Village Praxis Series: EDC (Everyday Carry) Gear Part I

I have a confession.  I am a geardo.  I love kit in all its varieties from camo to bags to clothing to slings and everything in between.  I just upgraded my Level III EDC mag to a new Maxpedition Versipak EDC in Khaki.  I rely on two sites primarily as a community of interest to feed this addiction and they are linked on this site:

EDC Forums and Military Morons

Doug Ritter’s site at Equipped to Survive is also outstanding but not quite as comprehensive or exhaustive in the breadth of reviews and TTP (Tactics, Techniques and Procedures).

You never leave your house anticipating a head-on collision or an untoward event of any kind but you will discover that if you prepare ahead both mentally and materially, your chances of coming out ahead will increase exponentially.  It takes approx three thousand repetitions of a process to make it a battle drill which you don’t “think” through such as drawing and firing a handgun.  BUT…it takes approx ten thousands repetition to unscrew a bad habit of doing business.  Gear helps but don’t fall into the trap of thinking the gear will suffice without associated training and familiarity with equipment.

In the shooting community, a man’s ability to field a very expensive rifle in the field is inversely proportional to his ability to employ it with skill.  My lightly modified Glocks consistently outperform two to five thousand dollar 1911 pistols because I have invested the time in training and at the range to ratchet up my skill level to a higher standard.

Check out this example of either the pursuit of excellence or the height of geekdom.  A tip of the hat to ACHE over at EDC Forums who put together this absolutely exhaustive overview of building his Level III EDC bag.


It is amazing the level of detail shown but it proves out one axiom I learned in the military:  meticulous preparation is a large part of good luck.  Over the next few months I would like to expand this series and approach the various “kits” one may need and some of the organizational schemes out there to make these functional and ultimately useful in a crisis if the need arises.keep in mind that it is simply the gear but your ability to employ it skillfully and effectively.   -BB

Son of Constitution Party Leader Doesn’t Like the Constitution…and He’s Right

My Editor-at-Large, Hugh K, sent this to me.  Mr. Baldwin makes a cogent and sound case for jettisoning any sentimental or legalistic attachment to the Constitution.  Readers of this site will realize that not only am I a Constitutional skeptic but the continued obeisance and idolatry of this document has crippled the frame of the argument in America for liberation from big government. I repeat, the Constitution is a Hamiltonian Doomsday Machine designed from the beginning to put the people under the harness of the tax farmers in DC – nothing less.   We have been programmed and duped into thinking that the Orwellian notions are true – war is peace and slavery is freedom.

Spooner was right (as usual): “But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.”

What is fascinating about this article is that it is penned by none other than the son of the leader of the Constitution Party.  Somewhat like a member of the John Birch Society whose progeny become members of the Communist Party USA.  I am not a religionist of any stripe so I have to gloss over the Christian platitudes but the remainder of Tim Baldwin’s argument is sound:  the Constitution is in the way of any progress to liberate us from DC and the entire philosophical notion of big government as a positive force in society.

Among all the different conservative sects and schisms (even a large portion of the libertarian intelligentsia) in America, this has been the odd relative that we are not allowed to talk about.  The worship and assumed sanctity of the document has blinded the most erudite freedom activist and thinkers from conducting the soul-searching now required of those of us who wish a freer country for our children and future.  A return or revival of the Constitution will not solve our problems – ever.  The answer remains the broken record played on this blog – devolution, secession and voluntary confederation.

A complete deSovietization of these united States per the events in 1989 in Russia.  Whether collapse or consent, this is the ONLY avenue left before we sink into the inevitable Third World Marxian failed state that has been the preferred path here since 1989 when Bush I inaugurated our latest slide into the abyss.  Stop deluding yourself at the Tea Party about a “return to Constitutional principles” or ”embracing the vision of the Founders”;  the Founders wrote a Federalist document that not only codified slavery explicitly (unlike the sainted Articles of Confederation) but by implication condemned us all to the plantation fields for the tax farmers in DC.  The other Founders, the Antifederalists, lost.  It is time for them to prevail. -BB

Why must some act so selfishly to dogmatically hold that freedom MUST be restored through the political association under the United States Constitution? Would freedom be lost to those people who reinstitute new forms of government to better secure life, liberty and pursuit of happiness? To the contrary, freedom would benefit exponentially. Those who refuse to entertain the ideas of state independence and reforming the union into smaller, more manageable parts, based upon the immutable laws of self-government, are evidently self-interested in their entanglement with and reliance on the federal government. There is no patriotism or honor in that.

