Copsuckers, Mobsters and You the Citizen by Kent McManigal


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Publisher’s Note: This a first guest post by Kent and while it may appear vitriolic in tone on occasion, he strikes at the heart of an important truth.  Cops are not here to defend the citizenry.  Their first job is the defense of the statist quo and the maintenance of power for the ruling elite and the bureaucratic satraps scattered through the land whose first loyalty is not to the local citizenry but to the body and corpus of laws endlessly vomited out by the Federal government and all its political subsidiaries in the complex tax jurisdiction known as these united States.  This is not Mayberry RFD, this is Vichy France in WWII.

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Recently, I have gotten very angry over cops. Very! Not just the cops themselves, but those who support (or even worship) cops. L. Neil Smith calls these starry-eyes fans “copsuckers”.

My first reaction to my own anger is “Why should I get mad? It’s a waste of energy to get mad over stupid people.” But then I remind myself that there are times when anger is the only reasonable response. Of course, I get mad. This is an outrage! Unconditional cop-loving is similar to saying it is OK to rape babies. Any decent person should get mad over such nonsense.

I understand why cop-lovers focus on individual cops when they try to make the case that cops are “regular people” who have families to support, and are nice neighbors and good relatives. It deflects attention from the real problem.

I am sure individual cops can be very nice to those they like. It is just the nature of the vast majority of humans. Pick any human monster or tyrant from history and I’d bet there were those who knew him personally and who would say he was a kind and loving person who was just misunderstood.

It isn’t how the cop treats people he knows in family situations or normal social situations that shows his character, but how he behaves when he is taking part in a check point, or when he sees a person with a gun on his hip walking down the street, or any time when he sees himself as the “authority”. That is when the true character shines through.

An individual mobster might never steal or murder- perhaps his mafia “job” is completely unrelated to those mob functions, maybe he’s just the accountant, but he is tainted simply by belonging to that organization. The same goes for a cop. He might never steal, kidnap, or murder, but by choosing to belong to the police department he is choosing to belong to a group that does all those things as a fundamental part of its daily existence. And no cop, not one, would keep his job more than a day if he refused to take part in, or was open with his opposition to stealing (“fines”), kidnapping (“arrest” for violating counterfeit “laws”), and often, murder (killing for reasons of “officer safety”) committed by his brother officers. A person who makes the choice to remain a part of such an organization is choosing to be a bad person by association even if he stays otherwise “clean”.

I can more easily forgive the old guys. They grew up in an era where the harm of The State was slightly better balanced by some good; good that would have been better provided by a voluntary system rather than a coercive system based upon theft, but still some little good. That is no longer the reality. But they are set in their ways and probably see things as they used to be rather than as they are. Those days are gone and will never return. The State can never again be excused, and young people just starting out and who choose to join this corrupt organization, are making the wrong choice. They are much harder to forgive.

I have a very hard time understanding why anyone would continue to support cops today. But then I remind myself that there is a characteristic that I don’t share with the cop-lovers: Cops are popular only because people have generally been trained to be helpless. A helpless adult is a pitiable thing.

But do even the helpless, pitiable citizens “need” cops? What happens if there are no cops to enforce “laws”? Do “laws” even need to be enforced?

The laws of the Universe- laws of physics- cannot be violated. (Unless you believe in the supernatural, in which case believing in The State is understandable.) These real laws need no enforcement or enforcers, and there ARE no enforcers, other than the laws themselves, to prevent you from going faster than light, or to prevent you from violating gravity for example. The laws of the Universe are self-enforcing.

Laws of ethics are almost self-enforcing, although they can be violated. Remove the blinders that make exceptions for acts of government agents and you know an act that is wrong when you see it. People usually act to stop an act that is wrong if they see it happen, unless they have been brainwashed into believing that is someone else’s responsibility. Few people would excuse me if they saw me beating a child in the street. Put a uniform on me and some people would assume the kid deserved it. That’s insane.
Then there are the false “laws” imposed by The State. “Laws” of The State utterly fail to be self-enforcing and so hordes of enforcers are sent forth to spend their time trying to catch and punish those who violate these nonsensical “laws” which are based upon nothing but the whims of The State.

This is what leads to all the abuses and tyranny. What gets me is that these verminous parasites operate openly all around us without shame and in safety.

