A Most Dangerous Idiot Savant: The State is Criminally Insane by Bill Buppert

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

- Hanlon’s Razor

If government had a working axiom, it would be this: To pursue and defend mediocrity wherever it is found and to institute it where it is absent.

The larger a government, the more idiotic and destructive its behavior appears to both the casual and educated observer. Historical hindsight provides legions of examples of government not only doing stupid things daily and reinforcing failure but creating advance extinction events that spell their doom as they happily march to their own funeral.

One can suppose that a confirmation bias exist in its functionaries and bureaucrats that make them immune to common sense and inevitability. A large percentage of government officials and a little less so their apparatchiks peppering the thousands of agencies in the US seem oblivious to the sheer lack of efficacy and effectiveness in accomplishing anything they set out to do. A small percentage of those, larger among elected officials, are psychopaths and sociopaths whose very life trajectories demand the subordination of others through threats or actual violence; government legitimizes criminal violence in the minds of the actors and the half-witted supporters of government supremacism. The state is the world’s leading provider of rationales for using immoral means to achieve moral ends and every sober observer can see how that has ended. Whether the slow and sclerotic death of vital commerce systems like the Keystone Keynesian recipe for national economic seppuku so popular with the mandarins in DC or the naked economic illiteracy of the Keynesian cousin in Marxism, the results are the same. The formation of vast prison states where every human transaction is vertically and horizontally regulated through taxation, regulation and police violence.

Historically, the only liberation that occurred has been the death knells of these systems as they were riven by war, collapsed of their own contradictions, like the USSR or simply crushed every incentive through moronic regulation, excessive taxation and iatrogenic effect like the US and the EU.

The freed market has a severe disciplinary function that culls bad business and removes poor entrepreneurs; the price signals dictate who continues to purchase goods and service now and into the future. Bad business simply ceases to attract consumers who vote through purchase and the ineffective firm dries up and blows away to make way for a more effective competitor.

Governments don’t do that nor do they have the incentives to do. The state works on perverse incentives that collectivizes risks and privatizes reward to politically connected mechanisms. This is one of the reasons the franchise at the atomistic level makes zero rational sense in any meaningful way and why focused and targeted lobbying of elected interests and their tentacled regulatory agencies are hypersensitive to political fortunes and trade winds. In other words, the single vote cast by a human in an election in America has an extraordinarily low percentage of effectiveness while the focused purchasing of political influence through lobbying has tremendous benefits. One need only look at the money spent to win the crime family position in the White House to see the results. Obama and Romney each spent approximately one billion a piece to seize control of a potential budget exceeding 3.8 trillion dollars in acknowledged spending.  One can see the cold logic in spending that amount of money to gain control over the Federal purse strings and the huge violence apparatus it wields over the tax cattle known as citizens.

I employ the term acknowledged because the government clearly cooks the books as evidenced by scandal after scandal and the sheer ineptitude and incompetency of the DoD accounting infrastructure as an example.

Remember, it is the mandarins and supernova intellectuals from across the political spectrum that have created a country in the US that has an annual acknowledged budget nearing four trillion a year, an acknowledged debt of nearly 17 trillion which is approximately one hundred and ten percent of GDP in the above-ground economy and total unfunded debt obligations in to the future between 127 trillion and 205 trillion. This is the same country that invaded Afghanistan whose GDP is about ten billion per annum less the foreign subsidies it gets. The US has spent 500 billion in the conflict so far or about ten times the independent GDP of Afghanistan. These figures are most likely low because they do not amortize effects on forces around the world impacted by the spending and the necessary deterioration of war-stocks paid for over decades.

I mentioned the DoD idiocy that is a most impressive species of accounting illiteracy.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg. DoD doesn’t have validated financial statements. Four years ago, Congress ordered the Pentagon to get its act together and make itself auditable. Of course, it gave the Pentagon seven years to do so. A number of DoD component organizations are already warning that they don’t believe they will be ready for 2017. “

And this is a mere 25% of the total acknowledged budget of the geniuses on the Potomac. Don’t be fooled by the accounting shenanigans in the Congress because the DoE and overseas contingency funding bleeds into the total DoD commitment. The US consumes 41% of the global budget for war in all the countries on Earth. It is amusing to even consider how much of the DoD spending is legitimately defensive in the most magnanimous terms.

One can look at the shabby and silly exploits of NASA which has become space exploration only in the sense of finding hilariously nonsensical programs to fiscal disasters of lunatic proportions to spending money in ways that would even embarrass harden Marxists. Of course, private space companies can now accommodate a launch for ten percent of the cost of a NASA rocket launch but most people who pay attention to how government works should simply assume that is the case.

These are not exceptions, this is how government works because it is based on a society formed through violence, fed on spoils and incentivized by a fantastical variety of economic nostrums that have more to do with Alice in Wonderland and Santa Claus than sound monetary and fiscal practices. Macroeconomics is nothing more than the sophisticated rationalization of government interference in the economic affairs of individuals and a Marxoid notion completely devoid of financial literacy. Paul Krugman and other collectivist shaman are the high priests of endorsing and defending a morally indefensible system based on threats or initiation of force against individuals in order to rob them at gunpoint of their time, resources and wealth.

Government is a thief when all the patriotic bunting, bad music and fancy intellectualizing is stripped to the core processes. Most rational and moral human beings would no more assault a woman for breaking a seatbelt law or murder a family pet for the cheap thrill of being a badged thug who could get away with it. Normal and thriving humans not possessed of psychopathy would most likely not organize a society on violence but that is the very reason government can exist in the first place.

But in the state, you have the worst of several worlds: you have a society built on violence where the worst people are put in charge to protect people from bad actors and they not only makes things far worse but have no track record whatsoever that they can do anything right. They saddle unborn generations with debt under a system that has no braking mechanism for bad decisions and simply continues to move forward until it destroys itself.

There is a certain beastly logic to the state, once it has its claws in something, it rarely relents. It nearly never surrenders power nor absolves control of something it has captured but it does it in a fashion that not only puts its own economic efficacy in the hazard but guarantees a shortened existence as it destroys the very thing that provides it sustenance. That is the way of the state.

By allowing government to dominate the world, humanity will always be worse off and existentially challenged in every area of advancing peacefully and prospering.

“If human beings are fundamentally good, no government is necessary; if they are fundamentally bad, any government, being composed of human beings, would be bad also.”

- Fred Woodworth



Be Patient by Hunter Riggins

Publishers Note:  Hunter is a young man I have had occasion to meet only in the ether on the Interweb. He is a bright and enthusiastic abolitionist who came to it at an early age. He is yet another budding guest author who has offered me an essay to publish to help lessen my writing burden. I am crafting two more books this year and time is a harsh disciplinarian. In the following effort, he offers a simple but vital remedy to what ails most of us in these tempestuous times in the Endarkenment in the USSA. Enjoy. -BB 

The world is indeed waking up. I’ve noticed this reoccurring theme of cynicism throughout individuals I talk to who are actually intelligent enough in the first place to understand the puppet show right in front of our eyes, see it as though it will never change. Being somewhat of a pessimist myself, I can definitely understand this but if you can force yourself for just one moment to look at it all objectively, you may come to understand the situation from a different perspective.

Throughout history, there have been two types of people: those like us (you that are reading this right now) who are proactive and are the first to seek out the issues within society and the world itself in order to “keep the ball rolling” in an evolutionary sense. We are Progressives, but not as the State or many common folk would describe. Instead, we are progressive in that we simply want to create a world that is desirable to live in. one that is free of oppression from the State or our blinded brother and sister.

Then, there are those who simply follow along. They (understandably so) only do what is necessary to get from point A to point B without questioning why they have made the journey in the first place. We’ve given them more names than I can even think of, we like to call them “asleep” or “sheeple”. I don’t mean to speak of them in a demeaning or negative tone, because “The mind only sees what the eye’s allow”, therefore you should not look down upon them, pity them, or even be ashamed. In fact, by calling them the names I referenced earlier, we have done what the State has done to us:  it lowers their status from fellow man, to lesser-than human.

Is that now what our fight is against in the first place? I’m not here to just call you anyone out or take the route of “holier than thou”, but to point out a problem and pose a solution. Instead, be patient. Likely, unless you were born into a family that was by nature already aware of the evil that is the State, you were asleep once too. Be willing to compromise in order to reach the goal that is true freedom. Being an anarchist, libertarian, or even someone who just wants smaller government means you may find yourself conflicted when someone proposes an idea that reduces the size of the State without destroying it… This is still a step forward. Understand that they are the same as you, and whether they realize it or not, the only desire they have is to live free, be happy, make mistakes, and face the consequences themselves in order to learn.

