Publisher’s Note: The cavalcade of calamities that is the Democrat Party was on full display this week with the acquittal of the Mango Emperor on the trumped-up charges alleged by the psychopaths in the CPUSA. The Iowa debacle was a shot in the arm for those of us convinced a political party couldn’t run a lemonade stand without fucking it up. Ace of Spades has the best coverage out there right now. Pay attention to the humans behind the curtain behind ACRONYM [cute] and Shadow Inc who developed the “app”. The same clown posse that worked for Pantsuit Negan in 2016. The DNC is terrified of Bernie not because they disagree but he breaks the code of silence on their ultimate intent and therefore gums up the works of completing the long march through the institutions to create the utopia of Amerizuela. Therefore they are backing the dark horse of cute little Mayor Pete whose filial lineage is most interesting. Like Comrade Obama, he was raised and steeped in communist ideology since he was a sprout. Baby Pete B grew up in a Marxist family. He is a genuine red diaper doper baby. His father, Joseph, was a Marxist all his life, and the President and one of the Founders of the International Gramsci Society. He even helped translate some of Gramsci’s books into English.
"Equity, environmental consciousness, and racial justice are surely some of the ingredients of a healthy Marxism. Indeed, Marxism's greatest appeal — undiminished by the collapse of Communist edifices — is the imbalances produced by other sociopolitical governing structures,” Buttigieg wrote. Paul Kengor, a professor at Grove City College and an expert in communism and progressivism, said Buttigieg was among a group of leftist professors who focused on injecting Marxism into the wider culture. "They’re part of a wider international community of Marxist theorists and academicians with a particular devotion to the writings of the late Italian Marxist theorist Antonio Gramsci, who died over 80 years ago. Gramsci was all about applying Marxist theory to culture and cultural institutions — what is often referred to as a 'long march through the institutions,' such as film, media, and especially education," Kengor told the Washington Examiner."
Read the whole thing. Prioritize your spending to make all the necessary purchases for the Big Igloo. Ed Abbey would be flying his freak flag even higher now. [H/T to Freerifleman] You have 349 shopping days until the present or next muppet shambles into the Awful Office. -BB
“The tank, the B-52, the fighter-bomber, the state-controlled police and the military are the weapons of dictatorship. The rifle is the weapon of democracy... If guns are outlawed, only the government will have guns. Only the police, the secret police, the military, the hired servants of our rulers. Only the government—and a few outlaws. I intend to be among the outlaws.” “Fantastic doctrines (like Christianity or Islam or Marxism) require unanimity of belief. One dissenter casts doubt on the creed of millions. Thus the fear and the hate; thus the torture chamber, the iron stake, the gallows, the labor camp, the psychiatric ward.” “A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.”
“Anarchism is founded on the observation that since few men are wise enough to rule themselves, even fewer are wise enough to rule others.” -Edward Abbey
I am opposed to the government death penalty; I am also pro-life which makes me blessedly consistent.  I don’t trust the government to be able to have the responsibility to mete out the severest penalty and to do it either professionally or with no ill intent.  In the smaller sense, the evidence is massive of the queue of innocents who have been shot, hanged and poisoned for crimes they did not commit.  In the larger sense, government puts us all on death row and it is just a matter of time before the cops kill you in your home or vehicle or we suffer a massive die-off in America from an EMP burst that takes us from zero to 1850 in one second. I use this preamble to frame my severe skepticism of the state doing the right thing…ever. I am not opposed to the death penalty in my house if an intruder comes in to do harm to me or mine.  I am a Flinter in temperament and predisposition.  Most of the laws on the books are noxious, useless and liberty-draining in their essence.  Malum prohibitum is the state saying don’t do that because I told you not to.  A monstrous fallacy whose logic only serves to reduce subject populations to assessed rentals on their freedom that can be wrested away at the drop of the constabulary’s hat.  I daresay that one could throw every statute book into the bonfires across the nation when Americans finally wake up and throw off their shackles of serfdom from the local to the national level and folks would not find themselves in danger but would stumble into prosperity.
