Winter is Here Indeed by Bill Buppert


Publisher’s Note: The full-throated roar of communist ambition is steamrolling the former United States under a virtual rain of cluster bomb munitions launched against many varieties of formerly free acts of human volition from speaking to writing to communicating to walking to dining to assembling and everything in between. In the name of safety and opposition to terrorism, the government and its vassal states are proceeding apace to un-person any human who desires to be free of the state.

The de-platforming began after the “assault” on the Capitol building in Mordor that provides the offices for the government supremacist reprobates from which all the violent diktats of the state are vomited forth after the usual suspects outside the building have submitted the legislation they wish approved to the moral midgets in the fetid corridors of occupation. A full year of commie devastation by college “educated” Stalinists rioting, burning and destroying government and private property doesn’t even match the fury of the political class when their “house” is invaded.

You have entered the Twilight Zone

I suspect the Uniparty will start at free speech and use the Bill of Rights as a mission list to extinguish all freedom in the country.

Glenn Greenwald, as usual, nails it.

Comrade Joe and his jejune co-conspirator in Comrade Commie-la will then proceed to use the “domestic terrorist” label on anyone who either is not compliant to the New Communist Order or ironically enough, apply the label to anyone who objects to the very notion that all government is violence and terrorism in practice by using the time-tested formula of projecting their own vices on thine enemies. Many contend that Joe Hiden is a puppet of the Chinese, a rather silly idea when he can’t figure out if the contents of his incontinence diaper is edible or not as the biggest decision in his day. He is a meat puppet.

As my readers know, I have no love lost for the Mango Emperor but I am convinced that the women of both sexes who have lost their minds in the past four years over his occupancy of the Awful Office could not proffer a single objection to policy that doesn’t involve the reduction of power of the government versus the plantation dwellers.

“In short, election fraud is so completely a part of the Democratic Party and the left, more generally, and has been for so long, that it would only be remarkable if there were a close election where there wasn’t any. We expect it. If we can’t easily see it, we expect it to be only because it’s a little better hidden than usual.

The Democratic Party is and always has been a party of corruption, heavy on power, short of or bereft of principle. The only difference between it and any given sub-Saharan African kleptocracy is in the shade of skin.”


Kratman and Correia go nuclear. Read the whole thing.

It’s about time to read (or re-read) The Weapon by Michael Z Williamson.

My friend Pete at WRSA. Read the whole thing.

For those wanting proof protection against our tech overlords, my bulletproof web host is Jack. He is my cyber-ninja.

The mask is off, plan accordingly.

Get to the range. -BB



“When the situation is hopeless, there’s nothing to worry about.”
Edward Abbey, The Monkey Wrench Gang

What happens next? You can expect this faculty lounge revolution to reach a fever-pitch that will cause the central government to over-reach, over-compensate and over-react.

I repeat, zero out all government funding K-PhD in the USSA and communism as an idea is dead as a door-nail in a generation. But it is a little late now.

In the interest of alerting our betters to the possibilities they may unleash, I offer the following observations as a helpful cautionary tale.

History is replete with examples of what kind of behavior at every level will illustrate that Newton’s Third Law is a motherfucker. If you think the abuse heaped on the subjects of America in the twentieth century was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Irish Democracy is massive, passive resistance to governmental dictates and rules. Irish Democracy is when you vote with either the five fingers that are holding the pint or the five fingers that are knuckled up. Phillip Jenkins once said that the more specific a law, the more loopholes emerge. Whether the Volstead Act and Prohibition, the numerous and onerous civilian disarmament campaigns coast to coast or the willful disobedience to mask mandates; the opportunities to simply ignore or flout the law are as abundant as sand on a beach. People will use their imagination.

It isn’t even St. Patrick’s Day, but we are all Irish now:

Utility tunnels: pick the right manhole and you will existentially screw things up. Pick ten and you have a very effective attack. Cities are hardening manholes with locks and welding. Chlorine powder or liquid bleach will corrode everything in a confined space. Lots of pool supplies around. A cable cutting war is the nuclear option.

Transformers are vulnerable as hell. I discovered this when I started digging in to the horrors of EMP attacks. The oil inside is flammable too. Substations are getting fences, radar intrusion detection, and cameras as fast as DHS grants can be filled out. There are a lot of them though. Easier attack would be just shutting off sections of the local grid. The handles are secured at the base of the poles with a simple padlock. Cut that, rotate the handle, chop it off, bail; super quiet and easy. Look for the handles while out driving. If death of a thousand cuts is desirable, this is one way to get it.

Caltrops and roofing nails are a terrible thing for vehicle tires. it’s a lot easier to unscrew the stem insert or to cut off the stems than to poke holes in tires with a knife if a personal touch is desired.

Cell tower antennae are not as vulnerable as you think. The boxes full of really expensive switches at the base of the tower are as vulnerable as any other electronics to ballistic damage. Towers that serve multiple carriers will have  clusters of boxes.

