Kokesh Smashes the State (In Print) by Bill Buppert

Publisher’s Note: Michael Dean runs Freedom Feens on which I am an occasional co-host thanks to the good offices of Michael. He runs a podcasting teaching academy on the Feens by allowing a dozen co-hosts the opportunity to learn how to advance as podcast practitioners. He just released a labor of love via YouTube to show the booboise how to podcast. I recommend that my readers give it a listen. -BB

Adam Kokesh and I go back a long way and have run across each other quite often on the liberty trail at various liberty festivities we have spoken at. He and I both share a military pedigree; mine longer than his but both having served in the Legions in wartime. Adam is young (early thirties), charismatic and a fellow abolitionist.

He has been kind enough to have me on his show where we discussed coproaches.

For those new to this site, I take pains with my employment of language specificity and happen to think that the anarchist meme is so tainted with almost insurmountable bad taste and linguistic baggage that I almost exclusively use the term abolitionist outside my trusted circle of anarcho-capitalist friends and family. It removes yet another barrier of excuses folks can use to avoid the red pill.

Ten years ago, such profession of fealty to anarchy would have had many in the room look at you like you’ve got an organ in your forehead. Today, I am astonished at the number of fellow abolitionists I meet at PorcFest and other freedom venues.

He just published his book with the astonishingly original title of Freedom. It is not a book so much as a pamphlet. A 62 page book that would have been a perfect fit in the 18th century when pamphleteering was the internet communications argot of the time.

I like the size and the message, I like to compare it to an evolution grenade you throw to someone and if they spend the brief amount of time to absorb it, the book may nurture the seedbed in their head to come to grips with the possibilities of a world without totalitarian government crushing the life-force from humanity.

Like most of us pesky abolitionists, Adam is not a revolutionary so much as an evolutionary. He says so in his book: “Clearly, this is an evolutionary process, not a revolutionary one.” He realizes that the long train of abuses and privation that is the basis of all government must be eradicated but knows that a violent means to do so will only get more of the same.

To use my tired old saw, Adam thinks a philosophical terraforming of the planet is in order and could be a process that will take a long time to achieve. But he wants to do something about it instead of standing on the sidelines watching the planet go up in flames…again.

Adam uses the snapshot methodology to cover a gamut of subjects from taxation to slavery to corporatism and everything in between. Bastiat wrote a tome for the ages with The Law that clocks at 67 pages and Hazlitt’s classic Economics in One Lesson clocks in at approximately 205 pages. Both of these books are classic tomes that adorn the shelf of every self-respecting abolitionist and aspiring Austrian economist.

How do I sum up Adam’s message? Point your index finger at your temple and repeat after me: “The revolution begins here.” Not a violent revolution but a wholesale revision of the viruses and software malfunctions that is your brain on government.

Adam has also figured out the electronic frontier revolution in publishing. The New York publishing cartels are dying and I suspect that the last brick and mortar bookstore, Barnes and Noble, will expire in the next 24 months following Borders to the graveyard in real book sales mediums.

His book is free to the reader and subject to no copyright restriction according to his own message.

You can get in touch with Adam here: adam@thefreedomline.com

Bill Buppert
  • Anonymous
    Posted at 06:33h, 08 October Reply

    A wonderful review of a wonderful pamphlet! Thank you.

  • rkshanny
    Posted at 07:00h, 08 October Reply

    “smashes the state” . . . darn, only in print!!

    • ikefeen
      Posted at 06:58h, 09 October Reply

      Not true, audio book is available free as well as pdf @ thefreedomline.com or adamvstheman.com

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