Gun Free Zones: Death Abides and Government Sponsored Abattoirs by Bill Buppert


Publisher’s Note: The national political campaign continues to demonstrate every day why I don’t vote nor think any headway whatsoever can be gained for any notion of individual liberty and freedom.

We’ve settled in to our new compound and things are proceeding nicely so my writing frequency will increase back to its fortnightly scribbling.

G3 (gold, guns and groceries) becomes more important by the day. -BB


A nightclub was attacked in Orlando, FL this morning leaving nearly 49 dead and a number injured, who knows what these figures will be in the next week. One man with a gun(s) did this. Just one.

It just so happened to be a gay club. But it could have been an octogenarian bingo party or teen rave, the venue may have relevance if it turns out the shooter was motivated by some variation on a human software virus called religion.

I despise analysis of news cycles if they are less than 72 hours old because the facts are fluid and the local authorities are still floating their interpretation of events to benefit their agenda with their media lapdogs in tow.

Here’s what we know and this is subject to change.

Omar Mateen is an American citizen born in New York in 1986 to Afghan parents with a FL issued Concealed Carry Permit and a “guard card” for security guards in the same state. He has been investigated by the FBI an indeterminate number of times. Wait for the authorities to start backtracking and attempting to cook up stories to explain all of the events that led him to legally purchase an handgun and long gun in the past few days.

And a member of the Democratic Party.


I am linking to the National Parrot Radio site to assure the readers that I am being fair and balanced. NPR will broadcast what the government tells them to much like Tokyo Rose (Iva Toguri), Fred Kaltenbach and Axis Sally (Mildred Gillars) during the War to Save Josef Stalin. Whatever swill you hear there will be sure to twist the facts and narrative to advance forward the gun prohibitionist standard.

Not only was it a gun-free restriction zone in the club leaving all the patrons unarmed, much like the popular free-fire zones like government buildings and schools but it apparently had an off-duty Orlando Sheriff’s Deputy in the club. If he is anything like his brethren on the street, he was most likely conveniently away during the shooting to avoid any harm to himself characteristic of the cowardly mindset that informs most police behavior in America today. It appears the Orc collective waited three hours before they moved in but there are literally hundreds of bullet pockmarks apparent on the building and no accounting for the direction the rounds traveled (toward the club).

Where is the cell phone and camera footage from the occupants of the building during and after the shootings took place?

I’m waiting for the usual suspects to crawl out of their gutters and start mewling and caterwauling for “common sense” weapons control and more bans because prohibition and heavy regulation has worked out so well for the rest of the pathologies the government has thought so vital like commerce, illegal vegetation, food and drugs. The whole raft of wildly successful programs sponsored by your betters in Mordor on the Potomac to improve everyone’s quality of life and keep us safe. I am certain the loyal Generals McChrystal and Petraeus will be able to bathe in the blood of the dead to pull the heartstrings of the usual suspects to press for more weapons prohibitions and restrictions.

The cold hard fact is that if more than one person had a gun, this murderer would literally been stopped dead in his tracks but the government will do everything it can to dispel that notion and derail that narrative because once people realize that the trillions stolen from them yearly doesn’t even assure something as basic as the ability to survive an attack, the man behind the curtain quickly reveals what a shabby charlatan he is.

Plenty of other commentators will opine on the finer points of what happened, how it transpired, what drove the young man to such extreme behavior and what ingenious programs the mandarins can devise to ensure it never happens again until your eyes bleed.

Want a common thread? All mass murders take place in places that actively discourage the unregistered and atomistic carrying of weapons. The government enables the conditions that permit mass murder to take place (a rare enough event in the first place). The only solution is unfettered and unregulated access to small arms for the entire population in America.

The state always wins in the aftermath by convincing unarmed people that if the right people were near and the regulations more intrusive, such things would never happen. Yet the weapons prohibition regime in France is demonstrably totalitarian from a gun owners’ perspective and the slaughter was formidable in the Paris attacks 13 November 2015 and Belgium this year. A massacre enabled by the worst elements of society, government.

We need to wait for further information as the story matures and I hope some intrepid “journalists” (not many left, most are government stenographers) actually investigate and not simply regurgitate the government-media complex pabulum.

This story has many intriguing and disturbing tendrils and pathways working through in a complex web.

