my left arm but I am assuming the risk in that case.

Don’t neglect a quality gun belt, I use Magpul gunbelts in 1.25″ and 1.5″ variants. This carry also allows me to EDC the best fixed blade small knife I have ever owned: my TOPS Felony Stop at 1100 lateral on my belt left of buckle.

On another note, don’t take my word for it, test drive your own kit. It goes without saying that I recommend you dry fire with a dry gun to get your presentation correct for carry response. I also recommend the lanyard variant only and not the clip variant.

The mall ninjas and coproaches tend to love the thigh holster but try running with one. Try low crawling with one. Climbing and other contortions of the body if forced to conduct social work. Your mileage may vary. Test drive and thrash your kit until satisfied.

* I would request that none of the comments start the 1911-Glock handbag fight, there are plenty of venues that have beaten that horse to death. If you can fight your 1911 and best your enemies, go with the Gods, I have no argument with you.

“Rephrasing the amendment as a conditional (hypothetical) syllogism, its first premise would state: If a well-regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free state (p), then the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed (q); that is, p implies q. If one then asserts p as a second premise, then the conclusion q would follow. Logicians speak of this syllogism as being valid by reason of modus ponens.39 Yet the denial of the antecedent, should it be expressed in the second premise, fails to imply the denial of the consequent in the conclusion; that is, even if a militia is not necessary for the existence of a free state, the people still have the right to keep and bear arms. To say that “not p” implies “not q” is to commit the logical fallacy of denying the antecedent.40 These rules concerning syllogisms derive from classic Aristotelian logic and have not changed since ancient Greece. The Founders were familiar with logic.”

– Stephen P. Halbrook, The Founders’ Second Amendment: Origins of the Right to Bear Arms

16 thoughts on “Village Praxis: Pistol Carry Options by Bill Buppert”

  1. I’m truly amused. A condom for a trigger?. Bitchen glock, I opted out. My Glocks my 1911s, all have a dot on a front sight, worked for me for 35/45 years now.

    I do really think your 9 is pretty slick. I just don’t understand the need for the kydex trigger cover. Been holstering 1911 s in milt sparks iwbs, along time, shot many a police or civilian shoot school with same. No ad’s.

    As for Mexican carry, ain’t nothing new about that style. Fast fast fast. Dangerous aswell

    Not knocking it, if it works for you, good on you.

    Lastly, this Pres is kicking ass, we get him for 8 likely. This 8 is a gift, use the time and your money wisely. Just had my monthly freeze dried shipment arrive. Always comforting. Next up another 1k, of 308 from AIM.

    Bill, great article. Forgive my smart ass observations. Just never seen anything like that.

    Have a good one.


  2. I appendix carry a G19 in a Trex arms sidecar. I place the holster in front of me, load up and chamber check, put the gun in the holster, then position the holster in the belt with the pistol in place so the trigger is covered. On a long car trip, sometimes Ill take the entire thing out of my pants and place it somewhere safe, I never take the loaded gun out like that. A buddy of mine sent me a picture of a guy ( a friend of a friend is what he told me) that shot himself in the leg reholstering his pistol. He would strong side carry and take his gun out when in the car. He was reholstering, didn’t pay attention, and snagged the trigger, discharging it downwards. Nice long graze all the way down. Lucky it wasn’t worse. Only time I reholster like that is standing up at the range. Gotta practice to keep the draw time under a second.

      1. Haha I’ve heard a lot of good things about those AGIS holsters, including a couple people who were sidecar users and made the switch. But I’m happy with the Trex for now, and can’t imagine Ill like the AGIS 130$ more than the Trex. It suits my needs well for now. I’ve been working on getting into better shape, and have flattened out my stomach a lot, so wearing it for long periods of time, including sitting, really isn’t that much of a discomfort. It conceals very well too, and is, so far, the fastest holster as far as drawing from that Ive ever owned.

        Bill, thats an interesting set up. So are you unclipping the holster from a belt mount and putting the whole thing into that mount?

        1. I am RH so I have to fix a LH holster in the mount for the draw so the holster remains there. I get in the car, unlimber safely and holster safe into the dedicated pistol mount on the transmission console.

  3. I am a fan of the G-Code RTI system. Extremely innovative. Many holster/weapon options. In fact, for even MORE holster options for OWB/Battle Belt, one can use Safariland holsters with a RTI adapter (sold by G-Code) to fit the Safariland 3-hole mount pattern.

    While I have many G-Code holsters IMO their holster quality has diminished in the last couple years. However, the RTI wheel concept they developed remains unsurpassed for its usefulness and ability to simply swap from one holster/weapon to another.

    Thank you for this very good and informative essay.

    1. Bill and Dan:
      Per G-Code: I still remain a fan, although I finally broke a G-Code product. RTI wheel and mount broke and were just sent back for warranty. Crack on the kydex bend on one of the pals mounts and the RTI body cracked as well. They had god knows how many hours of training and practice time and tens of thousands of reps through them. I’d guess 2011 or 2012 production date. I’ve been gradually shifting to Safariland for OWB stuff, but I still remain a fan of G code.

      1. I remain a fan too and have had to send one RTI paddle back b/c the junction has been riveted instead of using screws. For interoperability reasons with friends and family, we are all G-Code all the time so I won’t be leaving them soon.

  4. Just wondering why not carry no round in chamber. Doesn’t take any longer to rack the slide than to pull a condom off the trigger, and no mess afterwards! Personally I carry cocked and locked, 30 years, no ND, of course we don’t know what tomorrow holds! To each his own.

    1. Israeli carry (IC) is a discipline and training problem much like the idiotic NYPD/Orc 9# trigger on a Glock. Stupid solutions to non-existent problems. IC becomes most problematic when you only have one hand available to deploy your pistol. NDs? Same for me, decades of carry and no ND. Ritual and discipline sets the conditions for that.

    2. Because that’s not how the trigger cover works. It’s on a lanyard that wraps around a belt or belt loop, when you draw it pops off nice and clean. It’s stupid simple and real fast. Just keep in mind no gun fight was ever won with a speed reholster. The gun goes back reluctantly.

  5. You can’t be fat and use AIWB. My G43 stays in the holster when inserted and removed from my belt unless I’m in the desert shooting.

    1. Being fat also makes you a great candidate for long pig on the menu for the goblins in the coming Emdarkenment.

  6. A couple of months ago I had a scary issue. When not on me AIWB my G43 is in its holster in my backpack. One morning I went into my pack to slide it and the holster out for my belt and I looked and in the trigger guard a micro USB to ethernet dongle was wedged into the trigger guard and pushing against the trigger. No idea how that could fit. I set it down facing safetly and thought about it for a minute. I couldn’t pull out the dongle or the gun without risking a shit. put on shooting glasses, grabbed a Phillips, and brought it over to the chest high stack of Kat litter in a guest closet. I carefully unscrewed the screws on that side of the holster while pointing at the cat litter stack. It came lose enough for the dongle to release down and be removed. Whew! I was sweating there for a few minutes.

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