Close But No Cigar: The State is Terror by Bill Buppert

“It is the greatest truth of our age: information is not knowledge.”

– Caleb Carr

Barack Obama is a facile and Machiavellian intriguer of the highest order. I will leave to others in the commentariat to discuss his bona fides for President, his abhorrent collectivist notions of governing and all the other platitudes that point to a creature that has provided the planetary if not historical model for the dangers of the Peter Principle. He is a man out of his depth, which may be anything beyond a minor city council position, and even that would be a stretch.

His keen narcissism keeps him wandering through ironic swamps without realizing he is soaked through. Recently, his teleprompters gave yet another interminable and meandering speech on “violent extremism,” rich in historical ignorance and laced with rhetorical nonsense befitting a man who can speak for hours and not say a word of any consequence. The National Socialist and Communist bloviators of old don’t hold a candle to the verbal hypocrisy and magniloquence this man spews without communicating anything but the status quo.

I have insisted this is Bush’s fourth term and this latest milquetoast broadside does nothing more than confirm that. I suffer through these speeches and, thanks the Gods, I never had such a feckless and talent-less professor chain me to a classroom to listen to such drivel for a semester much less four years.

If Obama does anything morally right, it will usually be by mistake and not design.

In his usual doublespeak, he continuously weaves over the line but never reaches the target.

“By “violent extremism,” we don’t just mean the terrorists who are killing innocent people. We also mean the ideologies, the infrastructure of extremists –the propagandists, the recruiters, the funders who radicalize and recruit or incite people to violence. We all know there is no one profile of a violent extremist or terrorist, so there’s no way to predict who will become radicalized. Around the world, and here in the United States, inexcusable acts of violence have been committed against people of different faiths, by people of different faiths — which is, of course, a betrayal of all our faiths. It’s not unique to one group, or to one geography, or one period of time.”

His protestations ring hollow; fine words and empty promises. The faiths are irrelevant and the modes of operation are the key. Ask any aboriginal American.

This is much like Hitler criticizing the brutality of the communist regime in the USSR or vice versa. This is the same administration that complains about the incineration of a Jordanian pilot and then glibly justifies the drone attacks and indiscriminate bombings that have characterized aspects of the robot war in the conflicts in the Middle East. Apparently, the drones are equipped with water balloons and party hats that they drop as a deadly payload instead of incendiary devices.

The international community and the West has wrestled with the definition of terrorism for decades because it just tread a very delicate path. Simply, terrorism is politically motivated violence against innocents and combatants. The US Department of Defense (an ironic sobriquet in itself) defines it as “the unlawful use of violence or threat of violence to instill fear and coerce governments or societies. Terrorism is often motivated by religious, political, or other ideological beliefs and committed in the pursuit of goals that are usually political.” You’ll note the graybeards in the DoD are very specific in the use of the term lawful because government is the self-satisfied arbiter of lawful terrorism. Absent the terrorist methodology, no government on earth or in history would last a day. Governments and the state invest themselves with right to initiate, threaten and commit violence against the entire populace in their respective tax jurisdictions.

Let’s conduct a thought experiment: if IS (or ISIS or whatever today’s new version is) wore US police uniforms and conducted their daily savagery in that mufti, would they be the subject of the White House broadsides and misdirection? If the IS wore Western style military uniforms and gave lip service to the laws of land warfare and international codes of conduct yet proceeded apace with this barbarism, would the Offal Office be up in arms, as it were?

IS is brutal and murderous by any standard but this staged revulsion on the part of the Western media sycophants and their political betters is heart-warming but they don’t like the messiness and untidiness of the violence in the conflict. They much prefer the antiseptic bombing and gunship campaigns that level communities and incinerate human beings in the name of whatever agenda they are following at the moment. IS is a direct result of these behaviors by the West in the Middle East since 1526. IS is both a direct and indirect creation of meddling in the calamitous region. The US urged the formation of these elements to fight the Syrian government and like the unintended consequences of Noriega, the Shah of Iran, Osama bin Laden and countless other former Federal satraps planet-wide. I’ll let others bicker about the degree of US and Western meddling, if not support given to the formation of IS and its behavior since, but the fact is a former revolutionary movement built on a terror and guerrilla infrastructure has matured into a regional military powerhouse toppling the very expensive Iraqi army like dominoes before its progress forward.

