Don’t Talk to the Police…Ever by Bill Buppert


Cops lie for a living.

They are even empowered by the “just-us” system to fabricate evidence, to entrap through deceit, modify reports, lie on a witness stand and on on and on. Pay attention to the news lately and you will see many incidents in which people talk to the police and suffer the consequences of their refusal to shut their mouths.

LTG Flynn should have known better.

And I want you to burn this into your memory banks. Police routinely lie on their reports.

Exhibit A is the Walter Scott murder by cop in SC. Read the Slager report he filed before the Orc realized he had been filmed. It contradicts everything the cold blooded murder on film revealed.

The gulag system is a government industry, NOT a private industry.

BTW, in Orwellian American, you MUST declare verbally your right to remain silent and then shut your mouth.

The police would have a tremendous uphill battle to fill the gulags and fill the court coffers for the rich remuneration on parole and probation industry.

Most cops are low information creatures. They tend to be taught that their authority is sacrosanct and ANY violation thereof is tantamount to contempt of cop.

They are even taught to scream “stop resisting!” whenever they initiate violence against a hapless Helot.

Watch this.

And this.

You have the right to remain innocent.

Do not talk to the police. Ever.

Bill Buppert
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    Posted at 18:14h, 01 December Reply

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  • MamaLiberty
    Posted at 05:38h, 02 December Reply

    And for pity sake don’t call the cops unless you absolutely can’t do anything else… If you call them for some molehill, they will definitely make a mountain out of it.

  • sonofnunn24
    Posted at 07:31h, 02 December Reply

    You are full of shit

    • Bill
      Posted at 07:37h, 02 December Reply


      That’s it? Nn substantive riposte disproving the precis and substance of the screed?

  • gamegetterII
    Posted at 08:10h, 02 December Reply

    Another thing that would help put a stop to the .gov gulag system is if every person charged with a crine refused to plea bargain and demanded a jury trial.
    The courts would grind to a stop.

    • Bill
      Posted at 08:26h, 02 December Reply


      There is merit to this, would love to see more people contest their road pirate tickets.

      But jury trial at Federal level is problematic. Less than 10% of defendants seek a jury trial and more than 90% lose in the verdict by the juries and the robed government employees.

      In 1997, according to federal courts data nationwide, 3,200 of 63,000 federal defendants were convicted in jury trials; in 2015, there were only 1,650 jury convictions, out of 81,000 defendants.

      Former Judge John Gleeson, who in March stepped down from the federal bench in Brooklyn to enter private practice, noted in a 2013 court opinion that 81 percent of federal convictions in 1980 were the product of guilty pleas; in one recent year, the figure was 97 percent.


      • gamegetterII
        Posted at 08:35h, 02 December Reply

        Fed conviction rate is north of 90%.
        No way is everyone in a fed gulag guilty- most pled guilty to “lesser included offenses”.
        County courts of common pleas or whatever county criminal courts are called in various states could be slowed to a near stop.
        The fictional crap county prosecutors write- with the help of cops makes guys look like they’re a cross between Atilla the Hun and Stalin.
        A big wrench needs tossed in the gears of the entire court system.

        • weredragon
          Posted at 16:55h, 02 December Reply

          Fed conviction rate is so high because their Attorneys are afraid to lose. They have to have their arms twisted to take any case that’s not a slam dunk.

      • sonofnunn24
        Posted at 09:25h, 02 December Reply

        And your source is the new york times…classic. Like I said you are full of shit

        • Bill
          Posted at 09:29h, 02 December Reply

          More sources than that in the essay, Helot.

        • Bill
          Posted at 14:24h, 02 December Reply

          Since the ad hom is your response, I may be full of shit but I’d much rather that than a belly-full of coproach semen, Helot.

  • Dirk Williams
    Posted at 08:41h, 02 December Reply

    I just spit my coffee up, Bill, the donkey and the dog, is priceless! You made my day.

    And I concur, don’t talk to the popo, not in your best interests


  • sonofnunn24
    Posted at 09:26h, 02 December Reply

    Black males 18-34 are 3% of the population and commit 52% of the murders. Join up with them they hate the cops too.

    • Bill
      Posted at 09:35h, 02 December Reply

      Please provide citation data and I am aware of the black male predator rate.

      US coproaches kill 1000-1200 humans a year in the US. Data is under-reported, non-reported and mis-reported, most likely the figure is greater. About 20k victims of police killing since 2001 in USSA. 14 cops convicted of murder since 1912 in US. Go figure.

      Government supremacists love badged Orcs and the NYT and WaPo are among their greatest boosters.

      • Jim Klein
        Posted at 12:17h, 02 December Reply

        “NYT and WaPo are among their greatest boosters.”

        Well, you can’t expect them to do it themselves. Might not work then. Plus it helps everyone carry on with the Charade of the Axiom—“It ain’t me.”

      • sonofnunn24
        Posted at 14:54h, 02 December Reply

        WOW the nyt and wapo are cop boosters. You are on drugs and I hope the cops take care of you.

        There are a lot of people alive who should be dead.

        • Bill
          Posted at 15:17h, 02 December Reply

          Indeed, no good cops.

          You are on drugs and I hope the cops take care of you.

