Guest Post: Silver Lining of Statism: Creating More Anarchists Every Day

Publisher’s Note:  The past fortnight has been very hectic for me and the estimable Robert Taylor who runs A Little Rebellion has stepped in to offer this great thought piece on the emerging spontaneous order that is slowly replacing the collectivist fever-dream planet-wide. Robert and I share a common hero in Edward Abbey who had foundational influence on my journey to abolitionism:

“I write with the firm conviction that anarchism and liberty, as Edward Abbey said, are not  “romantic fable[s] but the hardheaded realization, based on five thousand years of experience, that we cannot entrust the management of our lives to kings, priests, politicians, generals, and county commissioners.”

Please take the time to read not only this essay but others you may find on his great site. Enjoy.

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Silver Lining of Statism: Creating More Anarchists Every Day by Robert Taylor

For the victims of police violence – whether while protesting or filming inside a warzone like Ferguson, or the 50,000 SWAT raids per year, or the “asset forfeiture”or the daily cobweb of regimentation – it’s hard to feel any sense of justice.

The system is designed to give law enforcement officials complete license to assault, maim, and kill – “qualified immunity” – without the ability of the public to hold them accountable. If state police were to be held to a higher standard of say, market forces and market regulations, then there would be far more peace officers and far less rogue cops. Instead of answering to us as customers, they answer to the politicians that assign them their budgets. And who pays for their budgets?

You and I. Or else. Fines. Tickets. Cages. House raids. And they will kill you if you resist their aggression if you fall under the mistaken assumption that you are free. We can’t withdraw our consent or our dollars. We can’t take our business elsewhere.

There is no justice for victims of state violence. Even under the rare circumstances that a cop is held accountable, he is usually given a paid suspension and the victim’s family is awarded money that is stolen from their tax hostages. One might think that the individual who aggresses should be responsible for damages like the rest of society and not offloaded coercively onto others.

See the rest here.

Bill Buppert
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