Breaking the Bonds: Questions for Freedom by Bill Buppert

So I have come up with a list of dream research initiatives I would love to see answered.  This is just the start and I would love to entertain others that I may have overlooked.  I will start a thread on my forum for folks to add to.  See: -BB  

1.  How many innocents and non-felons are maimed and killed by police every year?  We are already aware of the phenomenally low fatality rate for cops on the job.  How many of these victims are those who have allegedly violated the “officer safety” meme that literally gives all cops a license to kill?

2.  How many government toll roads continue to charge fees and tolls for roads already paid and direct the funds to non-road spending?

3. If 95% of all stop signs in the US were made into yield signs or eliminated altogether, what would be the true impact on safety?  Bonus question:  How many times have you ever witnessed cops come to a full stop at a stop sign?

4.  What is the true impact of speeding laws on safety and why is that most speeding tickets are given on highway arterials and most accidents occur in cities under 35 MPH?

5.  Suppressors (devices that reduce or eliminate the noise a weapon makes) are highly regulated in the US yet have zero connection to crime according to FBI statistics.  In both Europe and places like New Zealand, it is considered good firearms etiquette to employ a suppressor if you can to reduce the noise pollution and are relatively unregulated.  Why are they so highly regulated in the US?

6.  If the NRA and other gun organizations are so intent on protecting and expanding firearms freedoms, why don’t they seek to dismantle the 1934 National Firearms Act (NFA) and the 1968 Gun Control Act (GCA) and the 1984 McClure-Volkmer Act?  The repeal of these three laws would greatly reduce the US government’s ability to prosecute its decades long War on Guns.

7.  Is there a causative link between the 1934 NFA and the steep loss of American supremacy in weapons innovation for the both the private and military market?

8.  What is the impact and ramifications of the price model of elective plastic surgery on reforming the health care system and getting the government out?  Hint: all government health care programs and subsidies like that of the college/university system in the US cause terrific inflation in price and cost in addition to the irrational economic allocation that always attends central planning and Sovietized economic models.

9.  How many American politicians from the local to Federal level have literally gotten away with crimes that unconnected taxpayers would have to serve time for?

10.  How many terminally ill patients has the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) condemned to death  with a bureaucratic prohibition on experimental drugs which are fast-tracked beyond the years (or decades) long process of ordinary over-regulation?

11.  The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has promoted a sugar- and carbohydrate-laden diet for decades that has literally condemned millions to obesity, disease and death yet not one bureaucrat or official has been held responsible. Why?

12.  Since America’s founding, how often has the national government practiced pre-emptive aggression?

13.  Is there a linkage between Woodrow Wilson’s American Protective League and the various snitch and informant programs initiated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)?

14.  The abolition of government involvement in education has obvious resonance with those who wish to have a free society.  The US alone wastes almost one trillion dollars on the Sovietized government education system that produces illiterati in the millions.   To truly measure the impact in fiscal terms in one particular sector, what is the total cost of the absolutely unnecessary use of the “Yellow Bus” system to shuttle the unfortunates to and from the reeducation facilities?

15.  Does any transit system in America sponsored by the government pay for its usage through rider fees alone?

16.  Can unions survive without the proxy use of government coercion?

17.  How many private security and “mall cop” entities have been involved in the maiming and killing of civilians?

18.  Is there a relationship between a rifle culture, mountainous terrain and military resistance to consistently repel or deny invasion?

19.  What is the total body-count for extraterritorial wars conducted by either the US or the USSR during the twentieth century?  Which nation is the leading planetary killer?

20.  What country is not born of secession or divorce from a larger political entity?  By what means, peaceful or violent?

21.   In order to maintain law and order in the US, the local constabulary must be willing to escalate the most minor violations to death if compliance is not forthcoming.  If a seatbelt violation occurs, the degree of non-compliance on the part of the citizen has historically led to instances of maiming and killing on the part of cops, is that just?

22.  How severe is the under-reporting or absence of reporting of police brutality and violence against citizens in the US?

23.  How has the US Constitution worked as a mechanism for a free society by creating one of the largest and most intrusive governments in the history of the world?

24.  Why are most news organizations in the US guilty of a severe government supremacist bias both institutionally and at the individual journalist level?

25.  Why is there no formal sanction or prosecution of prison rape in the US penal system from top to bottom?

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  1. Bill, answering those questions would be multiple essays in and of themselves. Will Grigg routinely has essays on just this sort of thing and it’s enough to make you weep knowing that the stories told are only the very tiny tip of the iceberg. To show the nation the full impact and true corrupt face of “policing” and “law enforcement” would indeed put the kabosh on a lot of folks’ foolish notions that they are there to protect anything or anyone but themselves and the judicial organs. What so often happens, as Jesse notes, you’re told “you’re wrong”. I even read somewhere that Ted Nugent said,

    “While I don’t condone violence, watching the cops pounce on and pepper-spray a few Occupy stooges and then drag the dirtballs off to jail in shackles is good for my conservative soul and gold for my sense of humor. Everyone needs at least one hearty laugh every day.”….

    Well, there you go! I’m so glad I trashed all his crap years ago. That’s the sort of lunacy masked as conservatism.