Unfortunately, with the existence of these people who are less inclined to seek truth, they will not evolve as we do. It’s not something they seek and so they require a stimulus, something that will “prod” them into questioning the entire ordeal. Those of us who are awake look around and see people who don’t care and don’t question. It’s easy to become pessimistic, cynical, even somewhat arrogant and claim “things will never change…”. I’m here to ask you to be patient.

I’ve noticed within my generation (I’m young, only 19) a massive change in the way things are done. I am among those who are ambitious, and I thank my parents for that. Many get stuck in the route of wanting handouts and waiting for the world to align itself to their will. Personally, I’m still working within the system. I work between 20 and 60 hours a week while going to university on scholarship in order to get a job that will sustain me and a family. Even before I was put through the amount of stress I’ve come to experience, I was asking questions. Since then I’ve done quite a lot of questioning and research within not just my group of friends, but acquaintances I meet every day or through social networking and there is always a reoccurring theme… People are getting sick and tired of it all. They may not understand what “it” is, but they all agree something is indeed wrong and needs to change. My generation specifically is tired of doing what is asked of them and even going above and beyond, only to be put in debt and beaten down regardless. We are chasing the “American Dream” still as many others are, and even those who are working the hardest aren’t being rewarded. Now I know many of you will read this and say, “well why are you wasting your time?” and that isn’t the point. The point is that it’s all reaching a tipping point now. Those people who are asleep, the ones who live in this world and society we have created without asking questions are receiving a stimulus that forces them not out of desire, but out of nature to ask “Why am I doing this?”. My point in telling you all this, which you probably already know and understand, is to ask you to be patient. Be patient with those whom you find unintelligent. Be patient with those who you find distracted. Be patient with the youth and with your fellow man in general because now society is hitting a wall…one that forces the evolution of society to no longer depend on the proactive people like us, but on the very direction of the world as a whole. Be patient in order to give yourself peace which will only manifest itself in a clear mind and make you a more effective and integral part in the revolution against the State.

It may take the entire system as a whole collapsing before we have the opportunity to bring about the end of the State as a whole…but until then we must function within it. Being patient and optimistic will only keep your mind focused and improve the chances of less destruction and death being necessary in order for a free world to prosper in the end.

The Other Side of the Equation by Jim Klein

Publisher’s Note: Jim Klein has been a friend of mine and this site for years and he is one of the smartest observers in the individualist abolitionist milieu out there. He always makes a clear and concise case for why life should triumph over death and peace is a better solution than government subsidized and incentivized eternal conflict. Enjoy. -BB

“Hey Joe, may I borrow your lawnmower?”

“Sure Tom, there’s half a tank of gas in it.”

There.  That’s a loan.  Joe loaned Tom his lawnmower.  It was an agreement.  It was about something physical–the lawnmower–but the loan itself was just a mental act.  It was an act of consent between two volitional men.

There’s nothing else to it.  If Tom fills up the tank, then it was a profitable loan for Joe.  If he empties the tank, then it was a loss for Joe.  But neither profit nor loss has anything to do with the nature of the loan.  We can add terms to the loan–Tom will sharpen the blade, fill the tank, pay some money, use it for one day–but none of those terms change what the loan is…a mutual agreement, a promise to deliver or use a good or service.

That’s what your money is…that and nothing else.  It is a loan, a loan originated at a Central Bank and passed through many, many hands until it gets to you.  It is a promise to do something.  The Banks and government promise that others will accept that money “as payment for all debts, public and private.”  And you–the borrower–promise something too, that you will provide a good or service sufficient to have someone else trade that much money–their claims to loans–with you.

But no matter how many hands are involved, and regardless of how people value the goods and services for which they trade, it’s still just a loan.  It’s something you promise; it’s something you value; it’s something you think and choose.  If the loan is collaterized, then there is a good or service behind the loan, such that if one party defaults, then the good or service belongs to the other party.

At one time, money itself was collaterized, usually with gold.  This did not change the nature of a loan.  Through fractionalized banking, the relatively stable amount of collateral backed an ever-increasing supply of money.  So while the note said that it was a claim against gold, it wasn’t.  Like all loans, it was a claim for someone’s promise, in this case Central Banks and governments, to come up with the gold if necessary.  But there was far less gold than the amount collaterized, again owing to fractionalized banking.  In common lingo, we call that “cheating,” especially when you know you can outlaw the requirement to honor the collateral of the loan, if it ever comes to that.

It’s an old story—an unsuccessful con man becomes a successful strong-arm man.  On the societal level, we call this “order.”  But it only works orderly if everyone involved sticks to their promises.  We already know the Banks/government don’t stick to their promises.  They issue an ever-growing amount of money to denominate a population’s goods and services–and along the way make a profit just for issuing the loan in the first place–and are offering a claim not only on current goods and services, but future ones as well.  This is often the case with a loan.

Notice that the scam of ever-increasing loans would be immediately obvious were it not for taxes and the various sinkholes of governments.  While a government needs taxes for its own (claims to) goods and services, it also needs a way to take money “off the table,” so to speak, in order that nobody notices the insane growth of loans in circulation.  It does this at origination, whereby the issuance of the loan itself requires an ongoing fee, commonly called “interest.”  Through the never-ending issuance of money, and the associated interest that goes along with it, a certain amount of the ever-cycling money is paid as interest to the Central Banks.  As with a “rake” in a poker game, this keeps the money in circulation–on the table, we could call it–steady enough and low enough so that each participant is satisfied with what he believes will be his claim to goods and services.  Were it not for these “originating fees,” ultimately paid by taxes, the participants would quickly see that they are trading current labor for a promise of much less labor–via goods and services–in the future.  They would quickly say, “No deal.”

But they don’t, because a percentage of those claims are constantly funneled “off the table” through the simple waste of Government and especially through the never-ending charge for the origination of the loan.

None of that is the point of this essay.  All of that is about the denomination of goods and services, but it is not about the goods and services themselves.  That is “The Other Side of the Equation.”

However you denominate something–with beans, scrip, money, numbers alone, whatever–the relevant thing is what’s being denominated.  In a single word, that is called production.  Production is what we do to create goods and services.  Production is the action of obtaining goods, adding value and offering the products to others.  Production is the act of doing a service that others wish to have done.

While it’s no secret that our money has been tricked out, generally in order to have a claim against the future labor of future generations, that oddly doesn’t matter right now.  We’re all alive now; we can just ignore that for another day…which is good, because it’s not literally the money that will kill us or future generations.  Falling for the scam of the money, is what does that.

What matters right now is what’s being produced, and what will be produced.  It is this half of the equation, which presages the downfall of this society.

Around the world, production has been stifled on levels never before known in history.  Working is heavily penalized and not working is heavily subsidized.  When you penalize something, you get less of it; when you subsidize something, you get more of it.  Really, it’s quite that simple.  When a large part of a population doesn’t produce–and worse, sucks the production of others for their bare subsistence–the amount of total production goes down.  Duh.  Never mind the unconsumed production which can be used for even further production gains…those are called “investments” in a sane world.  These days, “investments” means “bets.”

And yes, you can add in the increased efficiency of technological advances, but that’s effectively a mulitplier constant.  That’s because this is what humans do—they create, they optimize, they figure out how to get more production out of the same time of labor.  Humans have been doing this since the dawn of the species.

When they stop doing that, for whatever reason, production dwindles.  This is the situation today.  Production is sucked away in order to be wasted by government, which is inevitably a less efficient use of goods and services.  Production is sucked away for the so-called “Free Shit Army.”  Producers are so fed up that many have withdrawn of their own free will and “gone Gulch.”  Whatever the causes, production–real production, not the denomination of production–has been declining for a long time now, in the USofA.

Perhaps most egregiously, because ultimately it’s all we have, the time for production is ever-dwindling, owing to the vast amounts of time and effort devoted to regulations and bureaucratic overhead.  An hour abiding a regulation is an hour not producing.  It goes on and on and on…the production of free-willed individuals, even those willing to offer it in trade for money, is going down.  And down and down and down.  It is only a matter of time, should this trend continue, that the production will not be sufficient to produce the bare sustenance of food, clothing and shelter.  Go look up “Holodomor” to see what happens then.

Notice that the denomination of this production doesn’t matter at all.  You could have ever-inflating money, ever-deflating money, gold, scrip, whatever…the only thing that matters is that a unit of production be what the trader believes it to be, and likewise the denomination be what it appears to be.  This is historically the scam of currency—it isn’t.

That’s all.  The issue of freedom is the issue of production.  Production is what we do.  And until men and women are free to do it–without regulation, without permission, without being forced to denominate it in fake loans for future slavery, without having the  results of their production sucked away by those who produce nothing at all–then nothing will change.  It will be an ever-growing claim against present and future slavery, until the slavery isn’t sufficient to even feed us any more.

How does one stop this madness?  Simple…produce for yourself and those for whom you wish to produce.  Accept whatever denomination that honest people agree to trade, or even no denomination at all.  That last would be “barter” and while not ideal for complex societies with massive division of labor, it may yet prove to be all we have left.  Till then, there’s lead, gold, silver, bitcoin and a thousand other choices.