Even these obvious things listed above aren’t what trigger my anger, though. No, it is the personal insults and lies.

Of all the verbal flatulence that rips from the mouths of cops and those who worship cops, the worst is that lie that they do what they do “for [my] own good”.

Don’t write tickets against other drivers for me, because it doesn’t help me; I don’t ask you to do it, and I know that traffic cops are the greatest danger to driver safety there is. People, including cops, can either drive well, or they can drive “legally”, but not both. Worrying about silly things like speed limits is a worse distraction than cell phones could ever be.

You do not enforce any “laws” for my own good. I can take care of myself and my family- at least from depredations of the freelance thieves and attackers. People will band together voluntarily and deal with those who commit actual wrongs. Enforcers are a greater danger to most people than freelance aggressors and thieves could ever be. Shooting freelance bad guys in self-defense is still generally acceptable; shooting midnight murder squad goons who happen to wear badges only brings an unending horde of their gang to finish the job of murdering you for daring to defend yourself or kidnapping you if you manage, against all odds, to survive the attack.

Then the cops try to create shame on my part by claiming to “put our life on the line for YOU.” What a filthy lie. If you are doing that, you are doing it without my permission. You need to immediately stop it and go away. You are not wanted and you are not needed. You don’t have my permission to do anything on my behalf. I did not ask for this “favor”.  The price is too high.

The final insult is when they whine “Don’t you think that [sacrifice] would deem some type of respect?” of course not is my response, especially when I have asked you to go away.

If an intruder in your house is cleaning your toilet and you ask them to leave but they refuse, are they worthy of respect? If you try to kick them out and they (or their gang) kill you for rejecting their “help” are they heroes?  Hardly.  They are invaders and trespassers and thieves and murderers. Cops today are the worst threat to liberty; much more dangerous than any “terrorist”. They need to either change what they do and the way they do it, or they need to go away. If they don’t go away peacefully, they need to be eliminated forcefully, without initiating force, of course.

In this town, it may be dangerous to speak the truth about cops. The majority of people here are very “law and order”, even though they excuse their own illegal activities. I expect it is very possible that I will be targeted by the cops for speaking out against them.  I may even be “set up”.  It will only prove my point if that happens.

19 thoughts on “Copsuckers, Mobsters and You the Citizen by Kent McManigal”

  1. I live in a small Town in Galveston Co, Texas. We have our own problem police dept. They are all young and ready to do “business”. When pulled over, they go through usual route of questions with a chip on their shoulders, just waiting for you to give them any type of problem. If they detect just one negative reply from you, they demand that you get out of the car. They will pat you down and ask the usual questions. Like “can I search your car”? If you tell them “no” they will call for the K-9 unit. They enjoy their power over you and there is nothing you can do. I personally know people that went to jail for doing 3 mph over the speed limit. Then you have to go through the process of being shipped 15 miles to the county jail and posting bond. This town will not let you bail out from their jail.

  2. JJ is a “she”. And she is active on the Quatloos site, which is all about making fun of people who recognize that taxation is theft and can never be made right no matter how many “laws” you pass.

    Sure, Quatloos exposes some people who scam others with tax avoidance schemes that will not work (since government owns the irreparably corrupt courts), but their default position is that anyone who questions taxation’s legitimacy is a “tax denier”… well, I coined the phrase “tyranny denier” just for them. Quatloos is mainly composed of former IRS agents and other authoritarian scum.

  3. @sofa

    “We’re doing our jobs, we had the proper paperwork” is a very disturbing position to take. Ayoob doesn’t seem to be saying that, but a surprising # of commenters seem to take that position. Nothing a person can do but submit, to present no threat to any intruder, because, hey, it may be the police.

    If we continue in that direction, they won’t have to ban gun ownership, because, no one will ever pick up a gun in response to any disturbance.

  4. The Power Elite well understands that the easiest way to rule men is to divide and conquer.

    The police HAVE been militarized by design. You are being conditioned to hate/distrust them. They are being conditioned to hate/distrust you.

    The Power Elite intentionally hires agents provocateur to facilitate this process. The State promotes problems that only more government programs can “solve”.

    Who wins? The State and the Power Elite which controls The State.

    Should we all go out and hug a cop? Not hardly. What you can do is to seek them out on neutral ground, introduce yourself, thank them for the job they are doing and hand them a pocket constitution and perhaps a little reminder of the Oath they took to defend the Constitution.

