The Helots Applaud by Bill Buppert

The Boston events of 19 April 2013 would leave any sane person incredulous.  On this same day in 1775, residents of Massachusetts massed to fight and repel uniformed soldier intent on enforcing weapons disarmament provisions issued by the government.  On the same day in 2013, two suspects conducted a horrific bombing of innocents at the Boston Marathon.  The ensuing manhunt for two naturalized US citizens by the police army of 10,000 from local to Federal level resulted in one suspect killed and another found by a private citizen in his backyard. This despite the wholesale search and cordon by the constabulary to locate him by trampling various sacred jurisprudential cornerstones of property rights and again regarding the Fourth and Fifth Amendments to the Big Government Perpetual Machine called the Constitution.  There are already accounts verifying that the goons frog-marched the property owners out and stormed the house after the clown posse stack-up. All brushed aside in the ensuing panic of thousands of cops bullying the cowering and supine citizens of Boston.  The citizens being a pale and distant relation to the original denizens who would not have tolerated the jack-booted nonsense for a moment.

Once again, the clown posse comprising the bloated domestic national security apparatus fumbles and fails in the most basic tasks.  Cops are historians in addition to their duties as heavies for whatever government clique happens to be in power.  They are a reactive element that always fumbles the ball afterwards. What heroic action they took in the contemporary or classical sense evades me during the entire crisis.  They certainly looked like pimped-out mall ninjas in their XXXL military kit and one could read the starry-eyed eagerness to respond to disobedience with maximum prejudice.

Again, no conspiratorial fever swamp laps necessary to acknowledge that the geniuses at the FBI and most likely dozens of other equally incompetent federal agencies and their tentacled poodles in the 19,000 law enforcement(!) agencies in America  had been tracking the suspects for years since the lion’s share of domestic terror incidents are conducted under the careful coaching and ministrations of the undercover agents, confidential informants sympathizers and other useful idiots in the Federal entrapment industry.  In this case, the Soviet Policy Law Center may have missed successfully predicting the perpetrators of the bombing since they were not white supremacists or heavily armed libertarians or, worse yet, potential Amish beard thieves.

Here is what we are to believe, again no conspiracy theories: the hundreds of billions of dollars devoted to the hundreds of thousands of minions, bureaucrats and low-lifes that populates the various fatherland security entities were caught flat-footed again in spite of an admitted observation trail and harassing of the suspects, the presence of thousands of over-fed law enforcement buffoons straight of central casting for Idiocracy and a self-admitted bomb threat exercise during the event. What happens?  The IEDs are successfully detonated and kill and maim innocents.  The reaction of the surviving population of Boston?  A craven and cowardly obedience to the martial law declaration as they are threatened, cajoled and demeaned by thousands of costumed agents of the state entering homes uninvited and most likely taking notes for future terror visits on the populace. And what do the craven and cowardly citizens of Boston do?  Not only do they surrender and submit as they shiver in uncontrollable fear at the prospects of both private and government terror visited upon them; in the most sycophantic and servile fashion the Helots applaud.

The Helots applaud.

Legions of the informally house arrested step onto the streets and greet the very people who would cage them at any time if the circumstances dictated it or they were ordered to do so.  This would be akin to the slaves on the plantation heralding the return of fugitives with fulsome praise and gratitude for the captor.  Or Spartacus laying down his sword and surrendering his army and exposing his neck for the cleave to end his life. Or Michael Collins heaping accolades on the abusive Blacks and Tans in Ireland at the beginning of the 20th century.

Or the residents of Lexington and Concord on that fated day in 1775 not only surrendering but happily and bodily turning over John Hancock and Samuel Adams and other upstanding citizens, leading the British Regulars to all the hidden caches of weapons and munitions and then escorting the triumphant Regulars with a parade as they marched back to Boston with their seized booty.  Men who did not know what they were about as individuals nor had their measure in the defense of freedom and liberty.

No Helots then…

Today, the Helots applaud.

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  3. Of course the Loyalist’s applauded Leviathan’s actions, they support every bit of it! In conversations I’ve had since the siege of Boston, I’ve come to find that I must have some kind of mental defect for NOT supporting it. I mean, how else would these suspects be found without the mobilizing the Waffen-SS?

    Watching this event, I was reminded of 1930’s Austria, and how they welcomed their Nazi overloards, because they agreed with the ideology. Replete with stormtroopers, the machinery of war, chants, cheers, and flag waving.

    Although resistance was sporadic, it was not non-existent. There are stories of property owners refusing to be searched, and treated as if their rights must take a back seat to the collective security force. Facing down a dozen or so Statist thugs who all have their guns trained on you takes guts, and it ought to be celebrated, and highlighted. It gives me hope that the III% spirit is still alive in Boston.

  4. Bill, you’ll find this amusing I’m sure.

    From LRC blog…

    Writes David Sarosi:

    I understand there was one lantern hanging in the steeple of the Old North Church in Boston Thursday evening, warning of the impending invasion by armed government troops. Same as in 1775. Extremely disgusting coincidence that nobody seems to appreciate.

  5. also from lrc:

    “But this is what strikes one the most, pondering all of the above: the police state did not catch the suspect. The borg did not catch the suspect. Martial law did not catch the suspect. People forced to stay in their homes did not catch the suspect. Warrantless searches did not catch the suspect.

    Like the government’s initial failure (or worse) to identify and apprehend the suspects before the bombing, the government also failed in its military assault on an entire city.

    Let us never forget that Dzhokar Tsarnaev was discovered by a private citizen, who happened to go out and check on his boat (i.e. violating the lockdown order of the cops), see a body inside of it, and call the cops. In other words, the police state achieved nothing but the psychological conditioning of the population: when we, the state, decide any particular event is important enough, you will lose every single right including possibly the right to life if you resist.”

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