Sandy Strikes the Shiftless by Lilo Gray

My wife penned this gem as an homage to the hapless and dependent masses mewling for help in New York and New Jersey.  Remember that city folk pride themselves on their lack of self-sufficiency. -BB

Listen my people, and you shall hear,

The cries of New Yorkers yelling, “Hey! Where’s my beer?”

New Jersey is flooded. New York has no lights.

The police are out on the streets controlling the fights.

Everyone’s short on power and gas,

The mini apocalypse has come at last.

The elevators powered down,

People stuck in their buildings.

Guess they’ll just have to walk,

But they’re sadly unwilling.

If help doesn’t come they might die of thirst.

I’ve just one thing to say,

”Should’ve prepared first!”

Even New Yorkers can fill up a tub.

Or waddle to the corner and fill up on grub.

To all of my people, this here’s your lesson.

The apocalypse just came .

Better get preppin’.

2 thoughts on “Sandy Strikes the Shiftless by Lilo Gray”

  1. “Even New Yorkers can fill up a tub.”

    Too funny. But to do that, they’d have to think of it first. I’m pretty sure that’s the part they can’t do!

    Bill was right; this is a gem. “But how could we prepare when we only had a week’s notice?” We commoners should be so lucky, eh?

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