Money is not inherently a scam.  Nothing is a scam until information is fraudulently offered or withheld.  But currency money is a scam right now, all the world over.  This is becoming widely known, so it’s only a matter of time until Central Bank money will no longer be accepted by free individuals in trade for their goods and services.  Hopefully that will stop the massive penalties for producing, and especially the theft of that production, called wealth, from those who produce.

It’s either that, or eventually we all starve.  Joe’s loan was not Joe’s lawnmower.  Money is not wealth.  Maybe things will change when this becomes widely recognized.  The Central Banks of the world may be able to make money worthless, but they can’t touch the creation of wealth without the producer’s consent.  That’s entirely, meaning literally 100%, up to the producer of it alone, and nobody else.

Out-good ‘em.  They’ll never see it coming cuz they don’t know what it looks like.


Libertarian Anarchy: Against the the State/ A Review by James O’Gallagher

Publisher’s Note:  This is James’ first contribution to the blog and he does an excellent job talking about the book. I highly recommend James J. Martin’s book Men Against the State for an earlier compendium about 19th century individualist anarchists in America. -BB

Libertarian Anarchy: Against the State

Gerard Casey, an Associate Professor of Philosophy at University College in Dublin, Ireland, and an Adjunct Scholar at the Mises Institute, has written a concise, excellently sourced treatise promoting the political philosophy he labels “libertarian anarchy”.

Professor Casey writes in large part from a Rothbardian perspective, as one sees by his very first sentence:  “States are criminal organizations”. He distinguishes libertarianism from libertinism, noting that libertarians may live by strict moral principles, yet “the law has no business enforcing purely moral considerations”.

Casey describes the “limited objectives” of his compact, well -written and well -argued brief for liberty as the following:

1)     To show the anti-libertarian character of states and state action

2)     To argue for the presumption of liberty

3)     To make the case for libertarian anarchy

4)     To show that law does not require state sponsorship

5)     To demonstrate the illegitimacy of the modern state by means of an attack on the representative nature of democracy and the validity of state constitutions

He accomplishes these objectives, to this reader, without exception. He provides an apt metaphor of the state as “the Wizard of Oz, a small man with a megaphone pulling levers behind a curtain”.

Casey begins by addressing the overriding myth prevailing in contemporary society, “The belief in the legitimacy and necessity of the state”.  He quotes James Scott: “Until shortly before the common era, the very last one percent of human history, the social landscape consisted of elementary, self- governing, kinship units that might, occasionally, cooperate in hunting, feasting, skirmishing, trading and peacemaking…..It did not contain anything one would call a state…Living in the absence of state structures has been the standard human condition”.

Casey shows how statism in inextricably linked to warfare, aggression, and theft. “The making of the modern state and the making of war go hand in hand, and money, other people’s money, lots of it, is required for both.”

Casey attacks the presumed moral legitimacy and ‘special status’ of the state and state actors. “If someone wants to make the case for the privileged moral status of state actors, the burden of proof resides with them”.   Further, the “principal concern” of his book is to refute the claim that the “the creation, the administration and enforcement of law” …..”cannot be provided by any other body” than the state.

Casey delivers some knockout rhetorical blows against statism and statists. “The greatness of our historical leaders is built on the mangled bodies of the poor, the defenceless and the politically gullible”.  He lists a sample of the “innumerable legion of petty tyrants that have plagued the world” consisting of the “Alexanders, Caesars, Napoleons, Hitlers, Stalins,Clintons, Blairs and Bushes”.

He paints a positive, life affirming portrait of libertarianism, explaining how it is premised upon the Non Aggression Principle (NAP), the Golden Rule (Reciprocity) and freedom, leading to human flourishing. “Freedom is essential to human flourishing…..’Coercing people’, writes Sartwell, ‘reduces them to the status of inanimate objects’ and serves….’to attack the status of human beings as moral agents’.”

While confirming that for libertarians, “liberty must be the default position for any ethical or political theory”, Casey stresses that liberty is not the be all and end all of human existence, but rather the most fundamental social value. In other words, quoting Lord Acton, “freedom is the highest political end, not the highest end of man per se”.

Casey cites the NAP in distinguishing libertarianism from classical liberalism and conservatism, as well as from modern, activist liberalism\leftism. ”Both the liberal and the conservative are selective in those spheres in which they will allow liberty to operate”. The conservative allowing liberty in many economic areas but not in morals or military and nationalistic concerns, while the modern liberal is more tolerant of private moral choices, yet is compelled to call for more and more central planning in the economic and industrial areas.

Regarding the always heated disputes as to whether anarcho-commmunism\socialism or anarcho-capitalism represents “true” anarchism, Cases explains:

“I believe we are free to bind ourselves by entering into informal and contractual relations with others, even relations in which we voluntarily subordinate ourselves to other. I do not accept the common claim of anarchists from the left side of the political spectrum that such relations are necessarily anti-anarchic. If we are not free to bind ourselves then we are not really free, our liberty is compromised. The form of anarchism that accepts this radical notion of freedom, our freedom to bind ourselves, I call libertarian anarchism.”

So the author prefers the term “libertarian anarchism”.  What about that old rhetorical bugaboo, capitalism? Casey concedes:  “The term ‘anarcho-capitalism’ is used by some to name the position I am defending here.”

He acknowledges that ‘capitalism’  “carries so much emotional and conceptually confusing baggage” that it is not likely to “be used in a neutral, descriptive way”.  He notes that Rothbard, perhaps the father of anarcho-capitalism, or at least its most well  known proponent,  distinguished between ‘free market capitalism’ and  ‘state capitalism’. The latter, of course, is what passes for free enterprise capitalism today in most people’s eyes, the corporatist, bailed out, propped up, subsidized, mercantilist, bastardized version of real freedom in economic pursuits.  As Rothbard put it, the difference between these two versions of ‘capitalism’ is “precisely the difference between…peaceful, voluntary exchange” and  ”violent expropriation”.

So, providing that no coercion is used, any set of economic  arrangements  is acceptable.  Libertarian anarchists, according to Casey, believe that their role is not to endorse any particular economic system but, quoting Sneed, “to destroy the state in order to allow all economic systems to complete on a voluntary basis”.  To that, Casey clarifies, “any set of voluntary arrangements that do not violate NAP”.

Casey goes on to discuss fundamental principles of property rights, and addresses common criticism of anarchy, and anarchists. He weaves into the discussion, succinct and pointed analysis of political theorists, philosophers and economists, from the ancient to the contemporary, including Aristotle, Aquinas, Hobbes, Locke,  Bastiat, the great Lysander Spooner, Kirk, Hayek, Walter Block, Bruce Benson, Randy Barnett, and innumerable others.

He explains how law is not imposed from above by those in authority, but derives from the common experiences and reasoning of the people who subscribe to the law, community norms, usual and customary standards, judicial opinions and the like (otherwise known as common law). However, the judicial opinions, legal standards and rulings are not some mysterious gift handed down by above, but tried and true principles, rules and rational decision making used to resolve disputes. In other words, the laws of a society are created and rise from the bottom up, and are not properly viewed as hierarchical edicts imposed on a people, or a community.  Legal change occurs by evolution, not (legislative) revolution.

Of course, as NAP is entirely consistent with the universally sacred concepts of respect of human dignity, individual autonomy, the golden rule\reciprocity, and natural rights, what hopefully evolves in any given society will be completely consistent with natural law. Those societies and communities that respect and honor natural law and natural rights will expect to grow, prosper and flourish, especially over time.  Moreover, due to respect of universal human natural rights such as individual sovereignty, the right to travel, freedom of association and the abolishing of arbitrary, government imposed borders and barriers, communities (business, legal and otherwise) needn’t be tied to artificial and geographical restrictions.

Casey discusses anarchic societies, of varying sizes and times, to give examples of “anarchy in action”. He emphasizes the importance of kinfolk, restitution, and non- violent and non-coercive methods of keeping law and order, including such varied, voluntary approaches as disapproval, ostracism, boycott, blacklisting, blackballing, banishment and expulsion\exclusion, for those who refuse to obey societies norms, pay their debts, honor legal judgments, respect the rights of others, maintain a surety or insurance, or membership in a DRO.

Casey clarifies that he is not claiming these societies are examples of pure libertarian anarchism or any kind of imaginary utopia, but he brings them up “to show that there have been societies that functioned without a state apparatus”.  As even (neo-conservative historian) Francis Fukuyama wrote, all over the world for most of human history people owed obligations “not to a state but to kinfolk, they settled disputes not through courts but through a system of retributive justice”. Casey then specifically discusses a few examples, including Eskimo society, Somalia, ‘medieval ’ Ireland (really, about 500 BC to 1600 AD), with an emphasis on the use of customary, kritarchic (rule by judges)  as well as polycentric law for private dispute resolution, including use of surety’s, dispute resolution organizations (DRO’s), and what today would be called insurance.  For more examples of anarchic societies throughout history, be sure to check the end notes and bibliography.

