The Thin Black and Blue Line: Murder as Official Policy by Bill Buppert

Death by cop is at a high tide this year. It even takes a British newspaper instead of the American central government to track the numbers. We all know the Federal government simply couldn’t afford to track such numbers with their police satraps. Remember the meme several years ago where the claim was made that more Americans die at the hands of badged thugs than terrorists to the tune of about 400 per annum? All the savvy observers knew these numbers were wrong. The police are the pointy end of all politics planet-wide and it just so happens that some of the worst abuse on the globe occurs in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Let’s examine the number of cops that die year after year to demonstrate the interesting imbalance and how the police pad their own figures of line of duty deaths to exaggerate actual deaths on the job.

How many cops died during this same year, compared to 680 mundane corpses stacked like cord-wood in police engagements so far? 22 to include 3 by “vehicular assault.” 22 as opposed to 680. (Thanks, Pete) The clever lads at the site consider K9s to be the equivalent of humans. I’m OK with that if the cops afforded the same courtesy to the thousands of dogs they murder every year. These are their own figures. Incidentally, gunfire deaths are down a third this year for the esteemed police officers.

I always have to repeat the caveat that these numbers are most likely under-, non- and mis-reported when it comes to “civilian” deaths at the hands of American law enforcement. What isn’t tracked is the number of people beaten and maimed by cops, daily aggregating into annual numbers. The veritable flood-tide of Internet viral videos has revolutionized the optics and access to the overwhelming evidence that American policing has taken an even worse turn for non-accountable and savage behavior, incidentally provided legal and political cover by the rulers. I suspect that police have always been this savage, it’s simply that technology has provided a record-keeping mechanism for their mayhem now, much to their chagrin.

The other literal black hole in reporting is the vast gulag complex the US government and its satraps maintains across the land. With the highest per capita prison population on planet Earth, no one knows how many inmates die each year as a direct result of murder committed or encouraged by the esteemed “correctional” forces inside these walls. No one tracks the number of inmates maimed by guards or who spend months, if not years, in solitary confinement in a “prison within the prison”. The prison rape phenomenon, which gets a curiously homoerotic smile and a wink and a nod in most cop procedurals televised today, is simply a subtle homage to the sly assent to torture that permeates American policing.

From beatings to kicks to the head and groin, batons, tasers, pepper spray, dogs and eventual killing of their many victims, cops are legally authorized vendors of political mayhem on America’s streets.

These Orcs do as they are told, hence their fondness for the “orders” defense. Don’t think for a moment there is anything apolitical about the state of US copdom. These creatures are bought and paid for Praetorians that make political will actionable. These are the same people who insist that, along with a head nod from the entire corpus of American jurisprudence, that the Nuremberg defense is a powerful tool to shield them from being held accountable for their actions; they will have a US approved license to kill.

The term correctional is just as misleading as the media complex suppositions of the use of law enforcement on the streets outside the prison system, where the thin black and blue line is constantly patrolling looking for eligible candidates to be swept off the street into the maw of the justice system. Collared for a raft of laws that have nothing to do with justice, and everything to do with enforcing obedience and compliance to a massive government apparatus whose sole mission appears to be the destruction of individual liberty and freedom at every turn. This is in the best tradition of the slave patrols they originated from.

There are 19,000 police departments in America, nearly a million badged thugs and their janissaries, and all are de facto and de jure Federalized law enforcement preying on the population as if they are an occupation army, enforcing a raft of politically authored malum prohibitum laws that make individual volition a sad memory across the fruited plain.

The plain and simple truth is that the War on Drugs was a declaration of war on the entire population of the US, started with the Volstead Amendment and ratcheting forth to Nixon’s formal declaration of combat against illegal vegetation in 1972. The US government has used this as a convenient mechanism to render transparent every human transaction in the country, on the suspicion of everything from “illicit” use of cash to gutting of previously weak 4th and 5th Amendment protections in concert with national security excuses to make privacy a dead issue in American jurisprudence. You’ll notice this transparency does not have a converse analog in that the government reveals everything of its malodorous activities to anyone who challenges it.

I’ve pointed out how the rule of law is a farce; at best a comforting chimera, and at worst a powerful tool to allow the central government to commit any act of savagery or barbarity on whomever it wants. This is what governments do. Remember that “politician” is a polite colloquialism for violence brokers. These are the individuals allegedly responsible for the levers and controls of the state’s monopoly on initiated aggression they authorize themselves to commit on the aforementioned mass of humanity.

The police violence epidemic is simply a residual of the whole savage enterprise that is the central government in the US. Laboring under vast economic malpractice, endemic corruption, existential moral bankruptcy and a failed imperial project aboard, I can only wish for its death throes. But history is littered with the dust of collapsed empires that render great harm and mayhem to their civilian population in the process of dissolution.

Statist government serves one primal goal: to allow a host or nomenklatura to clear-cut and strip-mine a population of all its time and resources, using threats and initiated violence, manipulating its court jesters and sycophants in the government media-education complex to put a happy face to the barbaric venture.

While I think the artificial distinction between left and right is silly (it is simply coercionist versus individualist), I am amused at the gyrations both ends of the alleged spectrum will go to defending and rationalizing the feral and bloodthirsty practice that characterizes the state today. With rare exceptions, the right wing conservative fetishizes war and law and order, while his analog on the left knows that – absent the ball bat and club – no one would hand over the blood money to pay for the massive redistribution machine they champion. Both are obsequious client-creatures of big government, unwittingly or not.

The statist police are the means by which this vision is made real and palpable. So if you ever ask yourself, why are they permitted in most every case to get away with murder and mayhem, there is your answer. Absent the vicious enterprise of law enforcement, no politician could own man’s liberty. Not one.

The police are the standing army the Anti-Federalists warned us about.


* The title only avers to the self-credited figurative imprimatur the Orcs are fond of. They are the most obese group of workers in America literally.

5 thoughts on “The Thin Black and Blue Line: Murder as Official Policy by Bill Buppert”

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  2. Actually Bill, you can lessen that “24” number cited by two, unless you want to give credibility to the idea that the life of a dog becomes equal to a human when it’s given a badge (the good folks who maintain the Officer Down Memorial Page include two K9s in the “gunfire” figure).

    If I had more time I’d look into each of the remaining 17 “gunfire” and 3 “vehicular assault” instances to learn more circumstances. I wouldn’t be surprised to find inflation for such categorizations. And perhaps none would have happened were those engaged in victimless acts not harassed…

    In liberty.

    1. Pete, thanks for the update; I will make the correction. Honored you visit the blog. Keep up the great work you do.


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