Bill Buppert on the Peter Mac Show

I had the honor of being on Peter’s show again and we spoke on a variety of subjects.  He is a gracious host because we were all over the map.

Let me know what you think.

Peter revealed a 1956 interview with the retiring IRS commissioner from 1956 he had found:

HOME RULE! by Bill Buppert

Michael Collins

We need to borrow a page from the playbook of the pre-WWII Irish Republican Army (IRA) and start pressing for Home Rule.  The Irish were seeking secession and final divorce from a country that had occupied it since the twelfth century. Sinn Fein, the organization and political arm responsible for pressing the issue leading to Ireland’s virtual independence in 1922 had a broad front it was assaulting to include military and various diplomatic efforts.  We can learn from the peaceful aspects of the wide front campaign they conducted.

We do not need to borrow any of the tactics from the post-WWII IRA (both Provisional and Official) because it morphed into a terroristic and Marxist cabal starting after its seduction by socialism in 1926 leading to the Troubles in the 1960s, Bloody Sunday and the final sheer exhaustion on both parts that led to the standing truce in 2005.

The IRA even went so far as to as to help the Germans craft an invasion plan for Northern Ireland call Plan Kathleen during the War to Save Josef Stalin (1939-45).

History shows that socialism and collectivism never lead to peace.  It is no mean coincidence that socialist Presidents like Wilson and Roosevelt maneuvered America into wars and privation of liberties.

Terrorism is politically motivated violence against non-combatants.  A non-starter for any successful and peaceful divorce.  We will leave that kind of behavior to our rulers because that and the threat thereof is the only way they maintain power. Period.  Whether strategic bombing or the tax code, the government sanctioned definition I just described is the modus operandi of our betters in the Federal government.

The storied and fabled struggle against British tyranny is in part front and center in the American psyche because of the number of Irish emigrants in America’s history and a shared language.  While historical distance and sappy literature and music make for a romantic struggle as exemplified in the brilliantly written but historically challenged film “Michael Collins”, the violent aspects are certainly a last resort for America.

The important lessons to draw are in the establishment of a Home Rule movement, a shadow government and the initiation of a diplomatic corps.  Each of these will in turn complement each other to achieve an overwhelming synergy movement in concert with an organized and synchronized secession mechanism.

Home Rule must become the rallying cry because the cause of secession is linguistically challenged in America thanks to decades of government education which has erased the true nature of the Second American Revolution (1861-65) and the 12 year military occupation afterward in the South.  Every American except members of the US nomenklatura were consigned to plantation duty and it has only gotten worse over time.  Slavery never ended, it was simply assigned to every subject in the land no matter their skin color.

Home Rule speaks to the unimpeachable observation that a township or county knows its business much better than satellite occupiers astride the Potomac issuing their Kremlinesque diktats and regulations.  This is not to say that political corruption does not occur at the local and county level.  On the contrary, some of the worst and dimmest in these burgs rise to the top of the political pile and until Americans discover that the fear they have of running their own lives without elected and appointed apparatchiks holding their hands or threatening their lives is unnecessary, this will continue.  This certainly does not obviate the need to get yet another layer of bureaucratic parasites and looters eliminated from the vertical hierarchy.

One layer at a time needs to be disposed of and the Federal level of governance is the most important issue for the purposes of this essay; hence the necessity for a Home Rule movement.  I have the utmost respect for the nerve and verve of the Texas sovereignty movements and they need to move in this direction.  They need to envision not only the probable but the possible and reverse plan from there.  Secession movements across the nation need to market a vision of why the Federal government must be ignored and expelled from their respective subsidiary political entities.  The history is vast and rich with anecdotes and empirical examples of why the Union must be rent asunder for the sake of freedom and liberty.  After a cycle of over two hundred years, we are exactly where we started on the eve of the First American Revolution but worse.  The Federal leviathan has had decades to refine its techniques of oppression and control.  Keep in mind that the Land of the Free is waging war on the world and itself, torture is official policy and it has a fiscal responsibility that would bankrupt it in moments in the private sector.  We have hit the iceberg and we are sinking and if the states and their various political units don’t start to consider the possibility of calving off the most monstrous financial calamity in human history, it will go to the bottom with the USS DC.

Even the most challenged graduates of government schools can grasp the essential distillate of Home Rule.  I will leave it to firmer adherents of the Constitution than myself to make this argument on Tenth Amendment grounds.  I happen to think the Constitution is the very blueprint that got us here in the first place.  If you doubt it, look around.  See anything that appears to be unconstitutional?  You won’t because that word has no descriptive power.  This nation has turned in to the Soviet-style colossus it is under the aegis of that fabled document.