Was Patrick Henry wrong when he said, “three confederacies would be practicable, and better suited…than one”?[7] Was he wrong when he predicted the elimination of state sovereignty and individual liberty and the encroachment of the federal government into our lives pursuant to the constitution, not in contradiction of it? If he was right in predicting the effect of the constitution, perhaps we should consider his alternative suggestions to the constitution of 1787.

Proceeding under a delusion of “union at all costs” causes more damage to this country by continuing to drag freedom into the despicable muck of what this union has become. Quit waiting for God (as if He is obligated and would choose to do so) to raise a smelly, rotten corpse from the dead and begin plowing the fields of the living. Plan for new life to be born from the fertile seeds of freedom conceived by the work of revival, enlightenment and pro-activation. Begin planning for the reality of a New State Freedom.

See the rest:

Youngest Competitor Ever at MGM Ironman Shootfest in Idaho!

Jake is the twelve year son of a friend of mine and he is a shooting phenomenon.  Three gun competition is one of the most grueling events and the MGM Ironman is the zenith of suckage in this arena.  He is the youngest to ever compete.  His father has mentored and ponied up the funds to support one of the coolest things a young man can ever do besides solo sailing around the planet.

For those of you who have failed to take the plunge and embrace your dreams and hobbies.  This should be an inspiration.  Get off the couch and throw your television in the front yard (or put it in the garage and watch shooting videos).

Like the Appleseed program, this is not only fun but puts our rulers on notice that  though the cattle are restless in the feedlot, some of them can bite.

Jake has his own youtube channel at:

Jake:  Lead the Way!

Village Praxis Series: A Pack for Going the Distance?

While browsing through my RSS reader this morning, I came across ITS Tactical’s review of the Mystery Ranch Skiritai pack. I have to say I am intrigued since it looks like it is attempting to fill that illusive gap between a hiking day or overnight pack and a full blown expedition pack.  At 2400 cu-in (about 39 liters) and with a frame, it is larger than my Black Diamond Hollowpoint daypack but cruises in below my 55L Scarab, which could easily carry my gear and food for a week or more.  I appreciate the trouble that designers go through when trying to fit in this range; one must offer more than a simple daypack, but not so much that the buyer would be better served by just upgrading to the next larger size. The Skiritai weighs in empty at almost 8 lbs (7 lbs 13 oz), which either reflects a durable beefy construction, or the addition of a lot of “extra” that may not be all that useful.  As someone who leans towards the ultralight side of things, that is a bit of a drawback.

Village Praxis Series: The Tactical Pants Review

“If more than three people are into something, there’s probably a magazine for it”- George Carlin

I usually find the use of “tactical” as an adjective downright hilarious, especially when it is used as just naked marketing for items such as TACTICAL reading glasses, TACTICAL toilet paper, etc.

The following website, The Tactical Pants Review, has a great side by side comparison chart of the different major makes of tactical pants. If you are looking to get some, go have a look.

Howard Roark Puts a Boot on the Face of Collectivism

I love this speech and while I have severe reservations about Rand, I have always enjoyed this book because it summed up the self-ownership principle in a concise and elegant fashion.  We are living in the era of the hive and the collectivist zenith in America.  I walk around and see my fellow humans in a constant electronic trance in the thrall of some external device which does not enlighten so much as diminish connections and enjoyment of life and make the banal and the social noodling of the newest generations the sine qua non of existence.  They are the wet dream of the Orwellian government supremacism that is emerging as the predominant paradigm of human existence.  I have mentioned before that governments are basically ranchers who extract value through taxes and enslavement in the feedlot called America.  If you don’t realize this, Copper-top, you are still asleep.