Publisher’s Note: I have said that a complete elimination of all government funding K-PhD is the only way to eradicate communist ideology being the ascendant creed in the 21st century.  Now Project Veritas has found more of the usual ideological thuggery that is the bread and butter of American politics among Comrade Sanders’ campaign staff. Please very carefully consider when you think you want to send your urchins to college; use this data. For most non-STEM majors, they will be morally crippled for life. The distillate of the woke nonsense, the new communist momentum and the Democrat party is based entirely on the appropriation and transfer of other people’s wealth and labor to politically connected privilege groups from the nomenklatura to the usual suspects whose pigmentation and groin tackle find favor with the new masters.  Some claim we live in a kakocratic society, one whose rulers are the worst people, the shit people; there is no doubt that has been the case since the end of the War Between the States. When you look at the psychotic scum that is the sum of everything in America’s political class, you know what is attracted to it.  Buppert's Corollary to Acton: "Power attracts the corruptible and absolute power attracts even worse."   This blog is not a political blog, it realizes that all political action is simply seeking to eliminate cannibals by eating them.  Per the essay below, I highly recommend the interview with Dr. Codevilla by a typical smarmy communist where he rhetorically dismembers the interviewer (David Samuels) in rich and gory detail. Pay very close attention to the Brexit dialog, it is a smaller operatic analog of secession in America now and in the future. Here's a brilliant supposition of the core of tyranny:
"The prime object of totalitarian government thus becomes the incessant destruction of all evidences of spontaneous, autonomous association. For, with this social atomization, must go also a diminution of intensity and a final flickering out of political values that interpose themselves between freedom and despotism."
Have you been to the range? 355 shopping days until the next master shuffles onto the veranda n the Offal Office. -BB
“A man's greatest pleasure is to defeat his enemies, to drive them before him, to take from them that which they possessed, to see those whom they cherished in tears, to ride their horses, and to hold their wives and daughters in his arms [aka rape with the man often forced to watch the initial violent rape before being killed].” - Ghengis Khan [not Conan the Barbarian] “Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat for it is momentary." (Satyagraha Leaflet No. 13, 3 May 1919)” Mahatma Gandhi “Victory has a hundred fathers and defeat is an orphan." [News conference, April 21 1961] John F. Kennedy
I have been a reader of Angelo Codevilla for years, he is one of the few sober defense intellectuals like Bacevich. The rest have no strategic depth and tend to think solely in terms of hardware calculus much like the coindinistas that have haunted the Pentagram for most of this century with their failed recipes for military conflict. Codevilla is also one of the voices in the defense community who has lobbied for an active defense of the continental United States for decades. He just penned a scintillating and for me, knowing him, predictable essay that calls out the latest fads in anticipating near-peer and peer threats emerging on the world stage. Keep in mind that the US has tens of trillions of dollars to create a military that can't protect the homeland nor Alaska and the various US island protectorates globally, it has never defeated an insurgency outside of CONUS and since, 1980 has fielded weapons systems that simply don't work. Exhibit is the USS Ford which can nether reliably launch nor retrieve aircraft even the subsonic and chronically broken F35. The graf:
What forces against what, where, to do what, is the nub of the military matter. The Chinese and Russians, respectively, have good strategic, operational, and tactical answers. The U.S. side does not.
Read the whole thing. I am surprised the Claremont Institute would publish this, they tend to be the clearinghouse for neoconservative militancy and possess an almost sexual attraction to all things Comrade Abraham Lincoln. I tend to write solely on irregular warfare but have strayed on occasion to address the perils of modern “unified land operations” which do contain components of littoral and strategic airlift to close on distant theaters of war in a bid to replicate the complete global mobilization of military power like the War to Save Josef Stalin. Dr. Codevilla remains one of the few global military thinkers popular in the media. Like Andrew Bacevich, he finds himself in a very small coterie of observers willing to claim the American military is a hollowed out and ineffective force. There is a reason the Pentagram has not won a conflict since 1945.

Publisher's Note: Voting has always been the tyrant's trump card, I have written on this before, just search voting in my archives. There is a reason every totalitarian on Earth from Stalin to his cohorts in the communist club adores the franchise. Whatever depredations and misery are visited on the plantation dwellers, the serfs can only blame themselves, they signed up for it. The Democrats (CPUSA) retained a voting architect from Calizuela to engineer the gerrymandering of the districts to favor the election of socialists to power in the legislature in Virginia hence the new power realignment under Comrade-Governor Blackface Northam. Communists always play for keeps. "The link should take any intrepid readers straight to the beast, but it gets sort of thorny. At the heart of the observations made by Grofman and his conspirators though, are some 1982 re-districting regulations that mandate any new district map to “prove” it will not inhibit “protected” classes from casting more votes. To prove this, a bunch of experts like Dr. Grofman draw up theoretical predictions of the voting patterns and decide whether their evidence indicates more or fewer minority votes will be cast– and crucially according to Dr. Grofman himself, whether more “minority preferred” candidates will be elected. What is a “minority-preferred” candidate? Let’s ask the experts!" These united States have always been an abusive relationship where the subject population is the battered wife. Divorce may be the only viable option. Train like your life depends on it. -BB   “The downside to gun control is genocide.” ― John...