Secession is a four letter word, less so as we advance into the 21st century but Home Rule is a better word and a clearer step to get to the point where we can peacefully dissolve the yoke and fetters adorning the American citizenry courtesy of our overlords in DC.  Call them Home Rule Committees or Committees of Correspondence but the Sons of Liberty need to come back.

After this has been accomplished, shadow governments must be erected.  A shadow government mimics the duties and characteristics of the corresponding departments and administrative bureaucracies of the Federal leviathan.  The Irish rebels did this very thing under the leadership of the slippery Eamon de Valera. For instance, the Home Rule committees would establish their own mirror image of the respective bureaucracies within sensible limits.

If we mimicked all the bureaucratic agencies, there may not be enough humans in one state to represent them.  The Home Rule Committee would establish a Minister of Education who would describe how they would behave once they are relieved of the burden of obeying the Federal Department.  In the best of worlds, the Minister would go on to describe a reduction and elimination plan to strike the root and privatize ALL education functions and the Minister would close the door and turn off the lights never to return.  Full disclosure:  I want no government remaining anywhere but I simply aim high.  The same process would animate the entire coterie of shadow government representatives.

Imagine, for instance, a shadow government in the state of Texas with the role of Secretary of the Treasury.  During the hugely unpopular bailout of the banksters, this alternative shadow office would demonstrate through speeches and research why the health of the nation would be even worse after the rescue of the zombified corporations and Wall Street cronies who now undeservedly still shamble across the economic landscape of America.  It would make a dandy bully pulpit to electrify those who were paying attention that alternatives exist and a diversified, privatized and devolved America would rise like a phoenix.

Finally, the Home Rule and secession movements must pay attention to a vital part of meticulously planned state revolts and secession movements:  a sophisticated attitude to international relations and the nurturing of future diplomatic ties and relationships with influential nation states sympathetic to the yearnings for peace and prosperity.  The most likely states to finally find the courage to leave the Union are now in the inland West and Texas.  There is a future confederation in the Rocky Mountains and parts west.  Since there is Marxism in the Pacific Ocean, don’t expect cooperation in emancipation from the states of California, Oregon and Washington.  Like the Northeast, the chains and manacles that adorn most of these populations are polished and worshiped.

These are vital first steps to make this a reality.  The usual suspects in Mordor on the Potomac will say the right to treat with foreign nations lay exclusively with the Congress and the Executive per the Constitution but that very document is the sine qua non of all their power and until Americans wake up to the chains and fetters the Constitution enables, efforts to free ourselves will always be stymied.  Imagine a world with less government or better yet, no world order; at all.

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Freedom Fest 2010 Debate with Bill Buppert Thrashing the Constitution Finally Online [Updated 11/4/2010]!

Video and audio of the debate is now available in the Media and Interviews Tab at the top of the front page…

Articles of Confederation - The Freedom Alternative

I am technologically challenged and through the good offices of my friends, Gypsy and Kaiser, I have finally managed to get a copy of the video of my debate on the Constitution v. the Articles of Confederation uploaded.  I happened to champion the latter.

The research I had to steep myself in to prepare for the debate was eye-opening and mind-altering.  I wish I had the entire afternoon to debate this with Dr. Howe.  He was an engaging gentleman but I think he severely misjudged his opponent and his audience.  Since I am an un-credentialed historian and thinker, he may have underestimated the power of the self-learned.  I also think his consistent motif of government’s overweening ability to crush dissent and force progress was not what the audience at Freedom Fest 2010 would applaud.

I am probably one of the only humans in the state of Arizona who has read 85 of the Anti-Federalist Papers and one of the only humans in America to read all three volumes of “The Emerging Nation: Foreign Relations of the United States 1780-1789”. All 3000+ pages…  Guess what?  During that brief period of time and after 1783, the states did not go to war with each other.

Please take a gander and let me know what you think.  More importantly, please disagree with me and show me where the logic is flawed because only through vigorous discussion can we take the scales from our eyes and realize that we have been propagandized and lied to since the end of the 18th century.  Besides the Anti-Federalist papers, if you read one book, read American Aurora.  Not only will you get a sense of the sophistication of the thinking and writing at the time but you will see that America started sinking into the liberty-stealing mindset in its central governance immediately following the ratification of the Constitution.

