FreeSpeechMe: New Software to Fight the Octopus

Publisher’s Note: Michael Dean of Freedom Feens requested that I promote this new technology to fight the Federal Octopus. Check it out and take your own decision on its usefulness. Be sure to tune in to Michael’s new late night radio program in March and his weekend broadcasts available live or on his site via streaming and archives.


Michael is probably one the most cutting edge practitioners of taking true abolitionist liberty to the airwaves in a professional and entertaining way. He even has me on his show on occasion.


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Press Release – FreeSpeechMe, the Anti-Censorship, Anti-Hijacking Free Software Dot-Bit Plug-in for Windows and GNU/Linux.



FreeSpeechMe, the Anti-Censorship, Anti-Hijacking Free Software Dot-Bit Plug-in for Windows and GNU/Linux.


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USA (OKLAHOMA): Viral Electron Chaos Laboratories announced today the beta release of FreeSpeechMe, a world-changing anti-censorship and anti-hijacking browser plug-in.

FreeSpeechMe is a Free Software Firefox plug-in for effortlessly viewing Dot-Bit websites. This offers protection against website censorship and hijacking.

Dot-Bit is a new top-level domain that is not controlled by any government or corporation.

Anyone can register a Dot-Bit domain in minutes using the inexpensive cryptocurrency, Namecoin.

Dot-Bit domains are extremely resistant to being shut down or hijacked by governments, corporations or criminals. Dot-Bit domains are THE decentralized alternative to building your whole web presence on a Dot-Com or other top-level domain that can be shut down at any time for any reason by any government without due process.


FreeSpeechMe is also resistant to DNS or HTTPS hijacking, which is common and easy with normal top-level domains. Hijacking is when someone redirects your traffic to an imposter website, which allows them to steal passwords or install malware.

With the FreeSpeechMe plug-in you can navigate from the regular web to Dot-Bit sites and back, effortlessly and securely.

Website owners don’t even have to start a new website. The Viral Electron Chaos Laboratories team has written tutorials on setting up a Dot-Bit domain for your Dot-Com or other top-level domain-website. Just give the .bit domain name out to your users and tell them about the FreeSpeechMe plug-in. If anyone ever shuts down your dot-com domain, users will still be able to effortlessly get to your site using your Dot-Bit address and our FreeSpeechMe plug-in.

Viral Electron Chaos Laboratories has also released the FreeSpeechMe source code to the public.

FreeSpeechMe is a game-changing world-advancing leap for freedom. Please help the team raise $50,000 US on Indiegogo to perfect the FreeSpeechMe Free Software plug-in, spread its adoption and the adoption of Dot-Bit, and help save the Internet from the central scrutinizers of the world.

Donations are also accepted in Bitcoin and Namecoin.


Jeremy Rand: FreeSpeechMe creator and programmer.

Jeremy runs Viral Electron Chaos Laboratories. He’s a Computer Science major at the University of Oklahoma. He works in research fields relating to robotics and game enhancement.

Jeremy co-wrote the Tor- and I2P-service support for the current Dot-Bit specification. It was accepted and implemented by the Namecoin development community. FreeSpeechMe is the first software to implement this feature.

Jeremy is the author or co-author of five additional Dot-Bit specification proposals that have been accepted by the Namecoin development community and are awaiting implementation.

Michael W. Dean: publicity, beta testing, copywriting, tech tutorials, FreeSpeechMe name, cat herding, cheerleading.

Michael is a tech writer, first adopter, documentary filmmaker, libertarian talk radio host and musician.

Longer bios, photos of team members, and more info here.

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