Publisher's Note: As John avers in his excellent review below, the Virginia kerfuffle will be much ado about nothing in January 2020. Non-compliance with existing law is legion in the inland West of the USSA and even the Sovietized states like CT and NY have seen very little compliance with pants-wetting weapons prohibition laws and ordnances. The real fight will be mass registration if no grandfathering is offered, that will be an undiscovered country. All thinking humans know that weapons registration is the necessary step to confiscation so it will be fascinating to see how forced registration of cosmetically offensive long guns in concert with an absence of grandfathering will pan out. Comrade-Governor Ralph Wescottovich Northam appears to be taking one of the bolder steps in weapons prohibition that even Calizuela has not tried. I will stand corrected if a reader could name a state that has required registration of long guns with no grandfathering, That is the flashpoint. I live in Arizona and I am a Life Member in our AzCDL which was patterned after the excellent VCDL and we are one of the relatively freest firearms ownership states in the vast US plantation. Join VCDL even if you don't live in Comm[unist]wealth of Virginny. You will note that the NRA has been absent in the entire debate in VA, the nation's most prominent gun prohibition lobby knows where its collectivist bread is buttered. Interestingly, Northam is a pediatric neurologist by trade and has gone so far as to endorse post-birth abortion. So his Stalinist monster serial-killer credentials are gold-plated like all of his government supremacist colleagues. Once a man doesn't accept that life is true and sacred from conception, there are no boundaries to the murder they will commit. Weapons regulation is deep and wide in the USSA: The 2A is worth the paper it’s printed on. The 2A is a sham to protect weapons ownership. It has no teeth whatsoever. If it did, how could the 1934 NFA, 1938 FFA, the decision in US v. Miller in 1939, 1968 GCA, Nixon’s pogrom against handguns, the 1986 FOPA, Bushevik I’s ban on foreign cosmetically offensive weapons in 1989, the NICs, the AWB all the way to the conservative zombie Scalia’s Leninist bromide about “dangerous and unusual weapons” be protection of private weapons ownership? On and on and on. I am very interested in the range and weapons training prohibitions in the new CPUSA efforts by the incoming despots in the VA House of Delegates (cute name). The key is the definition of "furtherance of civil disorder"; looking forward to the sage opinions of the robed cross-dressers at every level. These statutes will, of course, will not apply to any armed government bureaucrats. And always keep in mind this is a communist war on private weapons ownership in America; the vision of the government supremacists is total monopoly on long gun violence. The Federal government and its state subsidiary apparatchiks will continue to keep the weapons industry humming in the USSA to support it legions of coproaches and equip the armed forces in their perennial pyrrhic defeats planet-wide. The American imperial project has never had an interest in victory; the constant war is a sophisticated money-laundering operation for the military industrial complex in concert with a national government penchant for strategic deficit disorder hence the trillions spent on weapons systems that don't work, cost too much or are an operational anachronism once fielded. The new Ford carrier fiasco is Exhibit A: a carrier that cannot reliably launch or retrieve aircraft and whose weapons elevators are systemically non-functional on a consistent basis. Congress was so happy, they ordered another one. ComNavOps has done a good job detailed the Ford nonsense. The AGW hoax continues: carbon dioxide is 0.04% and humans may generate 3.0% and Earth flora and fauna the remaining 97% (source: UN IPCC). Have you noticed every time the planet is in peril, only higher taxes, more regulation and less liberty will save the world? Old but good: Never be ashamed of your opposition to slavery or your belief in unfettered commerce between peaceful humans. Don't let the vampires project their species' culture on you. 381 shopping days until the next government supremacist meat puppet stumbles into the Awful Office. Speaking of practice, I have gone exclusively to ReFactor targets and they are really increasing the effectiveness of my training. No, I paid for the hundreds of targets I get from them out of my own pocket, prices are very reasonable once you buy fifty or more. I have never accepted advertising on this site in its entire existence. Their Essentials Shooting Guide is a great component of kit. I took mine to the local office supply store and got it spiral bound. Dry fire is essential. On pistol, if you don't have perfect presentation out of the holster on the draw from your EDC, you have missed a key fundamental. Get to the range. -BB Virginia. The cradle of classical republican virtue and breadbasket of American enlightened liberalism. It is the alleged start of the Party in 2020. This remains to be seen. This book review seems timely. The dynamics of the “Patriot” movement have been interesting to me and the events of the last several days have been no different.  