Burn, Baby, Burn: Government Workers and Self-Immolation by Bill Buppert

“Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.”

Frederic Bastiat, French Economist (1801-1850)

So it begins.  The government parasite classes subservient to the political looters in Madison, WI are up in arms because the governor is threatening to make them actually pay for their pensions and benefits.  What has the government workers in lather?  He is trying to take away their socialist collective bargaining rights and wait for it…asking them to pay for part of their pensions and 12.6% of their health care costs.  Egads, a stake in their benefits?  What the unions really need is a stake in their black heart so they can stop exsanguinating their families, friends and neighbors.

Secretary of Education from Idiocracy

California is already providing a warning to others but the economic illiterates that make up the hordes of cast members from the epic film Idiocracy known as government school teachers won’t pay attention.  They are much too busy working very few hours for too much money nine months a year turning the nation’s children into subservient nincompoops incapable of thinking or fending for themselves.

Wisconsin is the canary in the coal mine because this is simply another crack in the edifice.  The wall is going to come tumbling down and tens of thousands of government “workers” are going to get crushed by job loss and worse.

Let’s get this straight, Walker is not firing all of them, which he should do; after all, what better way to take care of budget issues than cashiering the whole lot of government school, police and fire dregs?  Then he could reduce the entire budget appropriately to zero and be done with it.  He can turn out the lights on the state criminal conspiracy called government and illuminate a shining example for the rest of the captive nations laboring under the rotting hand of the central government in DC.

So the wholesale elimination of government schooling will lead to tens of thousands of uneducated youngsters?  What do we have now under the government education system?  A nation of budding inventors and entrepreneurs?  No, these aspirations are universally condemned in government schools.  What you have are shambling mall lampreys tied umbilically to their various electronic devices all of their waking hours having the quality of life only the dead would envy.  The mind laundries the teachers victimize their caged youth in are rather elaborate Marxoid reeducation camps teaching the young acolytes to worship government supremacism, narc on their colleagues and parents and respond instantly and obediently to the droning bells that punctuate their vapid walks through the hallways to the next politically correct dullard whose claim to fame is a teaching degree which has the same utility as a getting a certification in paranormal studies or other such anti-intellectual witchcraft.  Teachers are just as culpable in creating the horrific system of killing self-learning at every turn and making critical thought a crime.  Yes, there is plenty of administrative bloat as evidenced by every function and level of government but the teachers are not innocent victims and cogs in a vicious machine; they are active agents who seek not to educate but to do what they are told in the least time possible.  Whether it is the constant and incessant bleating worship of government in history, the craven idolatry of political correctness or the mass drugging of boys institutionally in the system, teacher are the concentration camp guards and workers who move the system in the evil direction it has taken for over a hundred years.

Want to solve the problem?  Get the government out of education at ALL levels.  Scorched earth and no government teacher left with a government salary – anywhere.

After school, they will then hook up to some electronic drug in their conveyance to the next stop on their journey against reflection and contemplation.  If they are unlucky, the costumed thugs employed by the government may stop them for speeding or for driving while a skin color they should not be.  This could lead to fining, jailing, maiming or killing depending on the mood of the armed tax parasite.  A grief will reverberate throughout the entire family of the [most likely wrongly] accused as the captured subject is dragged through the horrors of a criminal injustice system whose sole function is to determine who gets added to the five million Americans in jail, on parole or on probation in the land of the free.

Just remember that in the fantastical system of government, taxes, debt and borrowing that the entire apparatus is built on one very simple principle:  armed robbery.  Now the government frowns on the privatization of such behavior but the entire rotten and ineffective edifice of the state is quite simply a “gun-run” culture.  Establish a monopoly of violence and maim or kill anyone who refuses to comply with the law of the land imposed by rulers whose psychopathy is unmatched even among the most barbarous serial killers.

So, in essence, unlike the protesters rocking the Arab world right now, all those protesters in the streets of Madison are no different than the ossified elderly Russians miffed at freedom and getting nostalgic for the “good old days” under Stalin and the Soviet Union.  The USSR was a failed but premiere example of a gun-run state but it ran aground on the shoals of its own epic monumental economic stupidity:  government knows best and the individual could not manage their own life…ever.  This is the twisted Marxian vision unacknowledged among the teachers protesting in Madison.   But then again, most teachers are so intellectually vapid and fettered to every political correctness in vogue that they think global warming is real and money comes from trees.

Ah, The Pubic School System…

I hope the teachers get their way and continue their free ride because it will eliminate their jobs that much quicker and possibly usher in a whole new era where being a  government school teacher is not a badge of honor but a mark of shame.  Fire them all…

“A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.”

-Gerald Ford


16 thoughts on “Burn, Baby, Burn: Government Workers and Self-Immolation by Bill Buppert”

  1. I love how the media make the cutting of bureaucracies or a wholesale shut down of government sound like a bad thing. I know I wouldn’t loose any sleep if DC was shuttered indefinitely.