    You also have to understand the cop’s perspective. Most of the time he only gets to deal with the assholes and scum of society and, until proven otherwise, he assumes you are one of those people. This is generally for good reason, because even good people under stress act like assholes when the cops are called.

    We have to take them back from The State- one cop at a time.

    The alternative is civil chaos.

    I’m a retired Texas Peace Officer who (still) takes his Oath seriously.

    1. You also have to understand the cop’s perspective. Most of the time he only gets to deal with the assholes and scum of society and, until proven otherwise, he assumes you are one of those people. This is generally for good reason, because even good people under stress act like assholes when the cops are called.

      I have to take issue with this because this is the same old line trotted out again and again, yet most line and patrol cops spend most of their time issuing citations to hapless drivers for non-crimes or cowering and shivering together until a critical mass shows up to handle the “violent” situations. Also, many police injuries and fatalities are a result of the asinine hot pursuit policies of various departments. Cops are a clear and present danger to everybody now and the “submit and obey” mentality is going to reap a whirlwind.

      Peace Officers no longer exist.

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    1. Excellent insight…I am with you, brother. I went to the library to get a card and they wanted my physical address which I never give to anybody. I asked why and the librarian said that way if books are overdue or fines imposed, the city can send the police to the house if the library customer is unresponsive to billing and notes from the library. Good God!

  6. In my experience (and I have a fair bit), you can be certain of only two things when dealing with police anymore: 1) They’re intent on going home at the end of their shift and 2) They want nothing to interfere with their pension or bondability.

    You cannot depend on anything else.

    Ayoob is a pathetic pile of sh*t. He took what cred he earned as a “B”-ranked marksman and reserve officer, whored it into a career as a gun writer and “police prosecutor” (without benefit of a law degree) and handed out decades worth of stupid and sometimes suicidal advice to unsuspecting clients at Lethal Force Institute. The only reason to read anything he writes is for laughs — and its low comedy at that. No offense to Backwoods Home (I’m a subscriber) but the reason he’s published there is that no one knowledgeable about firearms or police procedure will give him a column elsewhere.

  7. What is at play here is the same mentality that attacked the Davidians. It would have simply been easier and nobody need have died if they would have waited until the man was exiting his house on the way to work or even when he came home and then peacefully executed any “legit” warrant without the need for gun play. But, of course, that doesn’t make for exciting video footage nor the opportunity to wear your SS outfits and ski masks.

  8. I believe it is Marc Stevens who says, “remember, when dealing with a cop, you are dealing with someone who has the mentality of a five year old who is armed.”


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  10. Remember what the SCOTUS said, that the police have no Constitutional obligation to protect you. IOW, the cops are there to write traffic tickets and (maybe) arrest people for crimes they have already committed. Other than that, their only job seems to be keeping the public in fear and under control.

  11. I am a former peace officer myself (CA & CT), and I have braced Ayoob several times, but he has never heard of a police shooting he couldn’t justify. He’s a small town officer who has one year’s experience thirty times (in addition to San Diego, I’ve worked a couple of small towns myself, so I have an idea of what I am talking about.) He’s not completely stupid, he just can’t bring himself to admit that there are bad cops out there, and that they are getting more prevalent and much more aggressive. Maybe he’s afraid they’ll stop reading his gun dribble (I love guns, and he simply isn’t that knowledgable) if he outs them.

    The whole militarization/SWAT situation is what really got the ball rolling. Too many “felony cops” now, SWAT wannabes who just want to shoot something. If you don’t have a dog, they’ll shoot you instead. They would rather, anyway.

    Just like the cretin who leaned into the doorway at Jose Guerena’s and fired his pistol (probably into Guerena’s prone and dying body) after all the other guys had stopped, just so he could “get his licks in”. I mean, hell, it could be years before he got the chance to shoot another human being. Had to take the shot.

    Just thinking about that makes me want to throw up. And then shoot a few into _his_ body. How can you justify shooting a man who is already down after all the other cops have finished pumping 9 and 40 and 5.56 into the (probably innocent) man? He should get manslaughter even if all of the other SWAT officers get off scot-free, unless he can prove he missed with every shot. But it will never happen. All you can do now is prepare to repel boarders, preferably with 7.62×51. You might get a two-fer that way, if they are stacked right.

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