I would like to point out quickly that a pet peeve of mine is the employment of the term “boogaloo” in a 4th Generation War context in any kind of way that isn’t mocking the people who constantly use the term. The folks using the term generally have very little knowledge of what they are discussing. In fact this theory might be on the verge of becoming a law at this point. But I digress. Starting with the impeachment of the Orange Messiah, the “Boogaloo Boi’s” vowed to have their civil war. Fast forward a little and just this past week I’ve seen the Lumpen-Patriotariat go from the rhetorical donning of plate carriers, caching weapons, forming militia’s and advancing to Virginia to fight to State goons, Fed gun confiscators and to put the democrats in concentration camps to rallying behind the regime for yet another foreign conflict in defense of global hegemony in the waning days of Pax Americana. The people who voted Trump because he was going to pull us out of the Middle East have traded their helmets with dual tube NOD’s (night observation devices) for flag lapel pins and yellow ribbons. While recently declaring time to revolt against the regime, they are back at their default position of inflicting “good” government on others. The reaction to the killing of Qasem Soleimani by the Supreme Ruler of the World is of no surprise.  The devotion to the State and national government always comes before freedom. All these events obviously had me thinking of the employment of a rifle in defense of life and liberty. Virginia was of particular interest to me because it seemed to be the first example of these proposals coming to one of the less restrictive (comparatively) gun states.  The Assault Weapons Ban’s (AWB) in place have generally happened in places with severe restrictions were already in place. As usual there was lots of saber rattling on both sides. I think the difference we are seeing these days is Beto unleashed the precedent that politicians can make threats back in public at the serfs that they used to only mumble behind closed doors. In response to a proposed North East/Left Coast style AWB in a fairly free (as free as you could be in these united States) state of the upper South, large swath’s of Virginia counties declared themselves 2a Sanctuaries. While this is an entirely symbolic gesture that possesses no teeth, they are at least a statement. I guess.  And this is leaving aside that everyday in these same places hundreds of gun laws are enforced on the populace ranging from civil asset forfeiture to illegal carry to the entire FFL apparatus and regulatory structure in place.  In this sense the 2a sanctuary is a charade. All these events had me thinking of the lack of teeth behind these resolutions and onto the actual application of using a defensive rifle should the time arrive. I received Mosby’s latest book on the employment and application of the carbine last year as soon as they became available. As was the case with the previous title, when Pastor Joe of Viking Preparedness put out a recommendation on the book, the demand curve went crazy putting stress on the publisher and slowing down shipment of orders. As has been the custom of late, the book has a green cover. When I first saw the subtitle, “Preparedness Rifle and Carbine” I’ll admit I snickered. “What is Mosby doing? Trying to play to the Doomsday Prepper crowd?” I shrugged that off pretty quick, knowing that he knew better. As I skimmed through some of the book and caught a few key passages that nail down the context he is hitting at. Then it dawned on me that “Preparedness Rifle” may be the most accurate term to describe how guys like him or I employ these rifles in common use, other connotations be damned. As a resident of Appalachistan, (I live in the Smoky Mountain region) these rifles are often employed daily or weekly, aside from the near weekly practice we tend to do with them, both live and dry fire.
Publisher’s Note: When the vermin at the communist NY Times do a puff piece about the woes of Comrade Wayne LaPierre in the nation’s most influential weapons prohibition organization, you need no further confirmation that the NRA is not only captured but an active partner in private weapons control and future prohibition in the USSA. Once again, I find myself in an airport and my site is blocked; I should take it as a compliment to the threat the usual suspects think I am. The VA gun prohibitionist bills came from somewhere whether in state or out. Copy-paste legislation is a real phenomenon. USSA Today did a project on this from a communist perspective. Read and learn. My question is two-fold: is the VA legislation unique and if not, what other states are doing the gun prohibition copy and paste and who is writing them? Found another absolutely stunning critique of laws and law-making from 1939 by Fred Rodell [h/t to Anne-Marie] that I recommend to anyone interested. A reader who read my analysis of the silly notion of “rule of law” recommended it. While I recommend Tim Weiner's history of the American Stasi, I highly recommend this book about the private burgling of a domestic Stasi field office in 1971 in Betty Medsger’s book, The Burglary: The Discovery of J. Edgar Hoover's Secret FBI, about the citizen repatriation of hundreds of secret Stasi documents much to the chagrin of Miss J. Edgar Hoover and the Deep State. IG Report. There is a lot here but the media’s half-baked conclusion of an exonerated FBI is pure fantasy. Leave no brass behind… In other news that need no further explanation:
"Now, after a years-long battle of trying to hold the officer accountable for shooting at a minivan full of children, Farrell has learned just how big a failure the system is. A federal court, this week, has sided with the officer who opened fire on the family, claiming he did not violate their constitutional rights when he endangered all their lives by opening fire on the minivan - over a speeding ticket."