Imagine a society in which you were never compelled to surrender your self-ownership as long as you don’t harm others.  A society in which the dishonorable who violate contract are persona non grata and the criminal meets a quick dispatching by an armed society that refuses to outsource its own self-defense to others without their permission or assumption.  We are from that but William Wilberforce envisioned a world without slavery at the end of the eighteenth century in England and a generation later the slave trade was abolished in the UK.

Envision a world in which the individual is king and the collectivists have been vanquished to the pockets of the planet who wish to trade freedom for slavery.

I have uploaded some other inspirational speeches in the SPEAK page of the blog.  I welcome any additional recommendations. -BB

Getting Priorities Straight by Linda Brady Traynham

Linda is one of the wisest investment sages on the ‘net.  Full disclosure:  we are friends and correspondents who have a particular interest in prepping and making sure our bellies are full as we watch the Soviet ship of state in these united States slowly sink into oblivion.  She and I have a profound disagreement on matters in the Middle east but she is otherwise spot-on.  Be sure to read the entirety of the essay for it is splendid.  I will tell you that for those of you eyeballing Latin America for expatriation, an income stream of 2000 FRN a month will provide nicely but it is extremely difficult to find work if you not telecommuting.  All bets are off, of course, with the inevitable collapse of the dollar and anyone’s unfortunate investment in US denominated and originated securities.   We have been researching Argentina and other environs for an escape from the sad denouement of the once great American experiment.  Another thing to consider is complete renunciation of citizenship to get the IRS out of your knickers.

Linda is possessed of a capital insight into financial matters, a quintessential Southron (yes, that is spelled correctly) Belle and lyrical writer. Enjoy. -BB

The SS America

LAND OF THE SORT OF FREE AND HOME OF THE FREQUENTLY COWARDLY AND INCREASINGLY IGNORANT. Passing lightly over the fact that I don’t care much what happens to all those other places other than in terms of how the outcome affects me, the USA is going down. I can’t say when. I can’t tell you which of the various forces which threaten the dollar will prevail–the Chinese turning loose their butterflies, deliberate default, intentional devaluation, political events, or the incredible stupidity–that being the most kind way I can put it–of the current administration. How strongly do I believe that? Well…we just came back from two wonderful weeks in the Low Country, going to a submariners’ convention in Cha’leston and visiting Charles’ fabulous son and his wife. Around the best fried oysters I ever ate, marvelous company, and 2400 horrible miles that demonstrated clearly the dreadful shape I-20 is in, I spent $1500 buying the “kids” my idea of a good start on adequate supplies if we get TEOTWAWKI. I had a little trouble with Charlie, who is both proud and until the last couple of years cleared six figures with his business, but finally won him over by repeating frequently enough that no insult was intended to his ability to care for his family or make good financial decisions (he’s excellent at both) but a thoroughly selfish act on my part, which it was. Charles and I could not bear to worry about them not having enough to eat and some things to barter, because we know how unlikely it is they would both take my word for it that it was time to load up and head for Texas or be able to get here safely if they did. I expect things to fall apart very quickly when they go. Quadrupling the money supply in the last year, anticipated further hits in the housing market, the commercial real estate bubble, the bond market, the stock market, the effects of Obama “care,” Cap & Trade, the political ramifications of the oil spill in the gulf, guaranteed higher taxes, rising unemployment, the politics of envy, increasing bank failures and bail outs…the situation doesn’t look good to me.

Which brings us to the “permanent and imperative,” those being to arrange our futures so that we don’t just prepare to survive, we have prepared to thrive, and having most of our “excess” funds tied up in tangible goods which are consumable or good for bartering. Did I blow $1500? I don’t think so; that’s $1500 I’m not going to awaken one morning and find is worth 30%–sanguine estimate–of what it was the night before. If the worst happens our dear ones have what it will take to survive at least for six months if we are under martial law and the grocery store shelves are empty, supposing they can protect it from gangs and the government. They have enough sense to start rationing immediately if cities are in flames, rioting is rampant, and gangs roam first the cities, then the suburbs, then farther out in search of lood. The Sam’s receipts give Angie a good start on an inventory; they were pretty proud that they had 30 or 40 days’ worth of food in the house. Shudder. The average, I read recently, is ten days–and that means ten days you could feed your family period, not ten days of complete, balanced meals to the familes’ tastes.