  2. F u for dragging firemen into the article. I dont make what a teacher or other public employees make. Other than that its spot on. Carry on.

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  4. Yep…fire all school teachers, firemen, police, sanitation workers, road repair crews, postal workers, all these parasitical public employees who leach off the taxpayer. Who needs ’em? Then you can walk that phone bill across state on foot because not only will there be no post office to deliver it, but the roads and bridges will just decay to trash. And speaking of which, you better have a landfill in your back yard to dispose of all your trash.

    By the way, blaming teachers for the imbicils they have to ‘teach’ is merely shifting the blame. Idiot parents raise idiot children. Then the ‘system’ dumbs them down even further with mass media distractions, watered down or imbicilic text books such as Texas insists on, and neutered teachers,

    Those who would privatize every public service better be prepared for road fees that make tolls like like scratch money and FedEX prices for the delivery of mail. And I have to believe that you want and a military that becomes a subsidiary of Blackwater. Of course, when every public service is privatized no one will be able to afford such luxuries as schooling, driving, mail delivery, etc. And we all know what the outcome is of pay as you go fire protection and medical assistance. But good luck. Maybe someday your dream of a dog eat dog world will come to pass.

    1. Lucius,

      Please explain how a system based on violence since all government services are based on that is always preferable to private systems? So paying 60% or more of our incomes in the various taxes imposed not to mention the massive regulatory extortion makes our quality of life better with a government monopolized fiat currency which has lost 97% of its value through inflation and manipulation since 1913?

      This is your ideal?

      I am certain no mail would be delivered or roads built or jobs created if the man with the gun weren’t constantly threatening its subjects to work harder for the state.

      Your mindset is lent slavery its legitimacy and probably the same complaint Lenin and his communist cronies used to convince the masses “trust the government”.

      I will take the wild anyday. I guess those idiot parents would not be so bad if they were properly licensed and micromanaged by government experts.

      Thank you for providing a great example of the slaver mindset.

  5. As usual, when the argument is lame there is no other recourse but to resort to the ad hominem. Nicely done. I certainly appreciate the insults, which only reveal the shallowness of the reply.

    You would disband “a system based on violence since all government services are based on that…” Right, of course. Teaching is a most violent governmental public service, as are postal workers, sanitation workers, fire departments, etc. The scope and breadth of this patently false statement is truly breathtaking.

    No one is denying the loss of income and the devaluation of currency since the Federal Reserve came into being. But that has to do with big bankers co-opting the Government. They are the enemy. But since no-government types love privatization, this must be what you want, apparently. Banks privatized currency. So what’s the complaint? Don’t you have what you want – a ‘private’, corporatized currency system?

    See, what I think is that all the anti/no government types are really corporate shills. They are corporatists posing as extreme Libertarian teabaggers. They hate the very notion of a government. Their guru is Grover Norquist. They would rather a corporate (read private) disunited States of America. They believe that government enslaves and that corporations are our saviors. Privatize everything!! Let the corporations decide how to run things. Or course, the corporate state would be the enemy of We the People. But, filled with rage, they don’t see that.

    The Federal Government is based on the maintenance of Power. Fine. But to then jump to the conclusion that We the People would be better off without local, state or federal government is absurd. Whatever ‘rights’ you might have will be dissolved, the Constitution would be rendered irrelevant, and We will be reduced to the status of corporate serfs. Now that’s a change you and your fellow travelers can believe in. Me? Not so much.

    And as for idiot parents, well, there’s no cure for stupid.

  6. Self governance ala Walt Whitman (see his “Democratic Vistas” essay) is certainly preferable to a bloated bureaucracy that is based on the maintenance of Power. But I only see that working on a small local scale. Communities that are self determining, commune type associations, etc. But 300 million Americans is too huge and too unwieldy to prosper without protections from predators (capitalist, governmental and otherwise). Would you have children eat food that hasn’t been inspected? Contaminated imports from China that the individual citizen has no protection against?

    We agree about big business and the banksters (I assume). So, who is the enemy? A co-opted government that might be reformed with the dismantling of the two party system, or the corporatocracy which now enjoys the rights of human beings thanks to SCOTUS and basically owns the place (ala Dick Durbin)?

    We are also on the same page vis a vis the Patriot Act and the senseless wars fought in the Middle East. But, until the trillion and a half dollar a year national defense budget is brought under control we will continue to increase the national debt and see no tangible results from that spending. Spending trillions to blow things up is not the means to a viable economy.

    As for teabaggers, they and most American voters do not want real change. They consistently vote against their own interests and have no grasp of History. Like I said, you can’t cure stupid.

    My position is that for the nonce government is a necessary evil. But until there is a viable alternative I guess I’ll have to be resigned to being a slave to the system. But it’s the corporatocracy that will make us all serfs. Multinational corporations have zero allegiance to any nation. Do you think they give a shit about the Constitution?

    1. Lucius,

      I do think we have much more in common than thought at first blush.