Natural gas pipelines and distribution are everywhere and are conveniently marked with yellow poles. Telcom uses orange on white. The little survey flags also point out what lies beneath and blue is water, red is power.

The sad and sordid behavior of folks sabotaging speed cameras in England is shameful. An oldie but goodie of what mischief men in balaclavas can do. Be sure to remove the plates from your motorcycel and give the finger to the camera.

I provide all of these as a reminder to our friendly bureaucrats in the government of the vulnerabilities they should consider guarding against.

Here’s a helpful guide to roadside technology.

The tragedy.

You’ll note the Redflex pirates and their traffic camera surveillance payola met an untimely end in many states.

Massive Gandhi-style non-compliance like the Satyagraha campaigns in India that were a major force in prying the British out of India are exemplary. These campaigns will start to instantiate themselves in small fashion much like the small business and church responses to the monstrous Sovietized government responses to the low grade pneumonia+ outbreak colorfully described as the China Virus with a 99.8 percent survival rate.

At the other end is massive compliance to break the system. Imagine if every zoo animal in the fruited plain pulled over by the fattest profession in America were to actively contest in court every traffic infraction. The system would soon collapse or be so inundated that it couldn’t break even in forcibly separating the plantation dwellers from their hard-earned cash. What would happen if Comrade-Governor Gruesome Newsom and other vermin like him were called out immediately when they inevitably broke the rules they insisted on foisting on the zoo animals they snootily look down upon? One can imagine the fun if someone had pulled the fire alarm and then used the fire hose on the unwitting politicos to make sure they were safe during their French laundry soiree. Your limit is your imagination and I would urge my readers to add any additional helpful suggestions in the comments.

H/T to commenter Nick Flandrey for inspiring some of these ideas at BRM.

What would happen if one were to follow the trail of Antifa rioters as they prepared to destroy more private property and small businesses and some mischievous souls were to plaster all of their vehicles with Trump stickers? George Hayduke would be proud.

WWII Allied Sabotage Devices and Booby Traps

WWII Axis Sabotage Devices and Booby Traps

This year is going to be worse, far worse, than the cavalcade of calamities of last year.

You have only yourself to blame if you make your children worse off by not doing the right thing this year.


19 thoughts on “Winter is Here Indeed by Bill Buppert”

  1. Some Other Guy

    Never, never, ever flush diapers and tampons down the toilets in government buildings.

    Every home built within the last thirty years has a sewer cleanout just a few feet outside the foundation. It’s usually 4″white plastic covered with a white square plastic plug in a threaded adapter. Make sure bentonite, or concrete, mortar, or expanding foam doesn’t ever fall in there. Same except more for sewer manholes. They flow in and out through a slot in the bottom of the manhole. either side can have problems, but probably the upstream side will be more likely to back sewage up into uphill services.

    Make sure hoses and hose bibs never get turned on and directed into window wells.

    Gas service turns off with a quarter-turn petcock at the meter. Don’t turn this a quarter turn right on a very cold holiday weekend. Especially don’t turn it back on a day later so that freeze-burst water pipes thaw out and flood. This is probably not as much of a concern for most things built in the last decade, since PEX tolerates freezing quite well.

    Nearly every motor vehicle or piece heavy equipment has a level plug in the front and / or rear differential. Ditto for manual transmissions. These are all accessible from underneath the vehicle and removable with either a large crescent or a 1/2″ drive ratchet or bar (one or the other). Make certain that sandblasting media or rock polishing grit don’t fall in those. That would cause catastrophic failure within a few miles of subsequent operation.

    Air rifles. Very bad for a lot of very expensive things. Stay subsonic for happiest results.

    A $30 Baofeng radio will transmit on a lot of illegal frequencies. Make sure yours never disrupts vital services. And make damned sure DF doesn’t indicate your residence as a source of impairment.

    Fencing staples make great, simple caltrops for light vehicles. Don’t bend one leg 90 degrees in the middle.

    The possibilities are nigh well endless………

    Haven’t even talked or thought about flammable things.

  2. Good stuff from Bill. It’s Trump, however, who has enabled globohomo every step of the way. In his own words:

    “I’m a nationalist….but I’m also a globalist!” i.e.:

    owned by the (((Tribe))).

  3. All above ideas are sound BUT do not forget we live in a surveillance state. Cameras need to be the first item to make inoperable . Without eyes/ears our large and growing brother is deaf and blind. Computer networks are not their friend. Cyber warfare has replaced the man on the street with the person behind the hack. Black hats rule in this global war on humans. Grey men watch your six. Roll Tide.

  4. SGT. Bradley Graham

    ” Fate only picks on the cowards and quitters , so give ’em both barrels and aim for the eyes ”

    Grantland Rice
    The Sporting Life

  5. Too much mental energy used in thinking up things that will cause innocent people misery and/or death. If you cut off electricity to a town in an area that doesn’t get above freezing for months at a time you are condemning people you should have no quarrel with to disaster. Try to be more focused. Don’t spray and pray.