When we expect hard times the first priorities must be food and protection, followed by converting any serious “money” into items we expect to preserve current value. While I remain convinced that the metals market has at least one (probably several) heavy thumbs on the scale, the fact remains that I finished putting what I thought could be spared into primarily silver, some gold, last July. The most I paid for physical silver was $13 (spot, at the time, and my archived works will tell you how I did it) and it is above $18 now–and not an ounce of it is for sale at any price. Signature chuckle…good luck to anyone with larceny in his heart figuring out where we hid valuables on several hundred acres. Metal is for the future, because no matter how bad times things get, eventually they will be better. My silver will be swapped only for land, and at my price, which won’t be generous, probably a decade from now. What are we buying this week? Another tractor and implements and a couple of more horses because we like them, may need them, and prices are going up since pastures are good. Still, we found a five-year-old registered Arabian for five hundred dollars. Similar equines cost four times that two years ago.

That is the name of the game: what can you find of value and utility that you expect to be worth more once we have worked our way through the bad times which are coming–and during that period? My recommendations continue to be food, a motor home/towable trailer, weapons and ammunition, yeast, pet food, coffee, beans, rice, flour, sugar, salt, lard/oil, dried potato products, toilet paper/kleenexes, condiments and spices, diesel/gasoline with stabilizers, EAS protein powder, vitamins, batteries, a large water purifier, seeds, tools, and a flyer in stocks which may be worth something afterwards, such as phosphates and emerging methods of extracting oil from sand/tar. Put some money into research in terms of the most nutrition and taste. Try house brands, take advantage of loss leaders, and have a backup plan for dealing with the meat in your freezer if rolling brownouts become more prevalent. We’re great believers in having a couple of generators and fuel for them, preferably diesel or propane, obviously. Have an emergency destination and a rendevous well out of the city.

I could be wrong, of course, and none of our preparations will be needed. In my favorite phrase, “the worst that can happen is…” we will be able to avoid grocery stores for a long time and the ranch is worth more because of additional livestock and machinery. Being a prepper is a form of insurance, something we all buy against probable hazards and the unlikely but possible. It is something we need to do now “in case,” not anything you will be able to handle when stores are stripped in three days, banks and ATM’s are closed, and no one will sell food and gasoline for devalued currency.

We can hope my vision does not come to be, but now is when you can take precautions.

One more illustration of the principle. Provisions for the future must remain just that. An acquaintance bought into the theory that the best form of gold is “name” coins in superb condition, which was idiotic enough. He lives on the giant truck farm where he works, housing, utilities, produce and pasture for his four milk goats–producing lavishly–provided. He is not married and his truck is paid for. Instead of tightening his belt for whatever reason has him wanting cash he just offered me a St. Gauden’s because I’ll pay him Spot. He’s throwing away historical and grade value because I’m his best means of getting the most he can immediately. Do I feel guilty? Not at all. He must have seen the need, whatever he thinks it is, coming and should have made arrangements to sell to a rare coin dealer, if at all. He named the price when I bought the first of several coins from him. He still hasn’t learned that we never, ever sell our toys (jewels, furs, metal, motor homes, land, luxury cars, and so forth) because it is rare to get stored value back, particularly in economic times like these. I’d have eaten cornbread and milk and vegetable soup for the duration before I’d have turned loose of the Saint Gaudy.

Economic sins pay minimum wage.

See the rest:

The Austrian School of Economics Gets It Right by Dan Denning

Of course they do because, among other things, they embrace a methodology that treats economics as an inexact art in which all macroeconomics is the sophisticated academic rationalization of government intervention in the economy which de jure and de facto always leads to diminished material gains for all except the nomenklatura and their client looters.  All the Keynesians and Marxists are wrong in one important respect – they have no rational concept of incentive in human behavior.  The Austrian have been predicting what some call the crisis for years.  This is not a crisis, it is an inevitable conclusion to government intervention in private economic affairs.  Look at the last two hundred years of the modern warfare/welfare state and you will see that the predatory model must eat its own.  It eventually strangles all above-ground producers to the point where they literally become wards of the state – Mussolini-style state corporatism that is the envy of fascist economists around the globe.  Exhibit A is the heavily regulated auto and financial industries (contrary to the fantacists in the government media complex, regulation never abated from the disasters visited on industry starting in the 1920’s) sinking under the weight of bureaucratic incompetence.

