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Queen and Country, God and Guns
« on: June 14, 2017, 03:46:56 am »
Guest Post by Revanchist

I do not know who this guy is but this is an absolutely stellar blog post......

Though our stars tend to rise and fall in opposition through the years, your reputation for adventure, fearlessness and a legendary hunger for more lingers, and for the most part we find that admirable—no, more than that—we find it astonishing.

We may denigrate your American whisky (as well as your tendency to spell it with the Irish ‘e’) as you joke about our pasty faces and reliance upon dentures but we are cousins—if not always kissing—and share a rich common language, culture, customs and cuisine. We are more alike than different in nearly every respect but these: One, we are a constitutional monarchy and Two, despite what you may have heard we really, really envy you your guns.

America has always seemed the dangerous, glamourous older brother. You were the cowboy, the gangster, the astronaut and the comic book hero of our collective imaginations. You were the captain of the debate team, dating the homecoming queen and cruising through life in your ’55 Chrysler, one hand on the wheel, elbow on the door, working on that car tan.

The 40’s, 50’s and 60s were perhaps your finest hours. During World War II you were overpaid, oversexed and over here, breaker of hearts and hymens. The winds of heaven tousled with a loving hand your perfect hair, the sunlight glinted off your straight, white teeth. After the war you invented rock and roll and corn dogs and forty-seven million things to do with sugar including LSD, and we were dazzled.
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Re: Queen and Country, God and Guns
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loved it


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Re: Queen and Country, God and Guns
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The British are going to suffer mightily for their colonial and socialist sins.

If your neighbor keeps opening the door and letting rabid dogs in your house, you can establish root cause rather easily.
Gun control is mind control.

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Nine are real fighters...
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Re: Queen and Country, God and Guns
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I found out the writer is a woman.  The other article linked in this one is very good also.