Security, Training and Paranoia: What’s Important and Why by Lee


“Don’t talk in public places: don’t tell your family, friends, girlfriends or workmates…in other words, say nothing to any person.”

-Sinn Fein, circa 1918-2011

Whenever a dictatorship advances its goals of complete control they will always use your neighbors, friends and family to gain information and control over your life as well as every other individual in the boundaries of that dictatorship. Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, Communist China and the modern United States all have or had similarities to each other in their approaches to its citizens.

  1. Gather information
  2. Convince the population that there is a known or unknown enemy
  3. Spread propaganda about said enemy
  4. Link any and all protestors to said enemy
  5. Ask for assistance from all police and government agents of any kind
  6. Combine all military and law enforcement training (calling it national defense or some such approach)
  7. Begin spreading rumors and asking for “assistance” from “patriots” and citizens
  8. Get rid of any and all opposition to current state of affairs through media, physical or other methods.
  9. Repeat and continue from step one

Each of us who is an individual faces an almost insurmountable challenge, and if we are truly interested in freedom (true liberty) will have found that our approaches are at best unpopular and at worse the focus of verbal or written hatred, physical retaliation and more. We claim preparedness, we desire freedom and yet we seldom move past the demarcation line separating the truly free individuals from those who rather enjoy their gilded palaces and salaried jobs.

As it stands today we have legal “rights” though a quick check will assure any of us that these are not so much rights but more “guidelines” for behavior and that in almost every case of arrest where no real law is broken “policy” or the second set of books is and will be utilized regardless of “legal rights.” Some of us myself included have deigned to join forces and attempt to garner some positive in the face of much evil with regards to the criminal justice system and our as a nation being at step 6 entering step 7. We have called this system the SMART approach and along with offering training in what to say, how to say and when to say with regards to law enforcement we offer a more advanced form of mutual aid.

There are others who desire to be “men” and will regularly discard the notion of networking, generating valuable contacts and utilizing friendships for the betterment of the whole. These individuals while still being very good individuals generally offer much input verbally, but generally fail to follow through with regards to any group activity or actual contribution outside of verbal input. These individuals should be avoided; it is likely they are generally nothing more than agent’s provocateur. This does not mean all are, however, the facts will show themselves in the end.

Be careful that you do not become so paranoid that you begin seeing ghosts around every corner and demons under every street light. Temper your paranoia with solid training, approach every relationship with the sure knowledge that while it may not fail there is a very real likelihood that the individuals you friend are not who they seem. A Russian proverb made popular in the United States says, “doveryai, no proveryai” or, trust, but verify. Enjoy the feelings of friendship, relax occasionally around those you hold trust in, but always remember unless you verify what they say or who they are one should not truly trust another. In the modern information age, it is relatively easy to verify back stories, never hesitate to do so, your safety and that of your family and (real) friends may depend on it.

Train rigorously; while many programs and approaches in the modern United States are unfortunately public knowledge, this does not mean that everything you train in and do to ensure your best performance possible should be public knowledge. In fact, you should purposefully withhold some or even all of your methods of training and approach from those around you including but not limited to those you consider friends. Some may say that talking too much is not beneficial  and if you are among those of us who simply like to hold conversation and discussions (which includes talking) it may be even more difficult to maintain any form of secrecy with regards to our lives. Or used correctly, it can be used to maintain a steady barrage of misinformation laced with conversation.

Many people will have you fall back on the old notions regarding who is and who is not an “agent provocateur”;  unfortunately,these informants are trying to weed through fact and truth, fiction and reality before recommending decisions for their paymasters. Just because you may not appreciate someone’s personal approach or personalities does not by default mean they are bad, it simply means you have two separate personalities who are able at times to work with each other, above all remember you are your own greatest enemy. Always pay attention to your “gut”, use your training, and enjoy life whenever and wherever possible.

“I am pro-peace, anti-government, pro-people, pro-freedom, pro-liberty, and pro-privacy.  If this makes me a radical, then so be it.  If it makes you uncomfortable, ask yourself why.  I am anti-government because of the brutality, blood, and murder done on behalf of what is supposedly ‘us.’  I will not condone it no matter what you say.”

- Shaun Lee, 2011

7 thoughts on “Security, Training and Paranoia: What’s Important and Why by Lee

  1. Loose lips sink ships, that’s for sure. For the record, I for one don’t engage friendships “for the betterment of the whole.” Come to think of it, I don’t do anything for the betterment of the whole, even as what I do betters the whole.

    If you have the time, I’m curious how you reconcile that line with “the brutality, blood, and murder done on behalf of what is supposedly ‘us.’” No insult intended, since I agree with the thesis of your essay, but somehow whenever it’s about “the betterment of the whole,” it almost always ends up as “brutality…done on behalf of what is supposedly ‘us’.” Ask the commie-libs.

    And BTW, the “right to privacy” isn’t about ethics any more; it’s about metaphysics. We ain’t got it, and that’s that. Luckily this may save us, since the problem never was about privacy. It’s about what anyone can do about it, which in a just society is nothing.

    Transparency begets decency.

  2. “The term “betterment of the whole” was not specifically meant in a statist way, but more an individual ‘whole’.”

    Okay. Sorry for misunderstanding and thanks for clarifying.

    “Working with other individuals does not by default assure communism, but more an “village” approach in which neighbors freely assist other neighbors without the threat of use of force or coercion.”

    Check. This very point, a common misunderstanding of individualism, was recently discussed on the forum. Capitalists are not lone wolves. That would be a stupid way to run a business.

  3. Lee,

    If all of this is needed, hasn’t the State already won?

    You are letting the State govern your actions and you don’t even know it.

  4. Lee,
    If the state wants to take your liberty and throw you in a gulag there is not too much you can do other than expatriation. Then you have to beware of the state you have just fled to.

    I try not to live my life in fear, or to be so full of state paranoia that it governs my actions.

  5. “What good are any of us stuck in a gulag…”

    I don’t want to hijack the topic, but the technical answer to this is, “just as good as we are out of it.” IOW how good you are depends on you, not upon what others do to you, or even think of you.

    Just thought I’d mention, even as I agree with what you’re really saying. Goodness is manifested through actions, and none of us will have many actions stuck in a gulag. So there is indeed a reason not to want to be stuck in a gulag, duh, but that reason is NOT because it changes our goodness.

    Personally I find that an important point because until it’s understood–that is, until people understand that their own lives are the standard of goodness–we’re effectively stuck in a gulag anyway.

  6. After having a conversation with a “friend” I realized he was a knee jerk robot when it comes to all things Obama. No thinking required. If someone with a pampered hair cut spouting the usual Christianized rhetoric suddenly spews onto the scene then HE by God is the right hand of the Lord! Never mind the statist bile and lies they vomit forth. Onwards towards victory! Truth be damned.

    You can only save so many and more importantly the ones immediately near you and yourself come first. No need to save the world since most of them aren’t listening and would probably stampede you underfoot, much like casting pearls before swine, and hate you regardless for pointing out how complicit they are in their own destruction. That’s how mindless it is.

    Now, where is my Victory Gin when I need it..!!!

  7. Wise leaders will give instruction to many, but these teachers will die by fire and sword, or they will be jailed and robbed.

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