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  7. Forget the little people!
    1. Communist democrat politicians.
    2. CDP support staff.
    3. Blmantifa useful idiots.
    4. Communist democrat enablers
    5. Bad guy tires….
    Nothing public, zero tracks, nothing visible. Leave your “camp sight” cleaner than when you arrived.

  8. “IN A REVOLUTION, AS IN POOL HUSTLING, ONE SHOULD USE ONLY AS MUCH FORCE AS IS NECESSARY TO PROVE ONE’S POINT, NO MORE, NO LESS. The reason the U.S. Government will lose in Vietnam and that Daley lost in Chicago is because they overreact. As the militarists would put it, they adopt a policy of overkill. When that happens they begin to devour themselves.” Abbie Hoffman “Revolution for the Hell of It”

    A brilliant little book on monkey wrenching….

  9. Hranicka Propast

    Wrist Rocket slingshot: $10.00 @ Wallyworld.
    1/2″ steel ball bearings (.50 cal), 200 ct.: $15.00 online.
    Transformers, cell tower controllers, traffic light controllers are all protected by only a thin steel jacket. For that matter, the locks to secure the former are not all that secure, themselves…

    Offered up as an intellectual exercise….

  10. AFTER OBAMAS DEMONIC MINIONS DROPPED THAT TACTICAL NUKE ON THE FARM IN ALPENA ,MICH..IT KILLED 900 Men,women and children..THERE WAS ZERO,push back from anyone,THE US MILITARY now believe americans are just a race of cowards,I HOPE all you realize they were right,BUT all is NOT lost,yes the US MILITARY will use nukes on major demonrat cities,and smaller bombs on towns and villages,IF YOUR IN THE BELIEF,the police gangs are your friends and comrads,YOUR COMPLETELY LOST,no one needs you,just go back to sucking them off like you’ve done your whole life,OR BE CAUGHT AND HANGED FOR YOUR TREASON…THE LORD has told all of you for years ,YOUR GOVERNMENT IS ROTTEN TO THE CORE,INSIDE AND OUT,TOP TO BOTTOM..THERE ARE “NO GOOD ONES”,they’ve abandoned the country,and are NOW your enemy,along with all the others,THEY have been bring in UNITED NATIONS MILITARY TO HUNT YOU AND KILL YOU AND YOUR FAMILY,THAT IS TREASON,deal with them accordingly,WATER THE TREE OF FREEDOM AND LIBERTY WITH THEIR BLOOD..NOT YOURS…they’ll be coming to KIDNAP the children out of the schools,GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF THEM NOW….GET TO KNOW THE LORD,AND HE WILL HELP YOU WIN,BUT YOU HAVE TO CALL ON HIM,REMEMBER GEORGE WASHINGTON,before every battle HE CALLED ON THE LORD FOR HELP..and he got it…YOU WILL TOO,but you have to call on him…good luck..

  11. YOU MEN OUT THERE,I hope and pray YOU’VE BEEN TEACHING YOUR GIRLS TO HANDLE WEAPONS,LIKE THE GIRL IN THE PICTURE,this is something women are good for ,support,snippers,loading mag,s,cooking,medical..THIS WAR WILL LAST FIVE YEARS,before the TRAITORS are all found and executed,the FIRST three years will be GUERILLA WARFARE,cutting down their numbers, to where its YOU hunting them,get ready to run to your bug out location..DO NOT WAIT FOR THEM TO COME TO YOU,you must be ready to start AMBUSHING THEM ,no mercy,Do not give them some thing they NEVER planned to give you,THERE WILL BE A BADGE ON THEIR SHOULDER,it keeps the DRONES OFF THEM,take it and their NIGHT VISION,its GENERATION EIGHT,the best theres ever been,take it to,grab their weapons and ammo…AND FOR GODS SAKE,watch out,THEIR going to unleash VELORAFTERS BY THE THOUSANDS IN THE MOUNTAINS,these hunt in packs,their deadly,FOUR FEET TALL AND FAST,and maybe good to eat..I’ve heard their just big chickens,we’ll see soon….

  12. Idaho Bullwinkle

    Is there any more to the drawing of the helicopter chasing the girl?
    A more complete picture does not appear on my computer or tablet.
    I would never dream of doing or encouraging anything done by accident that would hinder the operation of the gods of government.
    Thank you to the other posters for providing such good public service announcements
    They do all for our benefit. and would be ungodly.
    Just ask them.

  13. Never get on top of buildings and use an ice pick to punch holes in the roof. Those holes wouldn’t be easily visible to anyone on the ground. It would be terrible to think about how much rain could get in before anyone figures it out.

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  15. This is awesome! This should just be a regular thing/article topic from now on. Like Chuck Norris jokes. “You might be a patriot if” You’ve ever sawed power line poles half way through before a wind storm.

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