If you are not an Austrian, you will lose in the future fight over who owns you – you or the government.  Read the Austrian canon soonest.  Go to: -BB

There is a place in life for expert opinion. If a doctor tells us our heart is going to quit because we’re drinking too much beer and not exercising enough, we listen to him. If a physicist tells us that jumping from high places without a parachute could be bad for our health, we listen to him. If Tiger Woods tells us how to correctly hit a one iron or send a saucy text message, we listen to him.

But if a group of economists tells us that a government tax delivers a public benefit, we are inclined to guffaw in their collective face.

Most of the economics profession that gets quoted in so-called respectable publications has studied the wrong textbooks over the last 50 years. They are doctors prescribing remedies based on an incorrect understanding of illness.

Most mainstream textbook economists are reading from the playbook of John Maynard Keynes. They believe, and will say on command – not because there’s any evidence that it works but because it’s how you get tenured and earn grant money or get a government job – that when private demand falls because households and business de-leverage, it is the proper role of government to boost consumption and aggregate demand by increasing public spending. Amen.

As a scientific proposition, empirically speaking, there is zero evidence that this policy works. The one example trotted out is FDR’s spending boom in the Great Depression. But the evidence now suggests that it was war-time production that dragged the American economy out of depression, not morally enlightened fiscally policy.

There no evidence to suggest the big deficit spending really is better than doing nothing. But time after time, the interventionist mantra gets trotted out like the Ten Commandments in the Ark of the Covenant to incinerate anyone who doubts its gospel truth. Yet it’s just a bunch of superstition with very little basis in fact.

Economics is simply not a science in the same way that chemistry and physics are sciences. It’s probably not a science at all, to be honest. Or, if it is, it’s a pseudo science, having more in common with psychology than geology.

Complex adaptive systems like the modern marketplace do not behave mechanistically. They cannot be controlled precisely with the rods and levers of monetary and fiscal policy. To believe so is an enormous – and as we’re finding out – costly error. It’s also massively arrogant and conceited.

There’s a reason the great Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises called his great book “Human Action.” Economics is the study of human action. And human action is sometimes rational, sometimes irrational, sometimes predictable…but ultimately…very difficult to model and predict with charts.

As Nassim Taleb points out, all the most important stuff in your life probably happened or will happen in non-predictable ways. Most of the time, today is going to be like yesterday and tomorrow is going to be liked today. But the most life-changing things happen to you at times you’d have no way of predicting or preparing for. But not everyone is comfortable with this kind of un-planned spontaneity.

Please note the Austrian School of Economics was the only school of economic thought that accurately predicted the current crisis. Why? The Austrians correctly identified the influence of credit (free money to change your life) on human action. Altering the price of money alters incentives and changes individual calculations across the breadth and depth of an economy.

The Austrians pointed out that government-controlled interest rates are the real cause of the business cycle inasmuch as they lead to credit booms and inevitable busts. When the price of money is rigged, the market isn’t free. Only if you understand the “root cause” of the business cycle can you learn how to prevent bubbles from blowing up and popping later. The Austrian answer is, by the way, sound money.


In addition, buy this book:

Politics (and Society) Today Could Do With a Return to the Culture of Dueling

I have often thought that not only is dueling an unfairly maligned tradition but one whose application today could stiffen the spine of an estrogen-laden society and put more of a “point” to affairs of honor.  I can think of several instances in my own life where this would have resolved a difficulty.  Manners are the lubricant of civilization and alas, they are quickly perishing in America with the resultant coarseness, rudeness and cultural illiteracy that pervades the country today.  Part of this is a result of the loss of classical education, a complete lack of historical knowledge and the increasing prevalence of women of both sexes held high as the enviable male paradigm.  We are a nation with a surfeit of males but fewer men.  Men know what they are about and have an idea of their measure under arduous or dangerous circumstances.