      So, who is the enemy?

      Any entity which takes initial aggression as its natural prerogative whether protected by law or not.

      Do you think they give a shit about the Constitution?

      I don’t give a shit about that document b/c it is the sin qua non of why we are at the mercy of the state today. It put a gun in the hands of the national state and inaugurated unlimited taxing authority of the same. Limited government is a unicorn with zero historical antecedents. It is a chimera and an illusion.

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  8. Bill,

    On second thought, it’s not exactly the Consitution that I should have cited, it’s the Bill of Rights (and, of course, the Declaration of Independence).

    I agree with your answer to who is the enemy. (I wrote an essay on my blog years ago called “The Enemy” and basically said the same thing.)

    In any event, as this is an anarchist site and Whitman equates true Democracy with Anarchy (ie, self rule), I might mention that when I read his essay back in college I found it inspirational. However…my question is, how can society at large be anarchistic in the Whitmanesque, or any other, sense? That is, a people who rule themselves as freemen. Ought there to be laws that govern relationships (commercial, international, social, etc.? What do you propose as the alternative to government? How does a population of 300 million turn to anarchy? My sense is, as I said, that I think it can only work on the local level with like minded individuals.

  9. Suppose a collapse of the dominant paradigm were to occur. Here’s a statemen I just read…

    “If the United States is to avoid the fate of the Soviet republics after independence – gangster capitalism, narcostates, rising religious fanatacism, spreading poverty as a tiny cabal of violent, well-connected elites loot what’s left in the national pantry – it needs an organized left to channel the rage of the soon-to-be dispossed into a revolutionary organization. Such a lelft could emerge from the chaos of collapse, but only if it is first inspired by an intellectual framework, a clear and concise set of ideas of what American society should look like after the old system dies.” Ted Rall “The Anti-American Manifesto” (which I highly recommend). Bracketing Rall’s hope that the left would save the day, any comment on this, especiall the last part which is essentially my question in the above post?

  10. As for firemen, as Bill said they don’t have to be government employees. They can be private or volunteers.

    IN fact, right now, half of the fire-fighters in the US are VOLUNTEER. Most folks don’t realize that. Like Bill, I served in a volunteer fire company (in Montana) and none of us volunteers were paid a cent, and the same is true for volunteer fire-fighters in small towns across this nation.

    And in my small town, the local citizens bought a new fire truck and other gear through donations and fund-raisers, such as Barbeques and bake sales. A fire-hall can be entirely funded and staffed through donations and volunteers, with no coercion (no taxes) needed.

    So, even if all government collapses, it doesn’t mean there will be no fire protection. It just means it will be done by YOU and your neighbors – which is exactly as it should be.

    As governments at all levels go broke and collapse, we are all going to have to take personal responsibility (finally!) for our security and fire protection in voluntary associations, such as a neighborhood watch, Sheriff Posse, town and/or county militia, and volunteer fire department. And frankly, that is what we were supposed to be doing all along. That’s what Americans used to do, and that is what it was supposed to be like to be free men and women.

    It’s time to put away the X-Box, turn off the TV and form strong, voluntary mutual aid associations and networks in our neighborhoods and communities to get ready to weather the coming storm.

    Go get em Bill!

    Stewart Rhodes

    1. Stewart,

      What an honor for you to give us a hand here at the site. Yes, the collapse is inevitable and it will be a test top see what men know their measure and whta men have a quality that will only allow them to prosper when they have a gun at their neighbor’s head or through their proxies in coercion.

      Our family is entering our 15th year of no broadcast TV in the house so we are ahead of the curve.

      I am hoping that we are entering a new era.

      For those who have been living under a rock, Stewart is the Founder and leader of Oathkeepers.


  11. We used to call volunteer firefighters ‘Foundation Savours’… because that was left of your house when they finally got there.

    1. Of course, whenever a house burns after being serviced by government firefighters, there must be another excuse.

  12. The Post Office is a surprisingly good example of part of this argument, specifically about the need for the tax man to put a gun to our heads to provide the services we “need”. The Post Office has been self supporting (NO taxpayer dollars) for decades now. That includes even paying for its own retirees. It provides a service that people pay for if they want to use it and pays its expenses out of that money. ANY service that people actually want will be provided, period.

    Full disclosure: I’m a Postal employee who works in the “back room” running the mail sorting machines so I’m clearly not an unbiased commenter. Tend to be somewhat conflicted, actually, as I fall into a libertarian/minarchist sort of category, fully understand the anarchy logic, still work for the government because it’s a stable job now, but expect the system not to last. Life is complicated. Go figure.

    That being said, there are plenty of other issues involved with the Post Office in relation to this discussion. It’s still government. There’s still a monopoly (enforced by that same “gun to the head”) on use of the mail box. Politics still plays a major role in the system and is currently affecting the money issues. It is a far from perfect example (to put it mildly), but it does modestly counter the “if there were no taxes there would be no services” meme. That’s all I was trying to do.

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