A Jordanian combat aircraft pilot is burned in a cage in an eerie fashion similar to what happens to countless human torches lit on the ground by Western aircraft sorties against surface targets through these combat theaters. Much like the chest-thumping by US church-goers who brag that we should simply glass the entire Middle East in a nuclear conflagration as they sip their sweet teas and praise Jesus. IS serves an up close and personal version of the violence and bloodlust that these non-military cherubs nonchalantly champion and they are aghast. Cognitive dissonance anyone?

Yet for all the media noise of Islamic terror, the EU and the US have seen a downturn in domestic incidents.

Not all European terrorists are Muslim either. According to the Center for American Progress’s analysis of data from Europol, the European Union’s equivalent of the FBI, less than 2 percent of terrorist attacks in the EU between 2009 and 2013 were religiously inspired. Separatist or ultra-nationalist groups committed the majority of the violent acts. Of course, jihadists have perpetrated some of the most horrific attacks in Europe in recent memory: the 2004 Madrid train bombings, the 2005 attacks in the London subway, and, of course, last month’s murders at Charlie Hebdo and Hypercacher. But there have been gruesome attacks by non-Muslims too. Right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik’s 2011 assault on a summer camp near Oslo, for instance, killed far more people than the recent, awful attacks in France.

This may be the latest desperate act of the statist money-laundering interests of the Western military-industrial complex to start another broader conflict. Trillions of both existing and funded debt dumped into the Middle East conflicts with no end in sight nor improvement on the ground.

The whole mess in the Middle East is a brutal combination of Western meddling and persistent internecine conflict that cannot be disposed of with the flick of a pen or the jogging of an arming switch.

The dirty little secret is that effete bumblers like Obama possess neither the sophistication nor maturity to determine the fate of millions at home much less abroad. He is not alone, for no single human could do so. That may be the great irony of politics in this case: the stumbler in the Offal Office thinks a few casual platitudes can hide the very apparent fact that terrorism is bad in the hands of non-state actors but the absence of the institution would render ANY political power on earth moot if it couldn’t be practiced at home on a daily basis.

Terrorism in the broader sense is the basis of the state, for fear and obedience are the brick and mortar of all government edifices.

One can take the morally enfeebled speech that Obama delivered, substitute some words, and it may be a serviceable jeremiad against the Western police state but that is the subject of another essay.

One singular lesson stands out: mind your own business.

Persist and resist.

“…it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist dictatorship.(…) …voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked…”

– Hermann Göring at the Nuremberg Trials

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  1. “The dirty little secret is that effete bumblers like Obama possess neither the sophistication nor maturity to determine the fate of millions at home much less abroad.”

    Their sophistication or maturity have nothing to do with it. No person has legitimate AUTHORITY to determine the fate of others. Unfortunately, as long as most people continue to believe that any non-voluntary government has that authority, state terrorism will continue.

  2. There is a pattern to these western psychopaths, from the Rothchild’s to Obama, they destroy the very things from which they derive their power. They fear that which is in themselves. With good reason. For it is those who are innocent of their crimes and evil, who are their true and only existential enemies. Never doubt this for one second, never forget it either. They have no strategic or political need to fear ISIS, or any tyranny for that matter, there is only hubris and greed. It is the root of their evil. There is no true agenda or ideological purity which drives these maniacs. Like the Obama’s of the world, it is only window dressing.

    No what motivates them is self destruction. If the means involve taking everyone with them so much the better, if they can gull swaths of populace’s to do the dirty work, even better, but in the end it is obamageddon.

    This is my theory.

    States have been around for 5000 years, in one form or another. Until the secession from the state aka the British Empire and the compact of confederation, the monopoly of violence any potentate wished to project, required men who used force and violence to coerce their subjects by dent of edged weapons and up close and personal violence. As a tyrant you needed lots of fit veteran men who knew arms length combat. A most personal kind of combat. And one which required men of great courage and strength. Roman Legionnaires come to mind.
    With the advent of firearms and the technology of the 1700’s onward, the methods of monopoly of violence and its projection changed radically.