Casey’s fundamental thesis, as one would expect, is that the state is illegitimate, its “office holders” thieves, authoritarian control freaks, and frauds.  He demolishes trite, grade school “social studies” propagandistic canards like the myths of political democracy, “representation” and the completely discredited notion that states can effectively “limit” and restrain themselves through Constitutions and “checks and balances”.  The preposterous idea that statist Constitutions are “contracts” (‘social’ or otherwise) is fittingly and easily disposed of.

Casey concludes his work, stating: “What I have tried to do in this book is to make the case for libertarian anarchy and the illegitimacy of the modern state- two sides of the same coin.” He recaps how he accomplishes this, by citing to the ideas of other brilliant minds, and including many of his own.

The book is very well sourced and includes a bibliography that any “libertarian anarchist” (or classical liberal\minarchist) would enjoy perusing.  For any of you interested in the topic, and indeed, whether one is anarchist, minarchist, or simply interested in competing political theories and analytical discussion, I highly recommend this extremely readable, engaging and instructive work.









The Cost of Strategic Dissonance by Bill Buppert

“Gentlemen, when the enemy is committed to a mistake we must not interrupt him too soon.”
― Horatio Nelson
The current strategic climate in DC reveals a deeply flawed and idiotic tendency to think that the mandarins in Mordor can simply click their ruby slippers and wish things to happen. The huge strategic blunders of the Busheviks is of a different ocher and hue than the mismanagement in DC today. The post 9/11 answer was to get the US involved in endless and ultimately fratricidal conflicts throughout the Middle East and the Horn of Africa for no better reason than bluster and the military industrial complex wagging the mangy mutts in the Pentagon and Capitol Hill. The new occupant of the Offal Office is indeed altering course but frustrated by the emergence of a Russian power that refuses to yield to American huffing and puffing. Aside from the hubris of lecturing the Russians on invading other countries, the failure to prevent the Russians from doing as they wish as regional hegemons is the signal to America that the 21st century is no longer theirs to control nor rule as a hyper-power astride the globe.
Ever since the first American imperialist excursions into Canada and Mexico and the subsequent invasion of the globe in 1893 after the Lincolnian coup that sealed the fate of the nation and put all Americans on the plantation. US bloodthirstiness in planetary command and control has known no limits but after the War to Safe Josef Stalin made the world safe for communism, American successes militarily have been few and far between. Even the allegedly successful Gulf War I simply laid the foundations for the ensuing conflicts and reemergence of global non-state actors.
The rest is history and the last two presidents have been strategic bumblers of historic proportions.
I often think WWI lasted from 1914-1945 with a Cold War bridge in the interregnum years and consider the conflict from 1938-1945 to be the War to Save Josef Stalin. So I would like to examine a slice of the strategic dissonance that affected both sides in that storied conflict.
“Defeat Germany first” characterized the germination of any global strategy on the part of the allies, the United States and Great Britain, in particular.  Even after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the priority remained in the European Theater of Operations (ETO).  US naval advocates naturally objected to this priority in the war.  WWII forced a particular focus due to the breadth and width of the conflict that essentially embroiled every continent on Earth, including naval engagements near Antarctica.
The locus of strategy finds its working component in the operations conducted to fulfill the goals and ambitions of the grand strategic/strategic intent of the combatant nations.  Very little coordination was necessary due to their paucity in national membership and the sheer span of distance between the two largest compatriot nations in the Axis alliance. This simplified the strategic framework for both nations, Germany in particular.  The German military staff and associated civilian components probably brought the deepest and best expertise to crafting and fleshing out a strategy married to operations that would achieve the goals.
The Grand Alliance of the United States and the Great Britain and all the other countries which eventually aligned themselves to the Allies had a much more contentious and disagreeable consensus until a Supreme Allied Commander was appointed.  The seasoned and politically savvy British General Staff seemed to have the upper hand until the US found its “strategic sea legs” and started to dominate the proceedings and force through US interest as paramount to all others.  The American became a little more equal than others.
In the end, a balance of sorts was struck to allow the Americans to prosecute both a Pacific and Atlantic war while still seeking a German defeat before Japan. Japan was privy to the priority but made a severe economic underestimation of their primary foe:
“The Japanese high command made several major strategic blunders, but underlying everything was Japans’ error and thinking that the United States was soft and would not fight a long war, but would come to terms favorable to Japan after a limited war in the Pacific.” [1]
Absent a long-term policy and decisions to protect the long lines of communication necessary to keep its far-flung prizes and maintain the island chains of garrison and land fields, Japanese logistical savvy simply could not outpace the continued and unrelenting advance of Allied naval forces and continuous campaigning in the Pacific as allied forces closed on the islands of Japan.  Again, the strategy of Japan had failed to account for the operational tempo and pace of the conflict especially for oiling and resupply considerations of both ships and fortified island bases.
By 1943-44, the German three-front war was starting to exhaust German strategic considerations and plans as operational goals evaporated and were overcome by events.  Mr. Muller provides a fascinating microcosm of this strategic and operational crisis by examining the loss of air superiority for the Germans and how they evolved coping strategies both ingenious and tragic to include the rare use of suicide aircraft. The Luftwaffe was faced with an economic juggernaut in the US that was not only outpacing German production but also greatly compressing technology decision cycles to months for new innovations and better combat aircraft deployed in theater.  The Germans pinned their operational hopes on technology and improved tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) to defeat emerging opposition operations against them.  Of all the major combatant forces on Earth, the Germans had the most effective After Action Review (AAR) systems tied to speedy implementation.  Toward the twilight of the conflict, the Germans became very sophisticated in their methods to defend airfields and started to change the center of gravity from aircraft to ground-based kinetic weapons to combat the emerging Allied air superiority.
The strategic framework informed the operations but had greatly accelerated the decision cycle once the Allies established a lodgement and breakout on the continent, quite literally forcing the German armed forces to fight two direct front engagements at once in both Western Europe and the Russian bear.  The Germans had to exhibit an operational flexibility that matched their exploits on the Eastern front.
“The ground organization learned sophisticated techniques of camouflage, concealment, dispersal, and mobility as means of reducing losses of materiel and personnel to air attack.” [2]
They quickly turned field army feedback into actionable responses to emerging and dynamic threats they were faced with.
“The Germans greatly strengthened their existing air-raid warning service since Allied fighter bomber attacks often took place with little or no warning.” [2]
German ingenuity crafted ad-hoc responses that employed both deception and surprise to quite literally lure the enemy in.
“Flak commanders took advantage of the fact that Allied fighter-bombers pounced on everything that moved on the Norman roads by creating ingenious “low-flying aircraft booby traps”.  They deployed mobile canvas dummies equipped with glass panels to simulate glare from vehicle windshields. When fighter-bombers dove to the attack, massed anti-aircraft artillery guns, usually camouflaged as shrubbery, opened fire.” [2]
More operational surprises were in store before the dénouement of the ETO conflict in April 1945.  The Germans would pull a rabbit out of the hat in the Ardennes in December 1944 and make the price dear for Allied forces moving to Berlin for the next three months.
Despite the rich heritage of von Moltke and the finest general staff in the twentieth century, the Germans could still not match operational tempos and capabilities to a coherent and workable strategy.
“Above all, and something that nations entering the 21st century should remember, is that the German experience shows the student of military history/affairs that sometimes technical operational victories in the field are not enough. They need to be a part of a strategy in pursuit of achievable goals, if the nation is to succeed.” [3]
Germany, like Japan, had failed to successfully harness strategic frameworks to realistic operational goals.  They had also failed to account for the enormous benefit of successfully marrying economic output to maintain an edge over equipment attrition and technological advancement for both themselves and their martial opponents.
War should be avoided at all costs but the current framework of strategic deficit disorder in the US and EU speaks of a military malpractice that borders on existential failure as evidenced by the strategic defeats in both Iraq and Afghanistan and the literal martial impotence against the naked Russian advances in the middle of Eurasia.
Outclassed and outmatched, America should send all the living Presidents on a global apology tour and do the right thing: come home and stop meddling with the globe.
“Our knowledge of circumstances has increased, but our uncertainty, instead of having diminished, has only increased. The reason of this is, that we do not gain all our experience at once, but by degrees; so our determinations continue to be assailed incessantly by fresh experience; and the mind, if we may use the expression, must always be under arms.”
― Carl von Clausewitz
[1] Herman Wolk. “Sixty-Five Years On: Plans and Strategy to Defeat Japan in World War II.” Air Power History Volume 57 Issue 3 (2010): 4+.
[2] Richard Muller, “Losing Air Superiority: a Case Study from the Second World War.”
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Michael Collins and the Eight Hundred Year Occupation: Did A Non-State Soldier Defeat a Global Empire on Bloody Sunday on 21 November 1920? by Bill Buppert

In this celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day, we should reflect on the liberation of Ireland at the beginning of the twentieth century as a demonstration project of how it is done. Michael Collins would play a larger than life role in bringing this divorce in the court of world opinion and rubbing the English nose in it. He would be an unknown contemporary of other giants like T.E. Lawrence and Paul Emil von Leetow-Vorbeck at the turn of the collectivist century.He would stare down one of the other giants, the statist and war-loving Winston Churchill and win. -BB

“Realists appealed to Collins. There would be no more glorious protests in arms, he decided. He built a cadre of realists around him, first in the IRB, then at Volunteer headquarters, where he took over Pearse’s old post as Director of Organization before becoming Director of Intelligence, finally in Dáil Eireann, as the underground government’s very effective Minister for Finance. Collins was a doer. Essentially a well-informed opportunist with very few scruples, his entire ideology could be stated in five words: ‘The Irish should govern themselves.’” 