I will also bet a paycheck that if the police responded to an active shooter and the autopsies are not altered or mishandled, they will reveal that some of the innocents gunned down will have police rounds in their bodies. Active shooters scenarios are complex, dynamic and confusing; when you combine that abysmal marksmanship and the natural cowardice on display in so many cop anecdotes nationwide. The recent ambush and murder of Lavoy Finicum speaks to the “pack” that not only shoots wildly and inaccurately but is allegedly the best of breed in “law enforcement”.

It appears that ISIL is now claiming responsibility for the attack. Much like the million dollar investment by the perpetrators on 9/11, we simply have to stand by while the government spends more money, enacts more laws and place countless more people in the moral hazard.

The government policing organizations, all 19,000 of them, hate the notion of a heavily armed populace especially one which responds to the slaughter of innocents. US cops killed 67 unarmed Americans this year and 229 unarmed people last year in 2015. These circumstances are similar in the framework of death that saw so many lives lost in Orlando. A can of worms for American policing that cause extreme discomfort to face.

An armed society is not only a polite society but a social network that provides tremendous disincentive to statist ambitions and that is why many politicians (violence brokers) secretly smile behind closed doors when these tragedies occur because they know they pave the way to more power. The more cowed and frightened a population, the easier to manipulate into the chute to regulate, tax and frighten into ever greater moral hazards of servitude and abject obedience.

This will be yet another ugly vaudeville show by the government supremacists to pass new laws, restrict more freedoms, justify new privations, take more wealth and rationalize theft and violence on a large scale. Grave dancing is a national pastime for the ghoulish gun prohibitionists.

For your own good, of course.

Murder begins where self-defense ends.

Many of the commentariat will start bleating about the ineffectual parchment and its guarantee of gun freedoms. They are sadly mistaken since that wretched document has weaponized the robed government employees to rubber-stamp 99 percent of the hoplophobic nonsense the legislative and executive bodies have vomited forth in the past hundred years.

Mateen is clearly a murderer but he is not alone. The government will make sure of that

21 thoughts on “Gun Free Zones: Death Abides and Government Sponsored Abattoirs by Bill Buppert”

  1. You are ignoring the possibility that Orlando is just another false flag event, and that as such, the government has already cooked the books because they simply wanted another excuse to force Americans to surrender their guns. And the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 was passed to allow the government to use psyops on us so it’s legal.

    We should also dispel the idea that this (if it was real) was the worst mass killing in American history. It wasn’t. Waco was much worse (72 dead). In fact, all of the government spawned genocidal actions against the Native Americans were also much worse. And 9-11, although not a shooting event, was also much worse.

    The truth, if you believe Robert David Steele, is that all terrorist activities in the United States have been government sponsored events. Remember, only government benefits from these tragedies, real of faked (as happened in Sandy Hoax, Boston, etc.). And, blaming the Muslims is a classic CIA/Mossad tactic. Hey – it worked on 9-11, didn’t it?

    1. I agree with most of your statement.

      However the mooselimbs have plenty of blood on their hands too.
      They have been attacking civilization for 1400 years, long before the Mossad and CIA were even a twinkle in the statist’s eyes.
      the end result is the statist and the mooselimbs are the enemy don’t forget it.

      1. Some how I think this has little to do with the Middle Ages, and probably a lot more to do with the US government invasion and occupation of Middle East countries. Blowback…

        1. A little History then may be in order.
          Islam took over the middle east an a few hundred years like a bad case of herpes.
          As it spread it invaded Europe multiple times from the middle ages on to present day. It formed the first Caliphate and the Ottoman Empire. Islam single handedly drove the slave trade in Africa from the middle ages to present day.
          The US had its ass handed to it for the early 1800’s.
          Note we had no naval presence until Jefferson was in office up till then the cowards in Washington were all too happy to be Dhimmies and pay tribute to….. wait for it.. The muzzlems of Benghazi, and Tripoli. Sound familiar?
          This current band of murdering pedophiles are simply using our misadventures as their cause of the day.
          I do not agree with our meddling in others affairs however Islam is best dealt with the pointy end of a salvo of thermonuclear warheads.
          I would suggest some light reading to bring you up to speed.
          The Koran, the Hadith.

          Jefferson’s War, Americas First War on Terror 1801-1805
          By Joseph Wheelan.
          and the truth about the crusades
          the truth about slavery
          By stephan Molenue
          That should be enough to give you a headache, and cure you of any remaining optimism that Islam is peaceful.

