The $10,000 California Home & The Sunday Style Section

There is a certain design aesthetic that I find pleasing and one of the blogs I follow really tends to scratch that itch. The Selvedge Yard really does a bang up job of highlighting some of the best of the past. 

Recently he had a post of the $10, 000 California home (from a time when Kali was the promised land and not the pit of insanity it turned into). Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a time machine and a fistful of cash.

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Another topic that is near and dear, and that the Selvedge Yard covers well, is vintage motorcycles- Triumphs, Nortons and Harley-Davidson. I have to admit that in my personal philosophy, the motorcycle and the rifle are yin and yang. Both require a commitment to master, both are inherently dangerous, and both drive the safety Nazis crazy.

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You are aware that the bike Brando rode in the inconic “The Wild One” was a Triumph Thunderbird and not an H-D?

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I can hear the safety nannies scream “WHERE ARE THEIR HELMETS???”. They better not see the motorcycle polo game.

I am waiting for a “mods vs rockers” retrospective. Also, should you go and check out the blog, don’t laugh, if you are a certain age, you were probably conceived in one.

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