-  Sean Cronin, “Irish Nationalism: A History of its Roots and Ideology”

“The characteristics which mark Collins out as a remarkably successful Director of Intelligence during the War of Independence include his evident appreciation of the importance of the collection and assessment of information as primary elements of intelligence operations which should precede action; his partial penetration of his adversary’s own intelligence system; the efficiency and ruthlessness with which action based on good intelligence was taken; and his success in preserving the security and efficiency of his own organization both in Dublin and in Britain despite the pressures it operated under because of the constant threat of raids, arrests and the capture of documents.”

 -  Eunan O’Halpin, “Collins and Intelligence: 1919-1923 From Brotherhood to Bureaucracy” (in the anthology Michael Collins and the Making of the Irish State)


Michael Collins was a tough young Irish operative during the seminal years of Eire’s final divorce from the United Kingdom at the beginning of the twentieth century.  This essay will attempt to discover if Collins was the culminating point that brought Number Ten Downing Street to the negotiation table, stared down Winston Churchill and came home with the solution for Irish independence from the British Crown.

Ireland was invaded and occupied the British crown in 1169 and suffered a brutal occupation punctuated by indigenous risings, rebellions and pockets of resistance. Sinn Féin emerged in 1905 to formalize a political vehicle to liberate the Irish from the British occupation.  These sophisticated rebel organizations started to emerge in the in the 19th and 20th century, culminating in the 1916 Easter Rising which led to the mismatch and overreach that would be the undoing of English rule over the Irish.

Michael Collins would emerge as the premier guerrilla leader during the crucial struggle between 1916 and 1922.  He embodied the early germination of the non-state soldier as a twentieth century variation on the age-old warrior in history and fought in Ireland under a variety of covers and positions within the political hierarchy of the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB).  Collins would fight for the next four years culminating on Bloody Sunday on 21 November 1920.

 The Rising in 1916

During the Easter week of 24-30 April 1916, the IRB fielded the Irish Volunteers and smaller elements of Irish nationalists rose in armed rebellion in Dublin against the British crown.  The violence was a tremendous shock to the authorities in London and they reacted with enormous disproportionate use of military and constabulary forces to quell the rebellion.   “The British Army reported casualties of 116 dead, 368 wounded and nine missing. Sixteen policemen died, and 29 were wounded. Rebel and civilian casualties were 318 dead and 2,217 wounded. The Volunteers and ICA recorded 64 killed in action, but otherwise Irish casualties were not divided into rebels and civilians.” [1] Executions and reprisals followed and Collins started to rise in the ranks to prominence in the aftermath of the Fort Sumter of the twentieth century Irish revolution against the Crown and eventually a bloody civil war that would pit Irishman against Irishman.

An increased colonial imperial presence started to expand its reach on the southern island that was the heart of the rebellion.  England was on a war footing in her third year of fighting in the First World War and troop movements and weapons availability were quite abundant for the forces deployed.  The British had to invest in a counterinsurgency campaign and still had upper tier members of the military high command with bitter memories of the COIN difficulties in the two Boer conflicts fought less than a generation before.

The Rebellion in Earnest

The IRB and the other militant organizations started to realize that the war would have to be one of the classic insurgent and conducted in “suit and tie” as it were, assuming aliases and slipping through the mass base undetected.  Collins would for three years hide in plain sight in Dublin and its environs posing as a businessman named “John Grace”.  Great Britain would respond with one of the most slipshod and misinformed counterinsurgency (COIN) campaigns in recent history with a number of missteps that would eventually cost them the conflict and the island of Eire would eventually float out of the Dominion orbit. Some suppose that if that had not occurred during wartime, that the COIN may have had an even chance of success but the “modus operandi and outlook…had been shaped during wartime for the intelligence apparatus which required intelligence officers to cut corners, dispense with vetting procedures and cold pitch informers.” [2] The British also severely underestimated the IRB/IRA counterintelligence operations being conducted against them.

Once the British introduced the Blacks and Tans, a paramilitary police unit in concert with the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC), the atrocities started to even gain attention in England and some Members of Parliament warned that the harsh treatment would lead to a deepening resistance and compel the populace to close ranks with the rebellion.  Contrary to the popular media, the massacre at Croke Park in 1920 where 13 civilians died was at the hands of the RIC and some auxiliaries. Nonetheless, a critical mass of English brutality was having a measured effect on the Irish mood that the IRA took full advantage of and Collins hatched a plan to assassinate members of the intelligence organization known as the Cairo Gang headquartered in the Castle.

 Bloody Sunday

The propaganda war on both sides was quite effective although one can say the Irish rebellion had an advantage between a sympathetic USA and British public becoming exhausted with the expense and the apparent atrocities starting to percolate for the unintended conflict that Great Britain had been escalating since 1919.  Even Churchill grew weary in 1920: “What was the alternative? It was to plunge one small corner of the empire into an iron repression, which could not be carried out without an admixture of murder and counter-murder…. Only national self-preservation could have excused such a policy, and no reasonable man could allege that self-preservation was involved.”  One can bookend this speech with one of the greatest speeches Churchill even made on 8 July 1920 concerning the British military massacres of Indians at Amristar on 13 April 1919 (also known as the Jallianwalla Bagh Massacre) and his condemnation of British military excesses in the Raj, one cannot help but think he was conflating some of that brutality with what was transpiring in Ireland during the war.[3] Churchill’s reputation as one of the finest speakers in the English-speaking world gave him a platform which enthralled millions in the British public whether broadcast or read transcripted in the daily newspapers.  The daily mauling of Irish civilians by British occupation forces may have started to gain more traction.

On 19 June, 1920 the commanding officer of the RIC in Listowel informed his ranks:

“Now, men, Sinn Fein have had all the sport up to the present, and we are going to have the sport now. The police are not in sufficient strength to do anything to hold their barracks. This is not enough for as long as we remain on the defensive, so long will Sinn Fein have the whip hand. We must take the offensive and beat Sinn Fein at its own tactics…If a police barracks is burned or if the barracks already occupied is not suitable, then the best house in the locality is to be commandeered, the occupants thrown into the gutter. Let them die there—the more the merrier. Should the order (“Hands Up”) not be immediately obeyed, shoot and shoot with effect. If the persons approaching (a patrol) carry their hands in their pockets, or are in any way suspicious-looking, shoot them down. You may make mistakes occasionally and innocent persons may be shot, but that cannot be helped, and you are bound to get the right parties some time. The more you shoot, the better I will like you, and I assure you no policeman will get into trouble for shooting any man.” [4]

The perfect storm was emerging that would lead to the operation that would change the course of the conflict and eventually draw the British to the negotiating table to parley for a conditional settlement and peace that may free the Irish from English dominion.

Collins would strike the match that would put the British in the hazard.  His “Squad” was comprised of volunteer gunmen and supporting elements that would target the Cairo Gang at Dublin Castle who were a key component of the intelligence complex the English had deployed into Ireland to quell the rebellion.  The popular media has greatly exaggerated the importance of the Cairo Gang in the vast network of intelligence assets the Crown had deployed but the propaganda impact coupled with what would happen within hours of the assassination would force the British government to find a solution the IRB and indigenous Irishmen would agree to.

“Shortly after eight in the morning, [Collins’ men] converged on eight different addresses in Dublin.  Nineteen soldiers, one or two of them probably not agents, were roused from their sleep and shot.” [5]

Of these, thirteen were killed and six wounded according to official reports. When Collins would hear the news, he would say: “Good God. We’re finished now. It’s all up.” [6] This was not the blow the popular media makes it out it to be ands tends to be exaggerated.  This was a propaganda blow but had a relatively minor operational impact from an intelligence perspective.