388 shopping days until the next empty suit shambles into the Offal Office. -BB    
“The goal of socialism is communism.” –Vladimir Lenin “They might not love Big Brother, but they knew he was part of the family now.” - Tim Weiner, Enemies: A History of the FBI  
Deep State apparatchiks have used the FBI as a domestic NKVD/KGB and Stasi ever since its germination; the very birth of the FBI was partially based on the apprehension of “anarchists and leftist radicals” at the beginning of the twentieth century who had started targeting state violence brokers. Ironically a mere year after the most socialist president next to Lincoln occupied the Offal Office. Starting at the beginning of the twentieth century, the administrative state saw a junction of accountancy technology, international colonial expansion, explosion of urban areas and the monopoly of cartel banking culminating in the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 provide a hybrid cocktail that needed a national police state chaser to weave all the new totalitarian components together via national enforcement authorities. The Federal Bureau of Prisons had to be created in 1930 to start housing the kidnapped Americans who started to fall afoul of the raft of malum prohibitum laws for which the only victim was the state like the Volstead Act. Prohibition was the new flagship at the national level to see how the newfound Federal power could be deployed against the taxed and regulated subjects in the plantation known as the USA. And in case you’re interested, no “law enforcement” entity has ever disappeared in the US, they are simply transferred or absorbed into another bureaucratic rat’s nest. List of former agencies and units of agencies:
  • Bureau of Internal Revenue, Narcotic Division (1921-1927) (transferred to Bureau of Prohibition)
  • Bureau of Prohibition, Narcotic Division (1927-1930) (merged into Federal Bureau of Narcotics)
  • Federal Narcotics Control Board (FNCB) (1922-1930) (merged into Federal Bureau of Narcotics)
  • White House Police Force (1922-1930) (became part of the United States Secret Service. It was renamed the Executive Protective Service in 1970 and then the Uniformed Division of the Secret Service in 1977)
  • Steamboat Inspection Service (1871-1932) (merged into Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation)
  • Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation (1884-1946) (functions split between U.S. Customs Service and U.S. Coast Guard)
  • Federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN) (1930-1968) (merged into Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs)
  • Bureau of Drug Abuse Control (1966-1968) (merged into Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs)
  • Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (BNDD) (1968-1973) (merged into Drug Enforcement Administration)
  • Office of Drug Abuse Law Enforcement (ODALE) (1972-1973) (merged into Drug Enforcement Administration)
  • Office of National Narcotics Intelligence (ONNI) (1972-1973) (merged into Drug Enforcement Administration)
  • Bureau of Secret Intelligence (BSI) (1916-1985) (replaced by Diplomatic Security Service)
  • United States Treasury Police (TPF) (1879-1986) (merged with the Uniformed Division of the Secret Service)
  • United States Customs Service (1789-2003) (functions split between U.S. Customs and Border Protection and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement)
  • Immigration and Naturalization Service (1940-2003) (INS) (functions transferred to three new entities – U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection.)
  • Library of Congress Police (LCP) (1950-2009) (merged into the United States Capitol Police)
  • Hoover Dam Police (1931-2017) Merged with the Department of Interior
If one were a Federal coproach, plenty of opportunities are available for employment in another socialist entity once pink-slipped. One would be hard-pressed to see any of the thousands of malum prohibitum laws vanish from the books.

Publisher’s Note: The Village Armorer and I will be taking a pistol/carbine course in April 2020, so we are ramping up a training plan to get ready. I am also making progress on my advanced pistol skills to allow me to move onto some advanced carbine and then F-Class rifle training in the latter half of 2020, Big Igloo or not. Impeachment? Who cares? In other news, Hitler and the Nazis were enthralled and had a school-girl crush on Islam much like the progressive left and collectivists in America. Keep this in mind as you see the soft peddling by the usual suspects in Mordor on Muslim apologetics in the US. “Hitler cultivated many parts of the Muslim world, but he was fanatically enthusiastic about only one country: Turkey (the Nazis officially decided in 1936 that the Turks were Aryans). Stefan Ihrig’s brilliant new book Atatürk in the Nazi Imagination demonstrates convincingly that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s conquest of Turkey was the most important model for the Nazis’ remaking of Germany, far more so than Mussolini’s 1922 March on Rome, which is usually cited as Hitler’s main inspiration. Turkey had taken control of its destiny in manly fashion, in proud defiance of the international community—if only Germany would do the same! So argued many on the German right, including Hitler, during the 10 years between Atatürk’s victory and the Nazi seizure of power.” The odd relationship between today’s left fascists and their willful silence on Islamic barbarity may be explained by the book that Ihrig penned. I...

  Publisher’s Note: The family marksmanship clinic for pistol went without a hitch and much improvement was gained by all hands. It was the first time my oldest son had employed a red dot, he has an astigmatism and the use of the Trijicon dual illumination amber 7.0 dot was much better than the standard red dot. He and I traded and I managed to replace the dual illum with a RMR Type 3.25. Accuracy out to ten yards. We made several interesting discoveries to include training the digits below the trigger finger to act independently to prevent sympathetic squeezing of the lower digits to make a right handed shooters shoot low and left. Proximity to distal crease also improve quarter minus size grouping. In concert with thenar training on the on support hand grip, great strides were made. I am still trying to grok all the hand mechanics one can leverage to improve pistol use. Per rifle, I have installed "gas pedals" at 270degrees on my AR platforms to improve grip and reduce fatigue [support hand emulates thumb over thumb of pistol grip. And, of course, both eyes open at all times. We sucked less indeed. Coproaches rendering Nazi honors? Of course. Dan Carlin released his Part III of his superlative treatment of the Japanese leading up and in the War to Save Josef Stalin, Supernova in the East. I recommend listening to the entire series. While I respect Carlin’s historical and narrative instincts, his political yammering is almost always consistently ill-informed and myopic. Asks the...