    As a result, psychopaths became limited only by the wealth to support armies and procure weapons of unforeseen levels of killing.

    The 20th century was the birth of the means to genocide, of police states, and war on a scale possible only a psychopath could envision and implement.

    I think what is coming is war not on people, though people will not suffer less because of it, because people have become pawns on almost unimaginable scales, but war between psychopaths, a war of who can destroy the most, because psychopaths are insatiable. It matters not what can be destroyed, but that there is always something else to destroy.

    And it doesn’t matter if everything is destroyed eventually. Because that is the idea.

    And the only brakes are people. Good people. Who will have to do things nobody in their right mind wants to do. And that is why they are the brakes. Because people who don’t want to be the brakes, aren’t psychopaths. And that is why the psychopaths fear good people, why they pogrom people who believe in liberty, and self determination, believe in ideas of property, natural law, have faith, want to secede and abolish this monster called the state, who cling to old ways, and guns, and prosperity, and their traditions and faith.

    It is why psychopaths are so afraid of people like this, because people like this are not afraid of psychopaths, of their monopoly’s and violence. And they have guns too. Guns are the great equalizer of these two centuries.
    What do psychopaths want more than to destroy people?

    They want to take away their guns.

    They will use every imaginable method possible to take our guns. Like nothing before.

    Every lie, and false flag, every dissimulation, every meme and narrative, every crisis, any means, even if it means killing millions, by any proxy, straw man or victims required.

    The end result is going to be abolition by default. By destruction. The state is going self destruct.

    Nothing can stop that now.

    Ideas like the Constitution and rule of law, of Republican form of government, on a continental scale, restoration of it, of something that never really existed, only as wonderful ideas and ideals, never happen.

    See, this what’s going down, is the culmination of destruction of the West by the west. It is the big finale. It may be slow, or it may just be the mother of all black swans. But it is coming.

    And what’s left after these psychopaths have destroy the fabric which holds everything together, will be the stuff that confederations of enclaves of sovereignty and liberty are made of.

    And we get a chance to do the right things. Abolish the state. Self determination and natural law will find places to sprout and thrive.

    Nothing will be easy about this. Terrible things will happen and destroy more of what was good and right in this world. We are never going to abolish the state without a fight. It is going to cost dearly no matter what.

    But we get the chance to get it right.

    And that is a wonderful thing.

    1. Agreed on all points. When you combine the escalation on all fronts, foreign and domestic, it is clear that tyranny is seriously on the move, aided and abetted by arrogant idiots who like tyrants of the past think they are gods, kings, deserving to rule the earth. However, easy players like Barry are just show pieces. The real power brokers are those who attend the Bilderberg Sessions, etc. to plan their world conquest. They and their quislings are the ones who should face the gallows at the revolution.

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  4. At its core statism is a police state system. It is a system of regression of human activity, and as the intended, and especially the unintended consequences of regression mount, it requires evermore force, coercion, and use of violence in compensation of the evermore diminishing return of intended results. I think we have reached the point at which the state functions to survive the consequences of its legitimacy.

    Running counter is anarchy, not the concept of stateless society per say, but activities which run not only counter to the monopoly of intrusion of the state, activities naturally upstream of the machinations and power of the state. These activities are inherently legion, they defy statist control, they are vivacious and indomitable activities, they are essential or exciting, or creative, industrious and usually productive activities, things which benefit all involved, and all have a unique characteristic in common, they deny the state their pound of flesh.

    They circumnavigate every effort and system of control, but the natural law of supply and demand.

    Here is the thing.

    While it may not be anarchy as defined as a society, it is a cultural domain of sorts. It is the natural state of the affairs of activities free of statism. It is the default state of activity and free enterprise absent the monopoly of corporate or state meddling and manipulation. Activities which bypass the state and its control.

    Many people regularly participate in anarchy. Even if it is not obvious or recognized as such. And maybe that is natural, and says everything on its own for anarchy, for abolition. But there is much more to this than meets the eye.

