The Apex of Estrogen Nation by Bill Buppert

Publisher’s Note: The Massachusetts capitol building has two real crossed muskets raised above a hallway entrance. A few years ago, some genius decided that trigger locks were needed on them, and were in fact installed.

That’s the apex of intelligence in the MA legislature and government.

This is what you face. In its distillate.

Make your peace with death and the state no longer has control over you. Ever.

For this to work, make the taking very expensive.

Ah, the Grand Old Politburo mask has slipped and they’re playing footsie with class warfare by moving the shell game around for the Theft Code. No such thing as a RINO, the Republicans have been Marxists since they greasily extruded from the ass-end of the political process in 1854. Then you hear these apparatchiks braying about the Middle Class, remember the heroic Marxian necro-mongers coined that gem.

Taxation is theft no matter how you dress the pig.

Christmas is coming and my friend Kenneth Royce (aka Boston T. Party) recently penned the third volume in Modules for Manhood. I highly recommend it for any of your colleagues or young men you may be acquainted with to prevent any estrogen poisoning from becoming fatal.

This weekend the Village Armorer and I will be attending a three day urban rifle and pistol course to wring out old bones, hone skills and face malfunction with a smile on our face. Round count will be approx 1300 rounds for the weekend. Every day will be a good day.-BB

Manhood coerced into sensitivity is no manhood at all.

-Camille Paglia

Younger women have no problem in reconciling beauty with ambitions as a professional woman.

– Camille Paglia

I like Paglia, she is one of the few self-avowed leftists like Alexander Cockburn and Christopher HItchens who can employ logic and stunning rhetorical leaps in argumentation unlike 99% of their collectivists confreres. The rest of the government supremacist stable is filled with huffing and puffing from the usual self-righteous gasbags whose arrested development froze them as five-year old demanding the world should instead of is. And especially if others wield the wood shampoo and the sjambok to make their friends and neighbors obey.

Sex scandals in the swamp and the hills of Holly-weird, oh my! The media has been saturated with moral reprobates being caught in exposure of their licentious and predatory behavior toward women. Miss Michella McConnell, the current Senate Majority Dominatrix and its estrogen-laden counterpart in the house is now battling what appears to be substantive allegations of sexual misconduct toward the fairer sex. Paul Ryan may overtake Jennifer Miller as the most famous bearded lady in America.

Mind you, much of this may be the ancient practice of the vaginal quid pro quo that has dominated many power trysts in history. Nonetheless, the combination of attractive and ambitious young women with corpulent male-minus power brokers well past their prime, the elixir of power has a way of making the drawers drop in certain quarters.

I suspect there are very few men on the Hill who are actual men in the traditional sense of the word because none of them have stepped forward to admit their misdeeds and resign.

I’m amused that our flaccid rulers are calling for Sexual Harassment Training! One would think they have mastered that syllabus thus the outcry. No further education required.

Don’t expect it. Most are women of both sexes who have the natural inclination of most of the female gender to make government massive, protective and in the end, overpowering. There is a gender gap in liberty if you haven’t noticed.

There are strong women out there but they tend to follow their own star and counsel and don’t need to gather around the pot on the fire to stoke ugly rumors absent the target of their approbations being there. They also tend not to wear their imaginary victim-hood on their sleeve.

America be that exceptional nation in which the destruction of masculinity has reached such an apogee that when the time comes to crack down by the feminized Nazgul aspirants in Mordor on the Potomac, the rivers of blood will match the NIle. The second wave of Homo Sovieticus may be a trail of tears indeed.

Nonetheless, I’ll bet there are some genuine cases where the unwanted advances were rebuffed at every juncture yet still pursued. As I ask with cases where the heroic badged Orcs in the USSA maim and murder women and children in the course of their “duties”, the solution is elegant and easy. It is an age-old obligation on the part of her male relatives and husband to remedy the dishonor brought to the house the woman comes from. Unlike the warped sensibilities of certain religions where the woman who is raped is held accountable, in this case, the assaulting malefactors pays the boatman.