“In hindsight, Collins’ operation, although executed with imprecision was a shock to British intelligence but quite limited in scope.  The IRA succeeded in eliminating only a small fraction of the legion of British intelligence operatives, although there is no question that a few of those assassinated were among the more experienced and aggressive operators. At the end of the day IRA gunmen killed seven confirmed intelligence officers, two legal officers, one informer, and two Auxiliary temporary cadets, while wounding four more suspected spies.” [7] Collins blow would nonetheless have far-reaching effects that would happen just that afternoon.

The day was not over as the bloody-minded British Blacks and Tans and some associated constabulary possibly seeking revenge opened fire at the football pitch in Croke Park that afternoon by killing 12 civilians and maiming hundreds of other players and spectators in what would become the Croke Park massacre that would even upset the British government at the ferocity and brutality of the attack after the stinging rebuke Churchill had spoke against mere months before in the Parliament during General Dyer’s trial for the Indian massacre.


A mere two years later in December 1921, the Irish would get their independence after almost eight hundred years as a mostly unwilling vassal of the United Kingdom.  This would spark a vicious civil war between two competing factions that would be long and bloody.  Collins would be assassinated himself in his personage as the military commander of free Ireland by a rival Republican faction in August 1922.

Collins was an able commander and essentially one of the first successful non-state soldiers of the twentieth century although T.E. Lawrence may tangentially take the laurel for being a state soldier commanding an entire army of non-state soldiers in WWI during the British fight against Turkey in the Middle East.  One must entertain the counterfactual that had Collins not struck such a blow and reaped the unintended windfall of English brutality and callous disregard for human life at Croke Park that same afternoon if the Commonwealth may have remained intact.

“… [G]iven time, strength and public support, the British forces could have reduced rebel operations to negligible proportions. Nevertheless, these quintessential conditions were missing. While the IRA survived, political pressure on the British government increased and though the balance was tantalizingly fine, the IRAS held out longer than the government’s nerve.  That was what mattered.” [8]

Collins survived and went toe to toe.

Collins was at the right time and right place to take full advantage of English missteps and capitalize on the unintended profit from Churchill damning the military brutality by Raj forces in India resulting in thousands of civilian deaths and maiming.  Many forces were starting to coalesce to include the post-WWI exhaustion of Britain, British financial woes and the consolidation of Irish guerrilla forces under a capable and effective leadership. The combination of ruthless efficiency, political stellar alignments and the sheer exhaustion of the British public with the conflict most likely tipped the balance for Collins and his confreres.

A single day in which both the protagonists swung at each other may very well have set the conditions for Irish freedom.


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 Recommended Reading

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The Beck Library: Liberty and the State by Bill Buppert

Several readers have requested that I compile a recommended reading compendium similar to Billy Beck’s. I think Beck’s list is masterful and I wanted to bifurcate the list and add my own annotated comments to any I have read and additional selections I would recommend. When I read Beck’s list, I wondered at how our libraries and antelibraries could be so similar. Before I sold my house, I had a library annex attached to it from which I could browse and remove volumes to peruse at my leisure. Since moving, most are now in storage so I have to rely on my addled memory.

The first part is here.

Here is the second accompaniment to Beck’s list: Liberty and the State and I only included those volumes he and I have both read. My annotated comments are in italics below his; along with any additional books I think are pertinent to the one just reviewed.

Liberty and the State

The Black Book of Communism, 1999, Stephane Courtois, et. al. — Comprehensive catalogue of the consequences of a manifestly evil philosophy. Unprecedented in its global scope. All the rats in one bag. There is no doubt this is a standard tome that should be on every collectivist observer’s bookshelf. There is an apocryphal story that the usual suspects in academia and the media were bleating indignantly over the release of the book and its heavily footnoted and documented indictment of their beloved creed. Some went so far as to say that the Communist may have murdered millions but they did it out of love and not hate like the National Socialists.

The Great Terror — A Reassessment, 1990, Robert Conquest — The landmark study of the most virulent madness that the world ever saw. I had the opportunity to intern under Conquest and thought that not was he one of the brilliant researchers of the Communist Terror State but he was a voice in the wilderness during a time when fellating the state was the watchword of all hip Kremlinologists.

Reflections On A Ravaged Century, 2000, Robert Conquest — Worthwhile thoughts on why the 20th century went the way it went. Again, Conquest has not written anything on Soviet Communism not worth reading.

The Gulag Archipelago — An Experiment in Literary Investigation, 1918-1956 (three volumes), 1973, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn — An enormous look at hell rendered with the original 20th century aptitude for the work of the thing. Even after many years of familiarity with the worst Nazi crimes, this was shocking to me. It matches its 1900-odd page heft with psychic impact. Huge, in every dimension. One is constantly amazed at the lengths modern collectivists will go to  in defending the date and diminishing the importance of Solzhenitsyn. I recommend two additional books in his canon:

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

The Oak and the Calf: Sketches of Literary Life in the Soviet Union

The first is a textbook primer on how cheap life is when the government is in charge of everything while the second treats the personal aspects of Solzhenitsyn’s courage and moral fortitude to stand alone and disarmed to the might of the USSR and claim the high ground against the leviathan.

I also recommend Applebaum’s history of the gulag. Much like the police and government apologists of today who rush to the defense and rationalization of the most barbaric behavior, Applebaum attempts to remedy this as thoroughly as the editors of the Black Book of Communism:

Gulag: A History

The Secret World of American Communism, 1995, Klehr, Haynes, and Firsov — A history of the Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA) documented from Soviet archives, illustrating its subversion and espionage. The state of the data, today.

The Soviet World of American Communism, 1998, Klehr, Haynes, and Anderson — Essentially an extension of the preceding volume, detailing the CPUSA’s intimate subordination to Moscow. Again: documented from Soviet archives. These two books present immutable facts against which there can be absolutely no rational argument. When you see the Venona transcripts you grok just how thoroughly compromised the American state is with the Communist virus and the extent to which it has taken the monstrous agenda as its own. I simply ask the reader to research two of FDR’s most trusted advisors: Harry Dexter White and Harry Hopkins. Enough said.

Radical Son — A Generational Odyssey, 1997, David Horowitz — An important confessional. If you don’t believe me, then track down your own copy of…[Horowitz’ work from the 1960s]. I was blown away by the Second Thoughts Foundation in the 1980 broadcasts on CSPAN where former Communists turned on their theology BUT leaped on the neoconservative bandwagon jumping from a Leninist horse to a Trotskyist steed. They had simply shifted their framework of collectivism to a kindler (but not gentler as evidenced today) police state variant.

Further evidence of the rot that is neo-conservatism is found in this book about one of its most influential high priests:

Leo Strauss and the Politics of American Empire

Strauss was a venal and superfluous thinker who also greatly influenced the Lincoln cultists weho would use their admiration of that tyranny to bolster the strengthening of the American national security state.

The Closing Of The American Mind, 1987, Allan Bloom — A fairly feeble flail at an extremely important subject. Not stellar, but a keeper. Better one go to the works of Fadiman and Adler than this poseur.

Socialism And War — Essays, Documents, Reviews, 1997, F.A. Hayek (edited by Bruce Caldwell) — A terrifically dense collection of articles illustrating Hayek’s evolution from economist to philosopher through contemplation of events and issues of the 1930′s and 1940′s. I am lukewarm on Hayek because his critiques were robust and sound but never took the next logical step to condemning the sate for the monster it is. Mises went all the way but Hayek insisted on fawning for respectability.

From Dawn To Decadence — 1500 To The Present, 2000, Jaques Barzun — If you want to get from Martin Luther to Martin Luther King, you have to go through Jean Jaques Rousseau and John Dewey. Barzun would pave the way for the new critique that would emerge to raze the limited government arguments.

The Papers Of Martin Luther King, Jr. — Volume I, 1992, edited by Clayborne Carson — The intellectual birth of a genuinely tragic American character. King was a philanderer, plagiarist and communist. Carson is a fawning hack and sycophant of the King mythos that has been the primary enterprise of academia for over 50 years. He certainly deserves high praise for rhetorical flair but the tremendous speeches by Hitler and Churchill do not instantly mean they are defenders liberty and freedom and neither was King. He was an aspirant for a spoils systems that would soon lay an entire people low under the crushing indignities of government dependence (when not in a cage).

I suggest Pappas’ book as a curative for any fantasies about the bona fides of Mr. King:

Plagiarism and The Culture War : The Writings of Martin Luther King, Jr, and Other Prominent Americans

The Fatal Conceit — The Errors Of Socialism, 1988, F.A. Hayek — This is the book that Hayek should not have written. I happen to think Hayek wrote this from guilt after seeking official academia’s approval for so long and failing, worth a perusal.

The Prize: The Epic Quest For Oil, Money, And Power, 1991, Daniel Yergin — Indispensible history of the oil industry. A splendid introduction to the lifeblood of Western economies.