Thanks, Kaiser. -BB

Bailouts and Stimulus by Bill Denman

Bill Denman is one of the most urbane and intelligent gentlemen I have ever met.  When I lived in north Idaho before I moved down to the other border, he and I had occasional conversations and his knowledge was vast and erudite.  He may be one of those unheralded national treasures in the field of Austrian economics and straight thinking which do the great expanse of the country.  My assistant editor in Idaho, Mike O., another brilliant libertarian scholar laboring in the wilds of Idaho brought this to my attention.  This is required reading.

The Austrian School has a tremendous intellectual advantage in its methodology of explication of complex systems (the economic activity of a society both rigged and black market).  It employs a subjectivist orientation using qualitative argumentation instead of mathematical gimmickry. There is modicum of math in the essay but none the Keynesian nonsense used by the usual suspects to obfuscate and deceive.

I have attached a sample below and the entire text of 18 pages can be accessed in my ScribD files on the main page.

I especially liked this gem from near the end of the essay:

“Obama’s “stimulus” package is nothing more than an accelerated slave raid and the burden of our chains will become more than we can bear. Society will collapse into another dark age, many will perish along the way, and those who survive will live in misery.”

Please enjoy and I welcome all barbs and arrows.  I repeat:  the government is comprised of the tax farmers and we are the cattle in the feed lot living at their pleasure. -BB

The Ultimate Floor Value of ALL Fiat Currency


Bank bail-outs are undoubtedly the biggest scam in the history of the world. The

process is simply this:

1. The FED creates fraudulent money and gives it to banks and real estate investment

agencies such as Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac who make real estate loans.

2. The federal government instructs lending agencies to lower their requirements so that

people with low income can buy homes.

3. Predictably, a real estate boom is created and lots of people buy homes which they

commit to pay off with Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMS) they cannot afford.

4. When the automatic mortgage rates begin to adjust upward, many of these people can

not keep up their payments and default on their loan.

5. The banks repossess the homes and a real estate panic develops which spreads to other

areas of the economy.

6. Real estate prices plummet and other home owners find that the value of their home

is less than they owe on it. The home can no longer be used as an ATM to fund other

purchases and demand for other products declines.

7. The decline in demand leads to closed factories and rising unemployment.

8. Banks have mountains of real estate mortgages that are almost worthless and begin to


9. The specter of unemployment and bank failures begin to haunt those who are still

employed and they cut back on spending and begin to save – in their mattresses. They

also stop accumulating debt and since issuing debt is the method used by the FED to

create money (see Appendix C), there is a major reduction in the rate of fraudulent

money creation. This leads to a further reduction in demand and more


10. The FED, with the cooperation of the U.S. Treasury Department, begins to bail-out the

banks with massive injections of newly created fraudulent money.

11. President Obama begins his magic cure by dramatically expanding government

spending and applying a technique learned in earlier associations with ACORN.

ACORN (Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now) has been organizing

what it calls “homesteading” efforts in a half-dozen major U.S. cities. This means that

people move into homes that banks have repossessed. They don’t own the homes but

they occupy them and the banks apparently are not evicting them. This should come

as no surprise since ACORN was one of Obama’s pet projects before becoming

President. Is it likely that the banks will oppose a project supported by a man who

now holds the purse strings to the bank bail-outs? (Additional information about

ACORN was presented by Will Grigg during a radio station KBGN 1060 broadcast in

Caldwell, Idaho, on February 24, 2009). These activities removes homes from the glut

on the market and this creates the false appearance of a rebound in the real-estate

market. This paves the way for profitable real estate investments when the economic

stimulus package begins to take effect.

12. The FED bails out the banks to compensate for their losses in the real estate business

so why should they worry about ACORN activities.

13. Who will pay for these bail-outs? Taxpayers! The new money created by the FED and

loaned to the government for bank bail-outs is legally counterfeited money that causes

prices to rise. Thus in addition to paying off the government’s debt, the public pays

the higher prices caused by the newly created money to fund the government’s



The FED creates money by book-keeping entries which causes a boom/bust in real estate. People who bought homes using this easy money lose the homes and the money invested in them. The banks repossess the homes. The FED creates more money to bailout the banks. The ACORN people move into the vacant homes without any money invested and simply occupy them. This reduces the number of homes on the market and moves the real estate industry closer to a profitable market. Taxpayers pay the debt incurred because of the money loaned to government by the FED. Isn’t this a nice scam for everyone — except taxpayers!