    2. The largest mass shooting in US history claimed 297 victims, 200 of whom were women and children. They comprised an encampment of Sioux Indians, murdered on December 29,1890 by federal agents and soldiers of the 7th Cavalry who arrived to confiscate the Indians’ firearms “for their own safety and protection.” The slaughter began *after* the majority of the Sioux had already peacefully turned in their firearms. The Cavalry annihilated the entire encampment.

      Wounded Knee was among the first federally backed gun confiscation attempts in United States history. It is a perfect example of why the Second Amendment exists, and why we should vehemently resist any attempts to infringe upon it.

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  3. Seems funny that a Florida “open carry” bill was about to pass and become law.

    Now that the white house person is leaving, we are hearing and having more incidents like this. Not saying it is all connected, but it does suggest it.

  4. the answer to all these atrocities is to make sure there are no more “gun free zones” hence no more “soft targets”…….whether this turns out to be another false flag or not, remains to be seen. It certainly has all the earmarks of a false flag to further UN and leftist agenda.

    I would also point out that probably a lot of Muslims are into revenge and religious doctrine killings. Some may have good reason for revenge since our military drone happy pilots have made a lot of mistakes in their targets of opportunity…………….

    The only protection Americans are going to have is to arm themselves to protect their families, and neighborhoods. Would also recommend staying away from gun free zonalities since it is obvious that law enforcement cannot prevent suicide bombers and mass murder attacks until after the fact.
    A good idea to elect a president that will actually close the borders and background check immigrants. I think I know which President elect I want to see in the Oval office

  5. The alleged shooter worked for a security firm (subcontractor of DHS) and had class D and G security officer licensing from the state of Florida dept. of Agriculture. (Class G allows carrying of firearms). The msm is only saying he “bought the guns legally” and “was licensed”. They also mention he was on FBI’s radar. If that is true, then the feds knowingly allowed the transfer of firearms to a prohibited person. Hmmm, where have we seen that before?….Paging Eric Holder……

  6. Bill – Agree completely, other than the fact that you are WAY low on the number of people killed by police each year.

    1. Kevin,

      That number is allegedly unarmed assailants gunned down by coproaches, the numbers for total killed range from 1155 to 1207 and those numbers are suspect due to under, non and mis-reporting by the 19,000 Orc departments across the fruited plain.


      1. Thanks for the clarification Bill. I have seen where individuals have combed through the the independently collected databases as the one above to determine unarmed victims. The numbers approach 400 for unarmed.

  7. Maybe we are starting to understand government and its deadly tricks that it plays on us. Here’s VT’s take on Orlando.

    “Thus, it is reasonable to view this Orlando shooting as a possible joint Mossad/CIA Gladio-style, inside-job, false-flag “triple-play” op designed to help motivate the American masses to collect the guns, accept political correctness and homosexuality as the preferred norm, and to further motivate Americans to support deploying our war machine to fight more wars for Israel and the KM (Rothschild Zionist Banksters).

    “Yes, the CIA has once again deployed false-flag terror to manipulate the American Group Mind. And don’t expect the USG, the FBI or any LE agency to fully investigate this, nor for the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) to report this aspect.”

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  9. The Pulse Nightclub shooting in my opinion shows the danger of not living authentically. There appear to be indicators that Mateen was a closeted individual so to speak. Imagine how differently things might have been if his familial and spiritual support hadn’t hammered home the idea that who/what he likely was an abomination, A dose of religious extremism is all someone who has long felt marginalized would need to give them the confidence and indignation necessary to perform such an ugly act.

    There are likely delusions of grandeur as well. His AA degree in Criminal Justice, his many selfies in NYPD garb, and even his chosen profession of security guard indicate to me someone who above all else desires control and authority, He hated who he was, and hated what he felt he couldn’t be all at the same time. He was a sexually frustrated narcissist that was unable to form real human connections because of his false sense of superiority. There is also the history of abuse from his first wife.

    This looks to me like an act of self loathing deflected onto everyone else.

    1. Michael, what you have stated makes a lot of sense to me. Hope you don’t mind but, I copied your post to read and study more at a later date.

    2. Mateen was clearly a conflicted and self-hating gay man. His claim of loyalty to IS was both a cover of his homosexuality and atonement for his “sins”. This was clear to me pretty much from the beginning.

  10. I just wish you wouldn’t have implicated “religion”. I don’t disagree with your statement completely but I suspect there are a significant amount of Christians that agree with you (including this commenter).

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