Some have served in the military, some participate in adventure sports and some in dangerous professions (like firefighters not cops).  Being a cop is one of the safest occupations in America outside of the self-induced pathologies of over-eating, alcoholism and suicide.  Check the FBI statistics.

The concept of honor is a dying creed so I expect very few adherents will step forward to advocate for the renewal of dueling as a dispute resolution mechanism.  Honor would be a necessary preamble to even champion dueling.  Guns or swords?  Let’s make both available as a choice for consenting combatants.  I would again commend your attention to the excellent book – “The Compleat Gentleman” by Brad Miner.  While you are at it, take a look at the dozens of sword-fighting texts available from the Renaissance era in Europe during the high era of fighting salons.  The pity is there are hundreds more which have yet to be translated from the Latin, Italian, German or French into English. -BB

The duel was the last resort of a process of what we now call 'conflict resolution'.

Charles Moore reviews ‘Pistols at Dawn’ by John Campbell.

This book gives an entertaining account of eight famous political feuds, starting with Fox and Pitt and ending with Blair and Brown. Other reviewers have compared one rivalry with another. I want to concentrate on the idea raised by the book’s title, that of the duel.

In only one of the eight stories (which also include Gladstone vs Disraeli and Heath vs Thatcher) were “pistols at dawn” literally employed. Exactly 200 years ago, in the middle of the Napoleonic wars, Britain launched a military and naval expedition to Walcheren in Holland. It failed. George Canning, the foreign secretary, sought covertly to blame his rival, Lord Castlereagh, and to have him removed from the War Office.

When Castlereagh discovered what was going on, he wrote to Canning: “You continued to sit in the same Cabinet with me, and to leave me not only in the persuasion that I possessed your confidence and support as a colleague, but you allowed me to… proceed in the Execution of a new Enterprise of the most arduous and important nature, with your apparent concurrence… You were fully aware that if my situation in the government had been disclosed to me, I could not have submitted to remain one moment in office, without the entire abandonment of my private honour and public duty. You knew I was deceived, and you continued to deceive me.” Castlereagh demanded “satisfaction”, by which he meant a duel. The two men met on Putney Heath. Both missed with their first shots, but Castlereagh insisted on a second round and wounded Canning in the thigh, without doing him serious injury.

There was a public scandal: duelling was against the law. Both men resigned, but both later returned to high office: Castlereagh’s career, which had been expiring, revived, while Canning ultimately, though briefly, became prime minister.

In the autumn of 2004, Tony Blair announced his intention to fight the next election as prime minister and, if victorious, to serve the whole of the subsequent term. Gordon Brown, who thought he had been told the opposite the day before, felt betrayed. The “understanding” that the two had sealed at the Granita restaurant in 1994 – that Brown would succeed Blair – had, he thought, been broken. “There is nothing that you could say to me now that I could ever believe,” the chancellor told the prime minister.

So for Mr Brown, as for Castlereagh, it was a matter of honour. But of course it did not occur to Mr Brown to challenge Mr Blair to a duel. Instead, the modern equivalents of the duellists’ “seconds” were the rival armies of spin doctors, and so the contest was carried on, at public expense, through the media.

The feud continued, despite a truce during the general election campaign, in which the two were filmed eating ice creams together. It resulted in a parliamentary coup against Mr Blair in the autumn of 2006 which, strictly speaking, failed, but which persuaded the prime minister (luckily, as it turned out, for him) to bring forward his date of departure.

John Campbell considers the Granita deal about the succession a “devil’s bargain”. He quotes the view of Thomas Grenville, in 1812: “When two men ride a horse, one must ride behind.” He is surely right, but the Brown/Blair story does illustrate the difficulties with which politics is saddled if there is no accepted code of honour.

The form of the duel – with its pointless deaths, inherent injustice and absurd pride – seems to us against reason and morality. But it did answer a problem that always confronts human society: how can one settle a dispute between essentially equal parties?