Fewer and fewer of these men remain and the future doesn’t look bright but the glory of empire is that it never lasts, it tumbles into dust and disappears.

A Medieval solution as it were; one our Norse ancestors would recognize as wergeld.

No distinction was made between murder and manslaughter until these distinctions were instituted by the re-introduction of Roman law in the 12th century.

Since this is not a free country, I can advance that line of thought no further. I leave the possibilities to the fertile imagination of all of my male gentleman readers. I know what the metro-sexuals are chortling over when one talks of settling scores and exacting revenge. It’s enough to make an urban hipster fill their pants in quaking fear at the thought much less action taken.

Once you realize your government’s sole purpose is to reserve murder of you and your family as its sacred task depending on your lack of fealty and obedience, everything sort of falls into place on why governments throughout the ages have been so murderous at home and abroad.

PSA to commies nation-wide: keep pushing and you will discover that Newton’s Third Law is ironclad even in your Marxist wonderland.

BTW: Strong women and shield maidens! Talk to us and identify yourselves.

I leave you with TE Lawrence who ironically as a homosexual would have never tolerated the descent in masculine virtue that s hailed today as the new era:

“All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that all was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, and make it possible.”

Full Disclosure: I am not a Christian and don’t allow one passage in an ancient book translated over and over again to paint my impression of you. I have no animus whatsoever against flexi-sexuality (much less cumbersome than the alphabet soup), what you put in your mouth and other parts of your body is your business. Just don’t ask me to pay for anything, force language requirements and don’t force me to like what you do on penalty of law. Just leave me out of it entirely.

Resist. Rinse. Repeat.

Leaving sex to the feminists is like letting your dog vacation at the taxidermist.

– Camille Paglia

21 thoughts on “The Apex of Estrogen Nation by Bill Buppert”

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  2. The words in the picture are bullshit. What matters is what you accomplished. Kill the enemy fuck everyone else. There are a lot of problems that need to be killed. Praise the Lord and pass the machine gun ammo…..

  3. I’m one of those strong women. I live with integrity and self-government, non-aggression at the core of my being.

    The desire/compulsion to control the lives and property of others is the ROOT of all evil.

  4. The furtherance of this bullshit dance of .gov versus Freedom will soon bear out as a fight of good versus evil in my mind.

    As I see the sickness infesting the swamp/sewer we so fondly call DC come to the forefront of news every day I recall the words of a friend.

    ‘Voting is an act of violence.’

    I will not commit an act of violence against my neighbor.

    Don’t hit… Don’t steal.

    Solves the problem of all government because at it’s root level, if those sick fucks can’t hit and steal, or threaten same, they become a non issue.

    At every level, from the dogcatcher to the white house, they have corrupted free men into believing they cannot in any way practice personal responsibility and self ownership.

    Any plan starts with a keen mind to the outcome.

    Fear is a prison, stop living in fear and use those wings.

    Thanks Bill, as always.

    Your favorite peace loving hippy with a Pitbull and a Barrett.


      1. “Better, don’t hit first.”

        Not sure that’s always so. “Defensive” is NOT synonymous with “reactive.”

        How about, “Don’t hit to get what you want,” or something like that? And work with anyone who agrees and wishes to work together. That’s gotta be a big number; probably could be done thousands of times over.

        If it’s a war, then gotta work it like a war.

        1. The Nonaggression principle is suicide by whomever takes a solid lethal first shot.

          Discriminate. Our ancestors were smart enough to do it, hence we’re alive.

  5. Woman here. Not gay or flexi-sex but liked Tomboy hobbies from day one (shooting, PT, combatives, math, computer programming, played drums, not into girly stuff). I’m still trying to figure out what would define me as “strong”. I don’t think hobbies do it. Nor politics. Physical strength is relative and changes with age or injury. I suspect real Strength with a capital S lies in self-discipline and that could include sticking to your morals even when it disadvantages you.

    When they call Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner a “strong woman”. I can only imagine the media refers to a willing endurance of ostracism, to follow one’s star? And infers that this is a “sticking to morals”? We can pretend, to be polite and humor the patient, they can even legislate pronouns, but that doesn’t make it so.

