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  1. This is reprehensible!!!! It seems that the military is like the police, only the sociopaths and lunatics seem to apply for the job.

  2. ChevalierdeJohnstone

    Well…this story is quite old. Those responsible for the Maywand District killings are being court-martialed, Morlock has already been sentenced to 24 years in prison. Others are being tried. Is it the policy of this blog to promote lynching, or should the suspects be given a trial in accordance with established law?

    None of this was “done in your name”. These were the actions of individuals acting on their own. You know about individual responsibility? Right? You understand that no one in the military, nor any civilian, is “collectively responsible” for the actions of a few psychopaths. Right? Individual responsibility is, after all, the focus of a few posts on this blog.

    You do realize that no action taken by the military forces of these U.S., nor of any member of those military forces, is done “in your name”. Right? You do realize that nobody in the military swears an oath to “represent” you. In fact, nobody in U.S. federal government – not one single person serving in any capacity – ever does anything “in your name”. Whether elected official, serving bureaucrat, or military volunteer, the oath taken is to _defend the Constitution_. Like many of the contributors to this blog, I am not at all a fan of the constitution of these U.S., as it is written. However, I can clearly recognize that defending a piece of paper – and the ideas therein – is categorically different from “acting in our names”. Of course, even if some nutjob claims to be acting in your name, the only person who is capable of allowing someone else to do something “in your name” is you. What was the exact date that you gave permission to Gibbs, Morlock, et. al. to murder children in your name? Why did you do so?

    In a shocking news flash,

    (1) There are bad people.
    (2) Bad people do bad things.
    (3) Good people are morally justified in defending themselves from bad people doing bad things.
    (4) There is strength in a united defense.
    (5) That is why civilized societies have Governments.
    (6) When bad people in Governments do bad things, this is because bad people are bad. Governments are only as bad (or good) as the people who populate them.
    (7) Keeping bad people out of Governments, and getting rid of Governments altogether, are two entirely different things.
    (8) Without Governments, bad people will still do bad things.
    (9) Good people who refuse to unite in their common defense – because they know the Governments thus formed will be imperfect – will always lose to bad people, who have no such qualms.
    10) Yes Virginia, uniting in common defense is the same thing as forming a Government.

    I continue to be amazed that the clearly intelligent contributors to this blog are seemingly unable to grasp these simple concepts.

  3. 10) Yes Virginia, uniting in common defense is the same thing as forming a Government.

    Wrong, just because governments have traditionally provided “defense” for their “citizens” does not necessarily mean when free men defend themselves they create a government. When a country who used to provide food for it’s subjects crumbles, and the people there grow food for themselves, do they form a government?

  4. Governments by and large are filled with bad apples because the “barrel”… i.e. government, is fundamentally corrupt in and of itself. Nobody puts a gun to these uniformed killers and told them to suit up or else get their heads blown off for refusing. They willingly signed a contract to kill and then went on their magical mystery tour of mayhem on the other side of the planet. The institution ( the military and the government that put them there ) are liars and killers par-excellence. The “initiators” placed themselves there of their own volition and their actions are but an extension of their employers will. You can’t separate one from the other unless you simply say, “NO, I choose not to take Caesars stolen coin nor serve in his murderous legions” You can’t reform government anymore than you can reform cancer. You either kill it or it kills you.

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