Publisher’s Note: The Boogaloo or the Big Igloo has finally caught the attention of the usual suspects on the left as they start to sound their expected language alarm. The clown posse at the ADL is filling their pants and clutching their pearls. Again. Part of my progeny is traveling in to join us for Thanksgiving here at the Circle A ranch and a family marksmanship clinic. Oh, happy days. We even have a Team Buppert T-Shirt [no, not that one]. This is an inside joke in the family because I tell my lads every morning when you wake up, the operative question is: "Why do I still suck?" We are not a religious family by any conventional standard except my middle son is on a serious theological quest to embrace Christianity. Gods help him. My tombstone marker will read: “Next…” Wardruna is a better soundtrack for this life and whatever comes after. This will be a short screed this fortnight since I have invested a lot of time planning and resourcing my range clinic. In other news, just booked training with a course in April with a round count of 1k each rifle and pistol. Yeah baby. Just finished a book on the “butcher and bolt” raids of the SAS/SBS in the War to Save Josef Stalin titled “The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare: How Churchill's Secret Warriors Set Europe Ablaze and Gave Birth to Modern Black Ops” by Lewis et al. Unlike Milton’s book of similar title, it closely follows the exploits of the Mad Viking, Anders Lassen. A ripping good yarn. Ah, the force calculus… The Big Igloo is going to be very interesting indeed; make peace with yourself. Get to the range. -BB
“Everyone by a supreme law of nature is master of his own thoughts.”  - Baruch Spinoza  “It’s the one thing they can’t do. They can make you say anything—anything—but they can’t make you believe it. They can’t get inside you.”  - Julia, Nineteen Eighty-Four  “All political thinking for years past has been vitiated in the same way. People can foresee the future only when it coincides with their own wishes, and the most grossly obvious facts can be ignored when they are unwelcome.”  - George Orwell “I find it difficult to believe that words have no meaning in themselves, hard as I try. Habits of a lifetime are not lightly thrown aside.” - Stuart Chase  Oceania is now the USSA and the critical mass of humanity from sea to shining sea is becoming the veritable acolyte and defender of all things Big Brother. If you pay the least attention to the latest proceedings by the moral midgets in the Congress, you discover that the power of critical thinking is waning and evaporating at light speed. Between the K-PhD communist indoctrination complex and the government supremacist state stenographers in the media, enstupidation has accelerated to a degree I never thought possible so quickly. I am thankful my sainted bride home educated our urchins and they are all well aware of what is going on.
What can you personally do about it? In the end, our sole span of control is ourselves and nominally the families we have created. Here’s a quick list of what you can do in no particular order to control your world better and make sense of a life well lived. Government Schools Families don’t let their children [or grandchildren] go to government indoctrination complexes and should strongly dissuade any older children to go to college unless it is a STEM degree. If you do, you may never get them back. Reading Reading is fundamental and you should be reading books (real or Kindle) to expand who you are and your place in the world. I cycle through one fiction and two non-fiction with no limit on the sequence of the latter. It’s not that fiction is bad for you, I would contend that Gore Vidal’s books on the “Narratives of Empire” are better and more accurate than most of the PC drivel you’ll get in college. Burr is a personal hero of mine and his treatment of that great duelist is fabulous.