    For those who say anarchy is impossible, I contend you are missing the whole point. Anarchy is a state of mind before it is a state of activity. State of mind is the stepping stone to an entire range of activities free of the slavery of the state. Better yet no justification exists which places control by the state above, superior to activity of the individual. Of course those who desire that control it is their choice, and never their choice to foist the burden of their choices to be shackled upon others.

    Funny thing, there is no middle ground to this. It is one of the other, and no amount of rationale or dissimulation changes this truth.

    You is a slave or not. There is the state or not. There is freedom or slavery. No such thing as a little bit of slavery. Nor a little bit of liberty.

    Take the 1st and 2nd Amendments, consider Habeas Corpus. It is not freedom of speech when only politically approved speech is permissible, and those who defy these statist preconditions are deemed undesirable and radical. WTF?

    It is not unalienable right to bear arms because our primal right to arms is limited by diktat and we bow to such control, is it?

    There is no liberty when the burden of proof is laid upon those accused of violating control by the state and the accusers have no burden of qualifying their legitimacy is there?

    But the point here is to exemplify something about anarchy we kind of take for granted and don’t recognize that abolition, anarchy, even secession is very common in a myriad of our activities, what isn’t recognized is it is a plurality of people who are natural anarchists and they don’t know it. People who secede daily in the course of their affairs, who refuse to permit the state to meddle in the intimacy of what they rightfully consider their own damn business, who defy the statists with relish and purpose. People who are from all walks of life who will not comply with onerous state intrusions, who seek or create alternatives to the state.

    This is manifold, it is manifest, it is choice, it is destiny, it is fate we create.

    So, to surmise abolition, secession, anarchy is not possible, to state it is not possible is, ridiculous. It is the greatest contradiction of our age, it is ignorance of the truth of us.It is ignoring our nature and our aspirations, it is devaluation of our desire for something better and our want of prosperity and happiness, and it is insulting to our dreams and ideals as freemen.

    Of our very principles of what freedom is!

    It is always the right time to do the right thing. That is the nature of people who are so free they can never be conquered. It is a self regulating state of being. Nothing will change human nature, but each of us can. The state can not, man created laws do not, power and use of violence in the quest for absolute power do not.

    But free will and fee choice does.

    If that is called anarchy, what is so bad about that? How can something of such pure liberty be not possible? Why can people not live as they themselves see fit?

    1. MTP….I’m a bit tardy reading and replying to your remarks. Nevertheless, I want to take a moment to tell you what a fine synopsis you provided. Your thoughts and beliefs are well-written.

      I thank you for your perspective on this issue. In fact, I saved your remarks to my desktop.

  5. As long as people continue to support it, no writing or commenting will make it stop.
    Do the author and readers commit perjury on 1040 Forms when none of it is correct and none of it applies to them? Do they continue the theft from their fellows via Social Security, Medicare, etc.? Either stop or at least realize you are supporting the terror.

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  7. Badged armed legbreakers swat Texas secession movement meeting, with an open warrant, fingerprint and steal attendants computers, phones and documents.

    Their excuse for terrorizing peaceful people? Retaliation for warrants issued by secessionists to various tyrants and corrupt public crooks.

    The dissimilitude is hilarious. But what’s telling is how afraid the corrupticrats and their thugs are of people who defy their illegitimacy.

    Check out the comments though. Seriously thoughtful and reasoned observations. My impression is abolition is a very real and considered possibility among many. But what is really interesting was the unity between the commenters.


    The thing to keep in mind, aside from the absolute legitimacy of a plurality which rejects slavery of the state and abolition of this system, is there is nobody for any reason who is a target of these tyrants. To them everyone outside their regime is an enemy. It is really this simple? If you are not one of them, you are a threat just for existing. Sound ridiculous?

    Sure…but these psychopaths will never stop until they are. They require enemies to legitimize their illegitimacy. It is how such a system of totalitarianism works.

    I think they make more enemies than they don’t with force and threat of violence.

    So in effect everyone outside their clique is an enemy.

    Think about what that implies.

    Todays constitutionalist is tomorrows Abolitionist.

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