See the rest:

The Real John Adams: ‘Reign Of Witches’ (It’s Back!) by Tim Case

Most everyone is aware I will be debating Dr. Daniel Walker Howe from UCLA on the resolution-  “Which is better for America – The Articles of Confederation (AoC) or the Constitution?” at Freedom Fest in Vegas in July.  I, of course, will be the champion of the AoC.  I have been steeping myself in the history and arcana of the era and had the fortune of running across this fascinating essay penned by Mr. Case.  I cannot say I have ever had the highest regard for John Adams and suspected that HBO had something up its sleeve when it green-lighted the hagiographic production of the biopic in his name.  As Tim Case demonstrates, it turns out that the government supremacists at HBO were simply doing what comes natural to them – celebrating the life of a collectivist who in the guise of a defender of freedom and liberty simply sought to Americanize the “divine right” of the British to rule over the scattered American population and do what all governments do – expropriate individual wealth and time through the threat or implementation of violence for a small cabal of non-producers and their associated looter clients in the population.  This had all the earmarks of the War of the Regulation in the Carolinas from 1764-1771 and the Aurora incident was illustrative of those sentiments.  In correspondence,  Mr. Case has examined the very foundational document – the Constitution – to discover that it is THE enabling mechanism for what they suffered then and what we suffer now.  Take the time to read Mr. Case’s archives and you’d be the better for it. -BB

The Federalists Reveal Their True Nature

“Fear is the foundation of most governments.”

~ John Adams

The other day I was talking with our town mayor concerning the present administration and the events unfolding in the United States. We both felt the lawless actions, supported and encouraged by the Obama cartel, portend very ominous times, but he was taken back when I mentioned that this country was headed for a break-up if not a civil war.

His expression of shock was accompanied by the declaration that anyone who has been in a war zone would not wish another civil war on this country. I agreed, but again shocked him when I noted that it wouldn’t be the everyday citizens of the America who would start the civil uprising leading to war, but rather it would be the present administration and the power elite.

He asked what I thought would be the catalyst for such a horrific event. I answered with a simple question: “Have you ever heard of the Philadelphia Aurora?”

The good mayor admitted he had not; just as I suspect that few in this country know of, or the history behind the Philadelphia Aurora newspaper; or the evil intent that has been demonstrated by the American Federal government since the late 1700’s.

The general media’s frequent glib use of the word “crisis” in their headlines in an attempt to scare the reader has all but rendered the word nonsensical; if not totally irrelevant. True, a crisis has come to mean another emergency or catastrophe, but this was not always the case.

The identification and clarification of a “crisis” has a far more threatening meaning when it is understood in its full context. Historically a crisis is “a stage in a sequence of events at which the trend of all future events, especially for better or for worse, is determined; turning point.” This has a direct relationship to what is probably the original meaning of the Greek word “krisis” with its medical implications: “the point in the course of a serious disease at which a decisive change occurs, leading either to recovery or to death.”

It was in the context of a turning point that a crisis occurred in the American experience and in which the Philadelphia Aurora plays a significant part.

The Philadelphia Aurora or the “Aurora” – as it came to be known – was originally founded in 1790 under the name “General Advertiser” by one Benjamin Franklin Bache, the grandson of Benjamin Franklin.

There seems to be little disagreement among historians that during the period between 1790 and 1793 the General Advertiser was one of, if not the, most important political journals in the fifteen states. That status was solidified with the closing, in 1793, of the National Gazette owned by Philip Freneau, leaving Bache and his newspaper as the chief source of criticism of the administration and policies of George Washington.

In 1794, B.F. Bache added the name of Aurora, and continued defending the ongoing French Revolution while acrimoniously chastising Washington’s administration for its “pro-British” predisposition, prejudices and sentiments.

It was the Aurora, in 1795, which leaked the text of Jay’s Treaty, then through the paper’s editorials and articles, generated well-known common protests against the tenets of the treaty.

Thomas Jefferson along with James Madison, were the leading opponents of the treaty. Adversaries of the treaty argued that any further economic ties with Britain would only strengthen the monarchists/Federalists here in the United States.

For the present it averted another war with Great Britain – which made both sides of the debate happy and surely had a great deal to do with the treaty’s ratification – but by 1803 the agreement was in tatters. The treaty’s failure was instrumental in causing renewed tensions between the United State and Britain, which ultimately resulted in the War of 1812.

