Little Tyrants By Chris Dates

“The only tyrant I accept in this world is the still voice within.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi

I have been working on a contract that will come to bind you, dear reader. This contract will give myself, and those I employ, the power to seize your property whenever we deem it to be necessary and proper. This contract can be amended at anytime and can only be interpreted by myself, and those I employ.

You say you would never sign such a contract?

No worries, your signature is not needed. I have, in good faith, taken the time to have many of my Friends and Neighbors sign it. Those who have signed it, have, with their signatures, legally bound you to this contract. I know, I know, it seems unfair and perhaps somewhat unjust. That is why I will provide you with arbitration, and I promise I will see to it that this method of arbitration will be as objective as possible. This Arbitrator will be paid by me through funds I have stolen…errr…extracted from you through the barrel of m….errr…through taxation. You see, I only sign the paychecks, the money comes from you; it’s more than fair this way. You couldn’t possibly be competent enough to use your own money to buy your own arbitration, so I must force it upon you. This Arbitrator, this Judge, will be addressed as “The Honorable”, or, “Your Honor” and he will have almost unlimited powers within his court. If you choose to disrespect or disrupt “the Court” you will be caged for an indeterminate amount of time. However, before you are thrown into a cage, you will have a chance to grovel at the feet of the Court. Maybe this most Honorable Man will show mercy on you, or perhaps not. Even though your money and property is extracted to pay for this Public Servant, it is not your place to question him in his court. All dissenters must be punished, this is the only way to maintain the absolute authority of “the Court”.

You say this contract would never be upheld in a court of law?

I feel completely confident that this contract that I have so carefully crafted will meet all of the legal requirements the Court itself is founded on. Surely that must be sufficient, surely this contract would be upheld by any Judge in this Country. I am here to inform you, Dear Reader, that I will be venturing down to my local Courthouse to have the Court review this contract. Please start to prepare your property for confiscation, and keep it ready for me to seize at a moments notice. Of course you can keep “your” property if you pay an annual sum of money set by myself, or the bureaucrats I employ. We will work out the details after I have made everything legal, which I’m sure should be no problem at all. Especially with the legal use of the persuasion of power literally at my fingertips.

What do you think would happen to me if I presented this contract to any Judge in this Country to try and have it enforced?

I’ll bet I would find myself in a cage charged with contempt of court rather quickly. Now, brace yourselves for this, every Little Tyrant in this country enforces this sort of bogus contract every day. Let’s look at  local municipalities for an example. Year after year, Faceless Bureaucrats stay busy scribbling down laws ad infinitum, in a never ending attempt to part you with your property. Without your Local Little Tyrant, these people who you have probably never met before would be no different than some roving gang of Thugs trying to steal your property. Magically, and through the weird ritual known a legislation, these Bureaucratic Thugs can jot some legalese down on paper and you now are forced to abide by it, and if you don’t, men with guns will issue you some piece of paper demanding your presence at the courthouse. In this contract that you allegedly agreed to simply by being born here, there is an amendment specifically barring involuntary servitude, but this amendment is null and void when your presence is required at the courthouse. You can be summoned to appear, and if you don’t comply you could be fined or caged.  At the courthouse, you will stand in front of one of these LittleTtyrants and even though you never agreed to any of this malum prohibitum madness you will no doubt be parted with some of your hard earned property if this Little Tyrant finds you to be “guilty”. Any of you reading this take should take one day out to go sit in the back of your local courthouse.  After reading this, I’ll guarantee you the visit will be surreal, and I’ll even wager that 90% of the guilty charges will be non-violent offenses. There is no honor here, don’t bother looking, you will find none. The only thing you will witness on this visit is an efficient system set up to rob the serfs blind. That’s the scam folks, line ’em up, and rob ’em, it’s that simple.

Let’s look at the the scam on the national level. The “Supremes” as they are called, are nothing more than the Biggest Little Tyrants. It seems these folks have the final say in the business of systematized tyranny. Again, it’s the one-sided contract where these Tyrants source their power. Men I never met, and ones who have been dead for over two hundred years have somehow given these “Supremes” the power to regulate just about everything I do in my day to day life. We need to find the source of the Tyrants magical ink and burn it in the fires of Mordor. These Robed Lawyers are the ones who get to interpret this contract that I have never signed or agreed to. They are the ones who get to tell me what rights I have and what rights I don’t have. What firearms I can use and which ones I can’t. Where I can protest and where I can’t. What healthcare I must purchase, and when. We need to understand something, and we need to understand it quickly. This system was set up by lawyers, and it it kept by lawyers. When a lawyer ascends to the rank of Judge, he is not honorable, he is a lawyer with a robe on. He is a lawyer who has just become a Little Tyrant. A Tyrant that now has the power to enforce a contract upon you that you never agreed to. This same Little Tyrant would throw me in jail for trying to enforce my contract. Philosophically and factually there is no difference between the contracts, except his gang is bigger than mine.

