Individual Liberty and Freedom is Simple by Bill Buppert

If you initiate aggression, you’re wrong.

Don’t hit and don’t steal. Any questions?

10 thoughts on “Individual Liberty and Freedom is Simple by Bill Buppert”

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  2. Now there’s a home run! Nice, Bill.

    Can you hear it? “Yeah, but…”

    Then five billion reasons why they won’t follow those rules.

    And get a load of this—they call it morality!

  3. Short, sweet, and simple. Zero gov is the only thing that makes sense. It’s sad how many people don’t realize it.

  4. The moGov worshipers will continue to steal our stuff and hit us until we stop letting them do that. So far, most of us are just too nice.

    I suspect it’s going to get much easier to stop them once the big fan starts to rotate… doesn’t seem like many of them are actually prepared to do anything about a non compliant population, just whine and wave their arms on TV.

  5. ‘”doesn’t seem like many of them are actually prepared to do anything about a non compliant population,”

    Let me know when you are ready!

    1. The distillate of ALL statist government is the sophisticated rationalization of wholesale use of initiated violence and mayhem against a populace or targeted individuals. This immoral means = moral ends is the end-state of this unethical, monstrous, iniquitous, and depraved behavior on the part of the rulers.

      The state is the psychopath unbound and unconstrained by any decent or ethical standard. And the Helots applaud every lash, chain and manacle.

      I didn’t consent to shit nor sign a contract for the abuse.

  6. Cumberland Minuteman

    10s of 1000s of hours of reading, studying, questioning and searching and I came up with the first “societal” lessons my mother taught me; Don’t hit don’t steal.

    Talk about a literal revolution of ending where one started.

  7. I echo the sentiments of these comments in that the only enforcement services we value are protection from crimes against persons and property, and that no amount of moral condemnation has convinced the psychopath to stop committing violent crimes. The problem is that your neighbors see fit to hit, steal, and threaten and this problem won’t go away until some of your neighbors are willing to stop them from hitting, threatening, and stealing. The State is a lack of security problem, and security is the only Agorism that can ever be truly successful in this environment.

    Question: how do drug lords prevent the theft of their property and aggression against their business, in order for them to financially thrive?

    Narco gangsters in Mexico will literally release their neighbors, associates, friends and family from prison. What does that say about us while our family and friends rot in cages?

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