It was also during 1795 that the Aurora began publicly increasing its attacks on the president by accusing George Washington of monarchical tendencies, financial malfeasance, an inferior military record and being “servile to Britain and hostile to France.”

The Aurora along with it supporters lost the battle over the Jay Treaty, but in the process this one newspaper emerged as the single greatest supporter of Thomas Jefferson’s campaign for the presidency, over the bid of John Adams, during the 1796 election. As such, the Aurora became the center of the Republican newspaper network disseminating its anti-federalist/pro-Jeffersonian message to the now sixteen states of the United States.

The election of 1796 was close, but in the end the final electoral vote was 71 for John Adams and 68 for Thomas Jefferson. (Bache and his paper had warned the American people of the deadly intentions of Adams who had no desire to be president, but rather sought to seize the reins of power as king. Those supporting Jefferson were not wrong! Adams had addressed this subject to Benjamin Rush on June 9, 1789 when Adams wrote: “America must resort (to) hereditary Monarchy or Aristocracy…as an asylum during discord, Seditions and Civil War.”)

The supporters of Thomas Jefferson had once again lost the argument, but the election of John Adams – who Bache identified as the “Old, querulous, Bald, blind, crippled, Toothless Adams,” – had made them some powerful, if not eternal, enemies.

What the Americans had after the election of 1796 was not a new president but a haughty and fault-finding scholar; a narcissistic Harvard graduate and Massachusetts lawyer; an argumentative, ugly, short, belligerent bully who wanted more than anything to be king.

Those who knew John Adams have said of him: “in some things (he is) absolutely out of his senses” – Benjamin Franklin; “sometimes (he is) absolutely mad” – Thomas Jefferson; “sometimes wholly out of his senses” – James Madison; “(He is) liable to paroxysms of anger, which deprive him of self command” – Alexander Hamilton; “a brute in manners and a bully in his family” – John Adams’ nephew Thomas.

On July 6, 1798, just a little over a year after taking the oath of office (March 4, 1797), the U.S. Congress under the leadership of John Adams enacted two pieces of legislation which were the very mirror of the president’s personality: An Act Respecting Alien Enemies which has become known as the Alien Act of 1798. Then eight days later on July 14, 1798 an addendum labeled: An Act in Addition to the Act, Entitled “An Act for the Punishment of Certain Crimes Against the United States” which is commonly called the Sedition Act of 1798. Today we refer to these two pieces of legislation as the “The Alien and Sedition Act of 1798.

Historians always give an altruistic reason for the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 by referring to the XYZ affair along with the Quasi War with France and the need to “increase military preparations,” or to “enact a series of internal security measures.” I prefer to accept these acts for what they were and as defined by Thomas Jefferson in his letter to Stephens Thompson Mason dated October 11, 1798:

“…I consider those laws as merely an experiment on the American mind, to see how far it will bear an avowed violation of the Constitution.  If this goes down, we shall immediately see attempted another act of Congress, declaring that the President shall continue in office during life, reserving to another occasion the transfer of the succession to his heirs, and the establishment of the Senate for life… (Emphasis mine) That these things are in contemplation, I have no doubt; nor can I be confident of their failure, after the dupery of which our countrymen have shown themselves susceptible…”

Then in November of 1798 Vice-President Jefferson writes to John Taylor:

“…It is a singular phenomenon, that while our State governments are the very best in the world, without exception or comparison, our General Government has, in the rapid course of nine or ten years, become more arbitrary, and has swallowed more of the public liberty than even that of England. (Emphasis mine) I enclose you a column, cut out of a London paper, to show you that the English, though charmed with our making their enemies our enemies, yet blush and weep over our sedition law…”

No, the Alien and Sedition Act of 1798 was the result of a conscious, premeditated attempt on the part of the Monarchists/Federalists to destroy the Constitution, purge the states of the Irish using racial hatred, while at the same time silencing by prosecuting, beating, murdering, or deporting any critics, and the Aurora’s owner B.F. Bache, was at the head of the list.

This attempt rested on a fabricated, undeclared war, and the delusion (Jefferson’s word) called the XYZ Affair. It was in the words of Thomas Jefferson the “reign of witches”; an organized, orchestrated reign of terror on the part of the Federal government!

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