These Little Tyrants would have us believe they are fair and just. That they are the true Arbiters of Justice. How can this be? Every time I have been to court, or even when I drive by I see the Federal, State, and County flags waving out front. This is a political statement all on it’s own. If the Little Tyrant inside of that building is issued a State paycheck, sits on a bench the State paid for, and flies the State Colors inside and out, do you really think you are going to get a fair trial if the State charges you with a crime? If I chose to fly a flag of my choice outside of my courthouses and forced you to show up you would be disgusted and revolution would most certainly brew in this country, but no one thinks twice about it now. Years of patriotic propaganda, and government schooling have brain-washed whole generations into abandoning their critical thinking skills when it comes to the American injustice system. Flying an American flag in front of a courthouse or even in one should be just as absurd as flying a Russian or Chinese flag in and around these Corporate Establishments. Something that should have been revolting from the beginning is now commonplace and accepted. Your children pledge their allegiance to the same flag that will be waving on the day the  local Little Tyrant will rob them of their property. Indeed, some of these children will even die in battle defending the flag that has flown over some of the worst injustices the world has ever known, and it flies in every courtroom in this country. This is the depth of the indoctrination. Think about it.

About five years ago I made a deal with myself to never again stand for these Little Tyrants. The robe, the rising for the Judge, the way he sits above you, it all has a purpose. Every bit of this ritual is meant to trigger your fear. Be victims of it no more. If a man would use his power to cage you for not standing up for him he is a Coward and a Sociopath, and he does not deserve your respect. I vowed to myself I would stand for no one less than my Wife, the Women of my Family, my Father, and my Grandfathers. Everyone else has to earn it. If I am held in contempt for it, so be it. In the movie Rob Roy, the protagonist says that “honor is a gift a man gives to himself”, if the State can make one-sided deals, so can I.

Maybe the reason we are treated like serfs is because we act like serfs. This is not 12th Century England.


“So now, who will help me bake this bread?
Who will be the first to speak, and leave complacency for dead?
I’ve done all I can on my own, yet stagnant minds persist to squeeze blood from this stone, but… I won’t bleed for you. I’ve no need for you. Death will be the day I concede to you.”


8 thoughts on “Little Tyrants By Chris Dates”

  1. Having sat through two jury trials, as juror number 12, one for murder and another for drug possession and rape, I can honestly tell you that I’ve seen metaphorical sausages being made. It was ugly and as disorganized as herding cats. What I came away with was the realization that we, the jury slaves, were really just window dressing to the whole sad charade. Seriously! Would all the nonsense going on in the court room happen were the judge, bailiff, attorneys etc.. PAID a jury wage and only that wage for the time wasted in that stuffy sanctimonious tomb!? I wager not.

  2. Oh, and a comment on lawyers, what do we call them when the ascend to the highest “rank” within their respective crime families?

  3. mot- I’ve just about come to the conclusion that I would NEVER vote “guilty” were I to sit on a jury, no matter how obvious the defendant’s guilt might be- and no matter how heinous the crime. Just because I don’t want the “system” to “win”.

    Now, let me be a private arbitrator and I’ll do my best to see actual justice done.

  4. Good analogy, Chris. Last time I participated in a bread and circus event (referred to as “an election”) was 1964. For Barry Goldwater. My disillusionment, however, had started 11 years previously when I was enslaved to become a murderer at the behest of the gangsters in charge (the euphemism used at the time was “the draft” — “Uncle-Sam-Wants-YOU!”). Call it “cognitive dissonance” if you like (the term “PTSD” was still years away), but I came away from that trauma still holding onto the belief that a Barry Goldwater or a Ron Paul could tame the beast through political action.

    Anarchy comes neither easy, nor cheap.

    I now call myself a sovereign state. I am a free person in an occupied territory. My President is responsible for the rotation of the earth on its axis. My Legislator(s) sustain such programs as photosynthesis.

    Your description of the tyrants is poignant. I look at all of them — city, county, state and federal (and, I guess, soon “global” if UN supporters have their say) as ordinary gangsters. I have to protect myself from them in the same manner as I do any other robber or thief. I avoid their sanctuaries and keep my property locked out of their sight.

    There are distinct advantages in dealing with ordinary gangsters: they know they are gangsters. They have no illusion of “support” from their victims. If I carelessly let one of them get the drop on me, I hand over my wallet and my watch and my ring and hope he goes away without shooting. He wants nothing more to do with me.

    It’s eerie when you think about it — how much easier it is to protect myself and my family and loved ones from street desperadoes than it is from the government variety of criminal.

    Government gangsters — especially in the next several months — smile and wave and solicit the support of those they rob. The uncanny phenomenon is the fact they still receive patronage from a sizable number of the very folks from whom they pilfer.

    With articles like yours on these public forums, Chris, that number is dwindling I’m happy to report. The legitimacy of state is more and under scrutiny by ordinary guys and gals here on the web. Sam

  5. Thanks for the positive feedback guys. It always makes me feel good.

    Great post, Sam! The thing about common thugs is usually they only rob you once, they don’t follow you around and tell you that your robbery is for your betterment.

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