  6. Bill, do think that you and others that believe the same can band together or form a community that is strong enough to live the way you want and be able to fight off those who want to take your property or force you into what they want you to do?

    1. It doesn’t matter what anyone believes—that’s conceptual. As you know, it either gets done or it doesn’t. Just like, “Either this shit gets stopped or it doesn’t.” Both are perfect logic.

        1. It was asked of Bill not you since I respect his opinion but you are notorious for butting in where you’re not wanted so carry on “gnat”…

    2. lineman,

      Thanks for the interesting question.

      I do, once the state recedes, its ability to convince folks that being drunk on the Stockholm Syndrome and Milgram experiment is sub-optimal. It will demand an able and vigilant band of folks like the Flinter in the LaNague Federation series.

      I’ve been thinking lately what would communist revolutions like if a small merry band kept capping leaders and followers of said necro-monger state. What is the trigger that enables that?

      And, yes, I have regrettably come to the conclusion that commies violate the NAP through their very existence esp when they start to weaponize their intentions against captive populations.


      1. So how do you make the state recede without violence because from where I sit it just keeps growing no matter what party is in power… Everything else you said hinges on that so until that is sorted out nothing changes for the better for Liberty…

        1. We agree on that and since we don’t live in a free country, no sane man advocates violence against those have preyed on he and his kin all his life on Earth.

          In the end, I can’t tell a man how to sort his liberty, if I did, I’d be no better than the statists.

      2. “I’ve been thinking lately what would communist revolutions like if a small merry band kept capping leaders and followers of said necro-monger state. What is the trigger that enables that?”

        The answer to that is only too simple—individual choice.

        “And, yes, I have regrettably come to the conclusion that commies violate the NAP through their very existence”

        I didn’t like that when you wrote it last month, and I don’t like it now. Probably you don’t either…”regrettably.” Nobody can violate the NAP by their mere existence. I’d say it’s important because for the rational to be free, idiots have to be free too. Very, very basic.

        “esp when they start to weaponize their intentions against captive populations.”

        Change “especially” to “only” and maybe there’s an answer.

        It also helps to resolve the distinction between “defensive” and “reactive.” Intent is a real thing–the most important thing–in human action and so it’s manifested intent that recommends a response.

        Plain lunacy, not so much. With regard to the lunacy of collectivism/statism across the, ahem, educated masses, it may be the best thing going…Do-Nothings do nothing.

  7. “A few years ago, some genius decided that trigger locks were needed on them, and were in fact installed.”

    Well, that’s only tangentially what happened.

    A few years ago, some elected geniuses wrote some new “gun control” laws that, even as useless gun control laws go, were outrageously brain-damaged and petty, serving more as a finger in the eye of the seventeen remaining gun owners in Massachusetts than any actual public safety measure. Since the political class of Massachusetts is now almost entirely composed of liberal ignoramuses, for whom state-school indoctrination substituted for actual education, they had a serious struggle not only foreseeing the consequences of their laws, but even in getting the English correct. Among other things, these new laws:

    1) Prohibited the sale of handguns that did not FAIL a specific drop test;

    2) Prohibited veterans’ groups, the National Guard, etc. from marching in parades with unloaded firearms;

    3) Made it extremely difficult for hunters to transport their long guns to hunting venues;

    4) Required trigger locks on firearms, even if they were in safes, or (in this case) ceremonial, historic, but still operable, and hanging ten feet high on the wall of a government chamber.

    When informed that the legislature was in violation of its own gun control law, the loonies, to save face, held an actual ceremony in which a man on a ladder lovingly trigger-locked Captain Parker’s firearms.

    And then they quietly passed an amendment to the law that exempted only those guns. Because it’s good to be da king.

    For years afterward, many of us placed dots of red nail polish in the vicinity of the Minuteman’s trigger on the reverse of the Massachusetts variant of the federal quarter dollar, to ridicule these intellectual pygmies.

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