Freedom Fest 2010 Debate with Bill Buppert Thrashing the Constitution Finally Online!

Video and audio of the debate is now available in the Media and Interviews Tab at the top of the front page…

Links are dead and anyone has a copy of the debate, I would be obliged.

I am technologically challenged and through the good offices of my friends, Gypsy and Kaiser, I have finally managed to get a copy of the video of my debate on the Constitution v. the Articles of Confederation uploaded.  I happened to champion the latter.

The research I had to steep myself in to prepare for the debate was eye-opening and mind-altering.  I wish I had the entire afternoon to debate this with Dr. Howe.  He was an engaging gentleman but I think he severely misjudged his opponent and his audience.  Since I am an un-credentialed historian and thinker, he may have underestimated the power of the self-learned.  I also think his consistent motif of government’s overweening ability to crush dissent and force progress was not what the audience at Freedom Fest 2010 would applaud.

I am probably one of the only humans in the state of Arizona who has read 85 of the Anti-Federalist Papers and one of the only humans in America to read all three volumes of “The Emerging Nation: Foreign Relations of the United States 1780-1789”. All 3000+ pages…  Guess what?  During that brief period of time and after 1783, the states did not go to war with each other.

Please take a gander and let me know what you think.  More importantly, please disagree with me and show me where the logic is flawed because only through vigorous discussion can we take the scales from our eyes and realize that we have been propagandized and lied to since the end of the 18th century.  Besides the Anti-Federalist papers, if you read one book, read American Aurora.  Not only will you get a sense of the sophistication of the thinking and writing at the time but you will see that America started sinking into the liberty-stealing mindset in its central governance immediately following the ratification of the Constitution.

Thanks, Kaiser. -BB

Bill Buppert
  • Ralph DeScoville
    Posted at 15:34h, 10 June Reply

    Those appear to be discontinued links – is there another venue for the debate?

    • Bill
      Posted at 20:20h, 10 June Reply


      They’re dead and I can’t find any so it may be in the memory hole.


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