  2. Oh, and go visit sites like They’re on the cusp as well of showing the true face of the fat blue line.

  3. Jesse, it’s a lot of work to craft up the material I’ve seen by everyone here including yourself. Bill, bless him, has in the past encouraged me to write something but I have to admit I’m simply not that focused at this point in my life. Suffice it to say I appreciate everything I read here. Now as to what you said about the sort of comments you get by email… well, that’s not much different than the moronic utterances you see on just about every mainstream “news” board out there. You want rampant foam-at-the-mouth stream of consciousness utterances from the hard right? Visit Free Republic and say anything that makes any sense and be dog-piled by armchair statists. I’ve seen enough vitriol poured out at a place you’d think would house some sense in the blogosphere… i.e. Wired, to make me realize the people you’d have thought would know better, because of their proximity to tech and IT, were full of brown shirts ready to knife you in the back for the empire. This caused a light to go off over my head. I realized then that there is only so much you can say, if anything, and that you have to be careful of your own words because your neighbor or co-worker may very well rat you out. This is the kind of country we’re living in now. After a while it seems we’re only preaching to the choir with our message of hope if only to bolster our spirits and keep the faith. The Bible says there are those in the world who are born for destruction, not that I believe it has to be so, but when you look out into the world and see the evil and brutality carried out, it gives you pause.

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  5. Yet another follow up. I’d like to know where is everyone else? I get the impression that we’re taking turns talking to ourselves.

    Now I was thinking about the list above and one thing has always come to mind over the years. I’d like to see research into the correlation between violence inflicted upon the civilian populace and the perpetrators possible past or existing military service. What percentage of the policing organs are ex military and specifically what percentages of which branch is represented. I’ve wanted to know things of this sort when I read a story from one of the men involved in the Nuremberg trials and how the interrogators regularly beat prisoners and coerced false “confessions” before hanging some who had even been recommended for commutation. These swine then reentered the American populace, like a bad case of fleas, and from there the story essentially ends. Or does it? What got my curiosity up was the thought of where did these vermin end up and what sort of hell did they perpetuate here. Did they become cops, lawyers, politicians, government contractors, etc.? Because whatever evil they did over there eventually worms its way back into life on the home front. It always does.

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  7. Bill,
    The answer to #6 is simple: the NRA is not in the business of protecting our gun rights. Never has been. They have indeed helped write pretty much every piece of gun control legislation since 1934
    ( Shamaya cleaned up this presentation and it isn’t as forceful as it use to be on how badly the NRA has screwed us. I thought I had saved a copy of Shamaya’s original article, but I cannot locate it. The original article carried on past GCA ’68 and Lautenberg).

    They were a major contributor to the GCA’68 legislation, as well as the Lautenberg Amendment. I personally quit after over twenty years of membership when they failed to notify any of us members in time to respond to Lautenberg.

    The NRA would cease to enrich themselves and their officers if they were successful at fighting gun control in a no-compromise fashion. Each new piece of legislation is a reason to hit their members with a new request for donations. If they gave accurate ratings to legislators (instead of A’s and B’s to such as Harry Reid), they would lose their access to these friends of theirs, who enjoy a hearty belly laugh every time they think of all the poor rubes who pays dues and donations to the NRA. It is all simply income for them.

    The NRA attempts – often successfully – to take credit for such as the Second Amendment Foundation’s fight in Heller (with Alan Gura), and elsewhere. Gun Owners of America (Larry Pratt) and the Second Amendment Foundation, along with the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO) are the true warriors against gun control. The NRA is worse than a sham, they are traitors who have betrayed us too many times to count.

  8. mot, I do not know what others here are doing, but I have been trying to spread complete anarchy! :0) It felt good to say that.
    My job keeps me off-line on most days, so I cannot call in live during a podcast show. I download podcasts and burn them to CD so that I can listen to them as I drive truck OTR. In addition to listening to Stephan Molyneux, Lew Rockwell, and Anarchast, I also listen to a statist show called The Power Hour. The host is Joyce Riley, and I think that she is moving toward anarchism. Be advised though that some of her shows are designed to sell useful products that she really believes in, so if the first show you listen to sounds like an infomercial; tune in again the next day because it probably won’t be. Don’t get me wrong though: I have bought some of her stuff, and I am very happy with the quality of her products! I sometimes forward STR articles to her, but I keep that to a minimum because she gets about a thousand e-mails per week.
    I have also joined the Wayseers awhile back. I suspect that all anarchists are Wayseers, but probably no more than 10% of Wayseers are potential anarchists. I’m the only anarchist that has posted anything there recently so far as I know, but again: I’m off-line on most days. The groups founder is a Christian, but atheists are welcome. The group consists of non-conformists from the Hollywood types to the rational types. I pay a monthly membership fee, but they do give free memberships to those who can’t afford to join. I sure would like to see some market anarchists there. :0) I am zygodactyl01 there. Here is the start page:

  9. You may feel like you are talking to just a few but I can attest that there is at least one more here that has been greatly moved in his thinking by your writing. Please keep it going!

    1. Gun Owners of America and Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership BUT you are better off investing in arming, provisioning you and yours in firearms and tactical proficiency.

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