Darkness At Noon, 1941, Arthur Koestler — One of the very few novels you’re going to see here. It’s about a man whose beliefs led him to the bitter end, in Stalin’s murder cellars. I took the name of my blog from this book. Koestler became a Communist unbeliever during the Stalin Ages and this is the book that may have been the shot over the bow for my anticommunist sentiments in my youth.

Animal Farm, 1946, George Orwell — A fable, of timeless pertinence. Stands on its own.

A World Lit Only By Fire — The Medieval Mind And The Renaissance, 1992, William Manchester — There is a reason for Manchester’s success: he’s a splendid writer. Here, he takes up a subject fairly remote to the life of, say, a person who’s crashed Harley-Davidsons, flies airplanes, and plays loud electric guitars, and I thank him for it. I agree and think his memoirs from the War to Save Josef Stalin during his tenure in the Pacific campaigns are among the best ever penned. But the Dark Ages were not as dark as they make them out to be because the mandarins in academia were blinkered by their natural disdain for the destruction of large imperial behemoths lording over people in a collectivist fashion. The splintering of the Middle Ages after the dissolution of Rome and other great empires did not lead to a dark age but a decentralized age until the Enlightenment presaged the Endarkenment we live under today. I recommend these remedies:

Barbarians to Angels: The Dark Ages Reconsidered

Those Terrible Middle Ages: Debunking the Myths

The Fundamentals Of Liberty, 1988, Robert LeFevre — A theoretical and historical exposition by a disgracefully neglected modern American libertarian. Agreed and maligned by the usual suspects.

The Count Of Monte Cristo, 1844, Alexander Dumas — One of the finest adventure stories of all time, this book makes possible a belief in the existence of “indomitable human spirit”. No doubt one of the best ever written and I highly recommend the blood and virtue novels of G.A. Henty and Raphael Sabatini.

The New Individualist Review, 1981, various — This is a complete collection of The New Individualist Review, published at the University of Chicago, from April 1961 through Winter 1968. A deeply rich look at individualist academics living and writing the 60′s. Very, very good. Terrific writing in the embryonic stages of the libertarian movement and a witness to the new voices emerging trying to escape the Objectivist straightjacket. Another great book that examines the emergent DNA in detail is:

Radicals for Capitalism: A Freewheeling History of the Modern American Libertarian Movement

Economics In One Lesson, 1946, Henry Hazlitt — This book has never been surpassed for its efficacy at putting economic principles before the average person for easy understanding of actual facts. H.L. Mencken noted Hazlitt as “one of the few economists in all of history who could really write,” and it’s true. He also knows his subject inside-out. NO. BETTER. INTRODUCTION. PERIOD.

Acid Dreams — The Complete Social History Of LSD: The CIA, The Sixties, And Beyond, 1985, Martin A. Lee and Bruce Shlain — Everything you know about acid is wrong, and I’ve got proof. Everything you know about drugs from the mainstream media is wrong especially about hemp.

The Wealth Of Nations, 1776, Adam Smith — This is the beginning of “the dismal science” (economics). Sort of like Clausewitz, required but a painful and tedious read for modern readers.

The Theory of Money And Credit, (English edition) 1953, Ludwig von Mises — Murray Rothbard called this book “The culmination and fulfillment of the Austrian School of economics”. I don’t quite agree, but it is that important. Very technical. Put your thinking caps on. Technical but more logical than any of the mathematics laden monstrosities some of us suffered through in college.

Human Action, 1949, Ludwig von Mises — This is the “culmination and fulfillment of the Austrian School of economics”. It is the philosophical counterweight to Marx’s “Das Kapital”. And, for almost all of you out there, I’m the first person who ever told you that. You bloody well didn’t hear it in high school or college, you poor mistreated bastards. Required reading. Man, Economy and State by Rothbard (especially with Robert Murphy’s study guide at your side) is far more accessible to non-economists. The logical and subjectivist methodologies employed do make this far better any university text in current use.

Socialism, 1922, Ludwig von Mises — A stake to drive through the heart of the rampant delusion that should have been buried in the Enlightenment, but keeps rising to walk the earth, undead, right down to the present day. The stake simply did not take but a powerful curative to the continuing madness of crowds.

Frederic Bastiat — A Man Alone, 1971, George Charles Roche III — Biography of the single most lucid Frenchman (I know: a miracle), ever. The French do have significant moments of clarity and lucidity and Bastiat is one of the greats. I recommend the complete works available here:

The Bastiat Collection

The Anti-Federalist — Writings By The Opponents Of The Constitution, 1981, edited by Herbert J. Storing — If you have Hamilton, Adams, and Jay, then you’re lopsided if you don’t have this, too. Read all of them and you will discover that the Constitution is the worst thing a nation could ever shackle itself to. Required reading to cure yourself of parchment idolatry:

Hologram of Liberty: The Constitution’s Shocking Alliance With Big Government

American Aurora: The Suppressed History of Our Nation’s Beginnings and the Heroic Newspaper That Tried to Report It

Both books are terrific and Boston does a tremendous job and the second book is a great eye-opener to the Constitution starting its tyranny a mere six tears after being brought into being. A heartbreaking and outrageous story of the government’s inability to tolerate truth; the Founding Lawyer are not who you think they were.

Conflicts Of Law And Morality, 1987, Kent Greenawalt — Incompetence rising to its natural level in a field riven with incompetence, while addressing a subject of enormous import with professional (academic) impunity. This one goes in the Horror section. The horror show continues unabated. The post 9/11 America simply proves out an awful thesis.

Anarchy, State, And Utopia, 1974, Robert Nozick – If anything remotely libertarian has had any influence among the Eloi in the past thirty years, this is probably it. Some of them will know the title, anyway. It’s worth quite a bit more than that. Slipshod, amateurish and difficult to follow, this work is muddled and best left to its literary grave.

The Politics, 350 BC, Aristotle — This is the first systematic analysis of social organization in Western history. That’s remarkable enough by itself, but it only gets better on realizing how pertinent it remains after all that time. He did provide something of a corrective the Platonic totalitarianism that emerged before him. This may be where it began.

The Killing Of History — How Literary Critics And Social Theorists Are Murdering Our Past, 1996, Keith Windschuttle — A whole monstrous swath of academic fraud laid open, if you have the nerve to look. This academic fraud is enormous and the recent case of Michael Bellesiles got busted for academic fraud in pursuit of the disarmament agenda in his infamous book, Arming America. If a concentrated effort were made to run to ground all the footnotes and bellicose proclamations of the high priests of mediocrity in American universities, not much would be left worth reading but then again most is not.

Man Versus The State, 1892, Herbert Spencer — Yet another seminal libertarian of whom you probably never heard, unless a professor was cursing him to everlasting hell or yawning in your face. I highly recommend hat all the readers visit the Liberty Fund site and look at the vast treasures of liberty and freedom literature available there. I also recommend the following books to get an idea that individualist anarchism is not a new-fangled idea:

Men Against the State: The Expositors of Individualist Anarchism, 1827-1908

And, of course, anything you can get your hands on by Lysander Spooner.

Parting The Waters — America In The King Years, 1954-1963, 1988, Taylor Branch — A fine history of the best part of the Civil Rights Movement. The honorable pursuit of individual rights and liberty.

Pillar Of Fire — America In The King Years, 1963-1965, 1998, Taylor Branch — A fine history of the worst part of the Civil Rights Movement. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie set of collectivism and accredited victim groups.

Individuals And Their Rights, 1989, Tibor Machan — An intensely focused presentation of the case for rights from metaphysics up through politics. Comprehensive, compact, and hard-hitting. A brilliant compendium that is a splendid accompaniment to Frank Chodorov:

Fugitive Essays: Selected Writings of Frank Chodorov

The Gonzo Letters, Volume II — Fear And Loathing In America, 2000, Hunter S. Thompson — Thompson’s correspondance, outlandish and audacious as you’d expect, but also probably more thoughtful than you might expect. This is Thompson laying the meat of the bat on the ball: the years when he had serious things to say and the voice with which to say them. Beginning in 1968, this collection surpasses Volume I with its maturity of the man’s journalism. A great writer but a cipher in his pursuit and sycophantic relationship with a party, the Democrats, who in the twentieth century were the greatest champions of the total state to be joined by the Republicans after WWII. I would suggest that Edward Abbey was a far more polished and accomplished writer than Thompson ever preteneded to be.

The Best And The Brightest, 1972, David Halberstam — A history of incompetence fulfilling its destiny. Halberstam’s name-dropping and presumption coupled with his illiterate fan-boy ardor for communism make this a turgid and difficult read; a competent writer but a man blinded by the glittery attraction of political fame for its own sake.