Publisher's Note: Impeachment? Who cares? I am sure the insane clown posse known as the DemoKKKrats will beclown themselves at every turn. They can't help it. Since 1952, there has been a Bush or Nixon on the Grand Old Politburo ticket which won the Offal Office. The Trump Presidency is the first ticket in 64 years to win without either, especially a Bushevik. The Bushes have been the palace guard and safe Republican ticket to protect the Deep State since 1976. This explains why the coup began well before the assumed coronation of Pantsuit Negan. A hat tip to the late Vladimir Bukovsky and the brave heart that powered that man through his dark times; may future Americans match his courageous dissent under oppression. He inspired this thought piece. The Nuremberg Trials were just the beginning of dozens of trials of Axis malefactors. Those ten hangings were a small part o the human trash taken out in the 1940s. If you are interested in the official proceeding of the Office of Chief of Counsel for Prosecution of Axis Criminality in eight main volumes and three supplementary volumes, known ironically as The Red Series, you can find them here. Additional broader Axis prosecution materials can be found here. The young Marxist intellectuals at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth century proved that books can be just as deadly as weapons in transmitting a human software virus just as lethal as the plague or avian flu in stacking human corpses. The banality of this peculiar evil can be captured in the terrific book House of Government by Yuri Slezkine which relates in sickening detail a preview of the slow death American communism has in store for the west if they seize power again. Mr. Slezkine opines:
“In 1932 Pravda published a short story by Ilf and Petrov, titled 'How Robinson Was Created,' about a magazine editor who commissions a Soviet Robinson Crusoe from a writer named Moldavantsev. The writer submits a manuscript about a Soviet young man triumphing over nature on a desert island. The editor likes the story, but says that a Soviet Robinson would be unthinkable without a trade union committee consisting of a chairman, two permanent members, and a female activist to collect membership dues. The committee, in its turn, would be unthinkable without a safe deposit box, a chairman's bell, a pitcher of water, and a tablecloth ('red or green, it doesn't matter; I don't want to limit your artistic imagination'), and broad masses of working people. The author objects by saying that so many people could not possible be washed ashore by a single ocean wave: 'Why a wave?' asked the editor, suddenly surprised. 'How else would the masses end up on the island? It is a a desert island, after all!' 'Who said it was a desert island? You're getting me confused. Okay, so there's an island, or, even better, a peninsula. It's safer that way. And that's where a series of amusing, original, and interesting adventures will take place. There'll be some trade union work going on, but not enough. The female activist will expose certain deficiencies - in the area of due collection, for example. She'll be supported by the broad masses. And then there be the repentant chairman. At the end you could have a general meeting. That would be quite effective artistically. I guess that's about it.' 'But - what about Robinson?' stammered Moldavantsev. 'Oh yeah ..., thank for reminding me. I'm not wild about Robinson. Just drop him. He's a silly, whiny, totally unnecessary character.”
I have said before that if you stopped all government funding for K-PhD education in America and the west, communism as an idea would be dead in a generation. In other news: who knew that a ban on a box with a spring would be so hard to enforce?  Little do the usual suspects know that an industrial rubber band is the most effective substitute for a bump-stock. The 1944 Warsaw Uprising saw quite a bit of improvised industry. I would also suggest a family day trip to experiment with the explosive properties of avocado oil in a bottle; the soy-boys demand for this oil may have yielded a serendipitous improvement to the run of the mill rebel aperitif.... Your inaction today condemns your children and everyone following them. And Epstein didn’t kill himself. Resist. -BB  
"It was only toward the middle of the twentieth century that the inhabitants of many European countries came, in general unpleasantly, to the realization that their fate could be influenced directly by intricate and abstruse books of philosophy. Their bread, their work, their private lives began to depend on this or that decision in disputes on principles to which, until then, they had never paid any attention. In their eyes, the philosopher had always been a sort of dreamer whose divigations had no effect on reality. The average human being, even if he had once been exposed to it, wrote philosophy off as utterly impractical and useless. therefore the great intellectual work of the Marxists could easily pass as just one more variation on a sterile pastime. Only a few individuals understood the causes and probably consequences of this general indifference." - Czeslaw Milosz, The Captive Mind

"Justice is always naive and self-confident; believing that it will immediately win once recognized. That is the reason why the forces of Justice are so poorly organized. On the other hand, the Evil is cynic, sly and fantastically organized. It never ever has the illusion of the ability to stand on its own feet and to win in a fair competition. That is why it is ready to use any kind of means without hesitation. And of course it does - under the banners of the most noble ideas."

"I should like to underline: no people, no country, in which a Communist dictatorship has been established, ever found its way out of it."

"The dream of socialists, the Maximum Programme, has always been to eliminate the private property, the family and the nation state. With the private property they have not succeeded, but they continue on the path of destruction of the family and the nation."
"This power, this authority, Soviet power: they killed everybody who could make any resistance, who could explain his own way of thinking and who could follow his own way of thinking, of believing."
"This dream of absolute, universal equality is amazing, terrifying, and inhuman. And the moment it captures people's minds, the result is mountains of corpses and rivers of blood."