          I see that altering one’s own consciousness should be punishable by the state. You hope to have your rhetorical opponents assaulted by the state? The immorality and weakness of your philosophical position dictates you need to make your bad ideas mandatory. Got it.

          There are a lot of people alive who should be dead.

          I put communists in that category and as a police booster, you happen to be a Leninist so I understand your logic (sort of). But I am assuming your dead-list is those who disobey the political will exercised by the coproach.

          Per the NYIzvetsia and WACompost, please cite where they call for eliminating the police and the police state they protect.

        • felarca
          Posted at 03:29h, 05 December Reply

          You are one of the many.

      • sonofnunn24
        Posted at 15:00h, 02 December Reply

        Anybody who puts all persons in a group of any kind and judges them is a moron. Are you stating there should be no law enforcement? zero gov is a pipe dream

        • Bill
          Posted at 15:18h, 02 December Reply

          Yet you seek to do the same to anyone who wishes NOT to fellate the coproach?

          Here’s my challenge to you, sport. Show me where the NYT, WaPo and the other commie rags have sought to reduce coproach capabilities that makes you uncomfortable?

          Have they ever proposed eliminating qualified immunity, officer safety (a license to kill), police unions and sought to hold them accountable in any constructive fashion?

          Do you think the Orc should be less or more accountable for their behavior on the taxpayer dime against the taxpayer?

          Mordor on the Potomac CAN’T go after the coproach because it is their primary enforcement mechanism to weaponize political will.

          The coproach is the bloody spearpoint of all political action.

        • Bevin Chu
          Posted at 21:38h, 03 December Reply

          “Anybody who puts all persons in a group of any kind and judges them is a moron.”


          Groups of people who define themselves through behavior, through initiatory violence, must be judged on that basis as aggressors and predators.

        • David
          Posted at 14:50h, 04 December Reply

          @sonofnunn24. I’m curious if you have anything substantive to say or just like to read your own drivel. Obviously you are a cop lover. Or perhaps a cop yourself. At the very least, based on your (not so) lucid comments you are a statist who is comfortable with having a jackboot on your face. Your comments are a few words and the sub total of all their intellectual content is less than zero.

          Really, you just embarrass yourself because it’s obvious you cannot keep up with the rest of us. And to answer your question, yeah, law enforcement should be eliminated and put into the rubbish bin of history. When an entity is given the authority to enforce laws which are immoral I say that entity should disappear. About 99.99% of the laws on the books are immoral and dangerous to personal freedom. Now…awaiting that brilliant one sentence reply.

  • Dirk
    Posted at 13:43h, 02 December Reply

    24, I AM a retired cop, 25 years worth. If asked for friendly advice it would be simply don’t talk to cops. I don’t say that with anger or hate.

    Truthfully it’s some of the best advise you will ever whetehr you heed it, is entirely up to you.

  • sonofnunn24
    Posted at 05:49h, 03 December Reply

    What did the cops do to you? You a registered offender?

    • J
      Posted at 06:55h, 03 December Reply

      Trolls will be trolls. I guess you believe in “necessary evils.” You’re being awfully aggressive. But see that Bill has also not censored you or his own comments. Police would not do the same. Police would not hesitate to delete your comments and ban you from their personal websites or facebook comments because they fear judgement and are embarrassed.

      • Bill
        Posted at 08:08h, 03 December Reply


        Indeed, we all remember when OrcOne banned the general public from seeing their loathsome comments online.

        I love it when folks like son24 comments b/c it shows both their moral illegitimacy and intellectual inability to tackle substantive questions about the nature of political policing. Son24 is a living shambling example of the Milgram experiment and Stockholm Syndrome animating a human carcass with a strong police state chaser. He may possibly be one of the overweight coproaches assigned to troll anti-police rhetoric online for some agency.

        Cops and their “kapos” in the taxpayer base are the basis on how Vichy collaboration works on a broader scale.

        • J
          Posted at 10:35h, 03 December Reply

          Or just assigned to troll you specifically as a “dissenter.” If the .gov is watching you so closely as to assign trolls then you must be doing something right. Haha

        • J
          Posted at 12:13h, 03 December Reply

          Many police departments across the country share photos and brag about loot they recover from drug busts on Facebook. Usually marijuana. Some groups have used this opportunity to share with their followers to comment and rate the facebook pages of the police and sheriff’s departments. As you can imagine, the civil response to confiscation of marijuana and firearms is not popular to the public. Many posts and photos end up being taken down by the departments, close the groups, and delete entire pages or posts. Very amusing. I like bacon, but not that kind.

    • Bill
      Posted at 07:57h, 03 December Reply


      I have the same thing against them I have against politicians, they are fundamentally a destructive and immoral enterprise.

      That’s like asking why do you hate serial killers and communists (same creature but the latter has the chops and license to kill for mass murder)…

      You do have this resource courtesy of your beloved and bloated rulers for an offender database:

      Maybe you could custom make these for your friends and family with a blue line through it, pilgrim.

  • henrybowman
    Posted at 18:06h, 03 December Reply

    Best videos ever on this subject:

    Lawyer: Don’t talk to police (part 1)

    Cop agrees: Don’t talk to police (part 2)

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