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I published my book on Kindle for Amazon.

ZeroGov came into being to provide a vehicle to spread the message of the purest manifestation of freedom – the stateless society; a world that divorces itself from the concept of slavery in all its historical and philosophical variations. There is no other path to follow. Even most libertarians are afraid to do the right thing.

Here is the dirty little secret. There is no such thing as limited government. Nowhere in recorded human history has a government been born or deliberately erected that did not expand over time. Expand in a fashion that always odes at the expense of human liberty and freedom and to the advantage of the political elements and their inevitable clients.

We are ultimately left to our own devices to make the world as we wish it be. I envision a world without limits and without slavery. A world where a human volition is never stymied by the cowed and collaborationist spirit that haunts the soul and being of most humans on Earth. We live on a planet where our friends and neighbors would never deign to raise a hand against us nor help themselves to our bank accounts and wallets without our permission, yet they happily hire proxies to do so and in the most obscene fashion. They take comfort in the advocacy and collaboration of one faction over another.

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  4. What does your world say ought to be done with the environment? Is it a thing to be used at will? Is it to be approached with respect as an existing living system with it’s OWN autonomy to consider? If so, then I’m down.

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