- Vladimir Bukovsky "The dead hand of the old Soviet Union’s ideological-warfare effort continues to wreak destruction, as the toxic ideas it released continue to survive, mutate, and reproduce in the wild." – Glenn Reynolds
Future Past: 1990 Butyrka Prison Complex, Moscow, Former USSR “Perestroika for the Nazis? Didn’t happen.” “This isn’t war, sir, this is a societal collapse…” “We’ve been at war with these people since the end of the First World War and the end of the Second World War, Ambassador. My father was a young attorney at the numerous Nuremberg trials, the top ten hanged weren’t the only ones sentenced to death and hanged. All the subsequent death camp and Einsatzgruppen trials across the German and Axis defendants yielded plenty more.” “What came of that? In the end, I mean…” “Do you see Mein Kampf and the whole crackpot ideology of rancid racial totalitarianism being taught at university campuses and championed by every professor and media personality as a default philosophical position? Do you see nations lining up to emulate the Hitlerian fever dream?” “No…” “We’re the goddamned victors here, last men standing and I am going to make sure this communist software virus is contained. The trials, the discovery process, the Soviet archives, saving the archives at Laboratory 12 and Kamera from destruction, the Gulag “honor rolls. We’ll never know the full necrometrics of this death state; I am sure it is north of 20 million corpses and countless lives stolen to labor in Siberia and other labor camps. Hell, the death toll in Russia just during their civil war and consolidation from 1917-22 was probably nine million.” “No one in the west will be able to make the excuse that the Soviets just got it wrong, the evidence is all here…” // General Secretary Gorbachev and the other Politburo members marched up to the dais where the gallows were. Each man was fitted with a noose for the long jump, the western executioners didn’t want to repeat the strangulation passion play of 1946 when the Army had accidentally “shorted” the ropes to cause strangulation instead of neck breaking of the Nazis executed after the war. The trials had been raucous but revelatory in the sheer extent of murderous and sadistic brutality that had been the people’s paradise in the USSR. The accidental release of names and addresses of important party members and state security apparatchiks had rippled to across the ten times zones of the USSR from sea to cold gray sea. The brutal execution of Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife in December of 1989 had lit a fire in the ambulatory corpse of the USSR and several former satellite states that was still raging our of control.
Publisher’s Note: I am so enjoying the intersectional cannibalism that the trans-movement is causing to the usual suspects on the Left. Quillette has hosted some terrific essays describing the vaudevillian melodrama in the LGBT+ community of philosopher kings.
“Stonewall and other trans groups frequently misrepresent Britain’s Equality Act of 2010, which states clearly that single-sex spaces and facilities are perfectly lawful provided they are a “proportionate means to a legitimate aim.” They insist, falsely, that separately stipulated protections against discrimination and harassment for trans-identified people ensure that they can access all spaces intended for the opposite sex. Under such false guidance, Girlguiding UK and Sport England have gone “trans-inclusive,” a euphemism used to describe policies that enable males and females to “self-identify” into spaces intended for the opposite sex. Anyone with even the faintest grasp of biological reality will see immediately why such policies impact most heavily on girls and women.”
 Same-sex attraction is being sniffed at by the trans folks as “bigotry” and “privilege”….  Man the fainting couches! Popcorn please...  Other delicious jeremiads are at the site. I frequent Quillette daily.  Impeachment of the Mango Emperor? Who cares? This is something of a continuation of the previous post. I understand the sheer moonbattery of the climate alarmists but in the bigger picture the damage to real science is profound and long-lasting. Here is something to ponder: Absent an aggressive and rationalized atheism, government supremacist and collectivist ideologies have a harder time creating the state as a secular Godhead. Most of the SJW worldview is informed by a profound rejection of a supernatural God to facilitate the use of state violence to remake the world. Hence the monolithic communist tendency to state sanctioned atheism. Ian Plimer does a brilliant job explaining how the teaspoon will disappear if the scientifically illiterate envirus prevail. "Coal has saved the forests, not environmentalists."  Get thee to the range. Dry fire at home. The cartridge box is truly the choice of kings and serfs alike.  Resist. -BB
“Under true peer-review...a panel of reviewers must accept a study before it can be published in a scientific journal. If the reviewers have objections the author must answer them or change the article to take reviewers' objections into account. Under the IPCC review process, the authors are at liberty to ignore criticisms.” - Richard Lindzen “We have no reason to think that climate change is harmful if you look at the world as a whole. Most places, in fact, are better off being warmer than being colder. And historically, the really bad times for the environment and for people have been the cold periods rather than the warm periods.” “Unfortunately the global warming hysteria, as I see it, is driven by politics more than by science.” - Freeman Dyson
Most humans have to believe in something to guide their lives. Could be supernatural religion, may be a secular faith or something in between. My two oldest sons and I have been conversing for several months about my middle lad’s quest for theological significance, his journey to believe in Christianity. My oldest is now an agnostic like myself although he has traveled the gamut from Christian to atheist; I myself would probably be best described as a Spinozan deist. I have no explanation for the reason for the first cause of the universe nor the intellectual bandwidth in this mortal coil to join either the theist or atheist ranks thus the spiritual fence-sitting. My closest divine spark is my life-long practice of Stoicism which has informed and enriched my life for decades. Spending most of my adult life in the Legions made me a dead man walking and that is a gift that has made my Stoicism more vital and real than ever. These conversations have simply confirmed my absolute loathing of atheists.