Welcome to Hezekiah Wyman and ZeroGov

I am a occasional columnist at LRC and have appeared on a number of media outlets and time and again, folks have contacted me and urged me to start a blog. I have resisted because I was concerned about keeping it fresh and current. So here is my attempt to answer the call and maintain a semblance of interesting material on a weekly basis. I will be penning a fresh essay once or twice a week and making pithy observations as the ship of state sinks and we either break apart or turn in to the totalitarian gulag our rulers have been lusting after since time immemorial. I will be an intellectual gadfly toying with history, liberty, economics, philosophy and politics.

Your comments and support will help me steer the course the readers wish to head to. While I find writing the best way to improve and clarify my own thinking, if no one reads it, why publish?

So there it is, welcome aboard and put your seat harnesses on; we have a very bumpy ride ahead.

This is Bill Buppert and if you are reading this, you are the Resistance.

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