The Fork in the Road by Bill Buppert

The Road to Serfdom

I have been incredibly busy with life, work and distractions that have kept me from posting on the blog on a regular basis and that will stop.  More ramblings are forthcoming.  The blog acts as a catharsis for the frustration I feel as the world tumbles toward a figurative sun on a bloody and futile path brought to you by the mean ambition of politicians and the warped societies these creatures nurture.

We live in a statist nightmare which feeds upon itself with the cannibalistic fervor of self destruction so common to their kind.

I was once a collectivist but saw that the reduction of human beings to cattle in a feedlot to serve the needs of the rulers to whom the populations have surrendered is a twisted and psychopathic fever dream.

I was once a Constitutionalist who joined the tired chorus of parchment worshipers who would mewl and wax nostalgic of old days they had no concept of.  I read the Constitution, I steeped myself in the arcana of the Founding Era, and I read the Federalist Papers and then took the antivenin of the Anti-Federalist papers.  I then went back and read the “failed” Articles of Confederation.  I studied further and discovered that the Constitution was a political coup designed to make all the states mere political subsidiaries of the central government…and to put THE gun in the hands of the national state…and to claim the same taxing authority of unlimited means and aggrandizement that the usual suspects both Left and Right sputter on about today.  We have been subjected to a heady and sophisticated propaganda effort from the ratification in 1791 to today to believe we are free in our homes, wealth and property yet a cursory glance at our history will reveal a sordid and grisly story of convincing a captive population that their financial exsanguinations and obedience to the state in all its guises will result in a heaven on earth.

A thought experiment:  What would America look like if two classes of tax eaters did not exist – tax collectors and law enforcement?  How could the state become the Constitutional leviathan it is today if not for these two institutions?  While the former is hidden from view through clever media manipulation, the latter is lionized, idolized and canonized.  Yet a review of the available data and the horrific video footage of police brutality show a coast to coast total disregard for the basest civil liberties and a teflon coating on the guilty armed tax eaters who act as concierges into the American penal system.

I then became a minarchist believing in smaller government.  I believed that a custodial government or a caretaker apparatus which would only build our roads and provide for courts and law enforcement would be necessary.  How bloody naive.  But guess what – no such creature has ever existed in the whole of human history.  EVERY smaller government grows larger and more oppressive over time.  The great westward migration in the nineteenth century in America wasn’t a frontier expansion; it was a massive exodus to escape the grasping and bloodied tentacles of government and the Constitution that had created the monster on the Potomac.  People wanted to be left alone, to no longer submit to the seductive vampiric embrace of the State with its empty promises and inevitable track record of failure, incompetence and bloodshed.  The State cannot exist without encouraging and enhancing its own ability to maim and kill its cattle whether domestically or in ill-destined adventures overseas.

There is no such thing as limited government.

I then became an anarchist believing that the world would be better off embracing voluntarism, cooperation, free markets and persuasion in EVERY enterprise of human behavior.  To take the position not of a pacifist which always works in favor of government but the steely-eyed and well-equipped warrior whose watch word is the total adherence to the philosophy of initiated non-aggression but a hellish response to being screwed with.

Never initiate force against another. That should be the underlying principle of your life. But should someone do violence to you, retaliate without hesitation, without reservation, without quarter, until you are sure that he will never wish to harm – or never be capable of harming – you or yours again.

– from THE SECOND BOOK OF KYFHO  (Revised Eastern Sect Edition)

Anarchist is a word whose misfortune is in its widespread misinterpretation and conflation with “bomb throwers” and violence by the self described anarchists since the 1990s who have robbed the word of all meaning;  twisting it to have the same descriptive value as unconstitutional, in other words, none.

I then became and remain an abolitionist.  Whether the glorious inspiration of Wilberforce or the forceful declarations of the brilliant individualist anarchist, Lysander Spooner, I am opposed to ALL slavery.  The conscription for war, the chattel slavery of human bondage, and the tax slavery we labor under today or the worst slavery of all – the savage misperception that servitude is freedom and that we are our brother’s keeper but only under the lash.

From communism to national socialism to neo-conservatism and every other bloody shirt waved by the starry-eyed collectivists the vision remains the same – one nation under the yoke of absolute power and the vast planetary feedlot known as mankind.

Fear is not only the mind killer; it is the key to your own serfdom.  Liberate your mind from the notion that it is right or virtuous to enslave your fellow man and the road to redemption begins.  As long as the State maintains the capacity to fine, detain, jail, maim and kill you, you have ZERO self-ownership.  And if you don’t own yourself, somebody else has the title.

What will you do with that freedom?

Notes in the Margin: I would like to thank my friend, Kaiser, for revising and improving the look of the blog.  More updates to come and all barbs and arrows are welcome.


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  1. Before we are citizens of any country; before we are Americans; before we are members of ANY society, we are foremost just men who walk this earth yearning to be free from the minions of the State predators that inhabit it.

    Leave us the hell alone!!!

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