The Vampire Economy — Doing Business Under Fascism, 1939, Guenter Reiman — Your average American these days is very likely to agree with the proposition that Nazi Germany represented some sort of “capitalism”. That’s because your average American these days is a walking, talking rutabaga, with no remotely discernible grasp of the simplest facts more than about thirty days aft of his own ass. Here is a book — researched on the scene, at the moment — which could probably not shake loose the ethical deformities taken root in a rutabaga’s so-called “mind”, but, at least, it would bore them to pieces with the actual data. The difference between the present economy in the USSA and wartime Germany is hard to discern.

The Keynesian Episode — A Reassessment, 1979, Wm. H. Hutt — A fine economic analysis of the subject, which does not neglect its political implications. Hutt makes a robust case for the Keystone Keynesians and their eternal fascination with bigger government and the omnipotent state. I happen to have a doorstop-sized edition of Riesman’s magnum opus, which does a devastating critique:

Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics

I also recommend the collected works of Arthur Seldon, one of the few I recommend outside the Austrian milieu.

The Collected Works of Arthur Seldon

Selected Works (three volumes), 1897-1923, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin — Again: “Know your enemy.” A depraved and filthy communist who achieved a global domination on political discourse that emerges even in American politics.

Das Kapital, 1867, Karl Marx –Still: the predominant rationale for the worst evil in the modern world. The worst and most incompetent observer of human affairs whose legacy is oceans of blood and an enthusiastic following planet-wide that has no peer in the political classes East and West. The single best corrective to this nonsense is Thomas Sowell’s two books, Knowledge and Decisions and Marxism: Philosophy and Economics, both are lucid and illuminate like no other outside the Austrian lens.

That concludes my personal annotations and assessments of Billy Beck’s terrific shelves of books to make us smarter about changing the world and seeing it for what it really is.



The Beck Library: War and the State by Bill Buppert

Several readers have requested that I compile a recommended reading compendium similar to Billy Beck’s. I think Beck’s list is masterful and I wanted to bifurcate the list and add my own annotated comments to any I have read and additional selections I would recommend. When I read Beck’s list, I wondered at how our libraries and antelibraries could be so similar. Before I sold my house, I had a library annex attached to it from which I could browse and remove volumes to peruse at my leisure. Since moving, most are now in storage so I have to rely on my addled memory.

I divided his list into War and the State and Liberty and the State and only included those volumes he and I have both read. My annotated comments are in italics below his. Along with any additional books I think are pertinent to the one just reviewed.

Hitler And Stalin — Parallel Lives, 1991, Alan Bullock — It’s astonishing to me that it took until the last decade of the 20th century for someone to write this book, because the comparisons are so obvious. It was worth the wait, because Bullock thoroughly exhausts the comparisons. Indispensable. I am not astonished at how long it took for this to show up and think the comparison are uncanny even at a deep and sophisticated level, psychopaths and sociopaths have a surprising narrow playbook and when given the tools of power will put the pedal to the meddle. I also recommend Gandhi & Churchill: The Epic Rivalry that Destroyed an Empire and Forged Our Age which shows the relationship between two state titans of the twentieth century and how the Indians used both violent and non-violent resistance to dispose of the most powerful world power on Earth before 1930.

Russia At War, 1941–1945, 1964, Alexander Werth — Enormous, panoramic view of the biggest fight in human history. Agreed (except for the whitewashing of Stalin’s monstrous personality in the book) and I think that when you see the evolution of the Russian forces in a mere four years from a scratch start to the enormous and skillfully deployed strategy and tactics that extinguished Japanese forces in China and Siberia in August 1945.

John Erickson’s two volumes on the German-Soviet conflict are also instructive especially at the evolution of the strategic maturity of the forces at each other’s throats during the conflict:

The Road to Stalingrad: Stalin`s War with Germany, Volume One

The Road to Berlin: Stalin`s War with Germany, Volume Two

Anything by David Glantz is instructive and especially his volume detailing the defeat and the rise form the ashes of the Soviet forces in Operations Mars, a bit dated but vital in understanding the battle and its aftermath:

Zhukov’s Greatest Defeat: The Red Army’s Epic Disaster in Operation Mars, 1942

Barbarossa: The Russian-German Conflict, 1941-1945, 1965, Alan Clark — Splendid rendering of all the special military aspects of the biggest fight in human history.

The Second World War (six volumes), 1948-1953, Winston S. Churchill — If you only ever read one thing about World War II, make this that one thing. If you can resist the conclusion that Churchill saved the world (do struggle, dear reader), you will nonetheless have a better grasp of the worst woe that the whole world ever shared, altogether, than you could manage from any other single work on the subject. It is a splendid and gripping read but I use it in the same fashion I would use any autobiographical project which is largely self-aggrandizement and fiction for glorious self-promotion. The following book provides a corrective of sorts to this study:

In Command of History: Churchill Fighting and Writing the Second World War

I consider Churchill to be one of the most noxious statists of the twentieth century whose love of expanding the state and glorification of war made for a wicked brew but the man could write but he could also be a savvy manipulator of opinion. His notions in the book on Operation Overlord are disingenuous at best and his part in Operation Keelhaul is whitewashed as usual.

Vietnam: A History, 1983, Stanley Karnow — “The First Complete Account of Vietnam At War”. Consider that sentence very carefully, ladies and gentlemen. It’s true. It’s also important to understand that this book is about Vietnam at war, which is not the same thing as America at war in Vietnam. Read the whole book very carefully. Could not agree more and the surprisingly brief but bloody American involvement still haunts the American defense establishment.

I would recommend two additional books:

Our Friends Beneath the Sands: The French Foreign Legion in France’s Colonial Conquests 1870-1935

History rhymes and when one reads the accounts of French forces fighting in Vietnam in the 1880s it is no different than the doomed American involvement in the latter half of the twentieth century.

Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam

This book is bloodcurdling and speaks to the consistent sickness that insinuates itself in the conduct of American arms in total war much like the war on civilians waged by Allied strategic bombing during the War to Save Josef Stain (WWII). The meme did not change when the ground conflict started in earnest in Vietnam much like the barbaric and savage behavior of American ground forces in the Philippines at the turn of the century.

Socialism And War — Essays, Documents, Reviews, 1997, F.A. Hayek (edited by Bruce Caldwell) — A terrifically dense collection of articles illustrating Hayek’s evolution from economist to philosopher through contemplation of events and issues of the 1930′s and 1940′s. Hayek really had a clue before he later ran off the rails pursuing the impossible chimera of limited government later in his life to gain greater respectability in academia and the mainstream after witnessing the wilderness campaign of von Mises.

Carnage And Culture — Landmark Battles In The Rise Of Western Power, 2001, Victor Davis Hanson — A finely integrated history of combat according to a specific set of traditions culturally unique. Damned good argument. An important contribution but his real strengths are in the books that concentrate on hoplite battle in ancient Greece and the rise of Western military organizational power in the elder realm. His complete disregard for Roman defeats and victories in a huge gap in the aforementioned study.

A reading of Thucydides, Caesar and Suetonius is most instructive on just how that works along with the writings of Marcus Aurelius.

A great primer on the machinations of the Roman Army is:

The Roman Army: The Greatest War Machine of the Ancient World and Goldsworthy’s magisterial The Complete Roman Army (The Complete Series) are terrific compendiums if you wish to avoid the primary source histories by the Latin authors. If you happen to own a Kindle, the number of primary source documents on warfare in the Ancient World is dirt-cheap and far ranging.

Eichmann In Jerusalem: A Report On The Banality Of Evil, 1963, Hannah Arendt — The most singularly probing examination of the actual character of Nazi monsters — and their victims — this book was an act of great courage. The questions in your mind will occur of necessity by implication. I have no brief with Arendt the philosopher but think her conclusion were all wrong, Eichmann was not a banal clerk nor a non-thinker, he had a total absence of empathy for the people he murdered and worked in a system that encouraged and she failed to capture the essence of what made him so monstrous. She is a world-class thinker but misses the ball here.

Common Sense, 1776, Thomas Paine — You can still read the original spark of The American Revolution, and you bloody well should. Enough said and there is plenty of evidence that Paine and not Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence.

Leviathan, 1651, Thomas Hobbes — Here’s a hint: you know that word, “neocon”, that’s making the rounds lately? It’s a pathetic joke, 350 years late. What Beck says.

The Influence Of Sea Power Upon History, 1892, Alfred Thayer Mahan — This book was a rage 112 years ago. It swept the whole world with awe at its author’s synthesis of ancient political truths with Industrial Age technical outlook. And it was a turning point away from the warning (“foreign entanglements”) in George Washington’s Farewell Address, toward an American imperialism. Teddy Roosevelt thought it was just boss. A brilliant treatise for the time based a flawed premise of the need for global supremacy ion the false naval model of the UK that was entirely irrelevant to the American position at the time. There two good updates and riffs on the theory in these books:

If Mahan Ran the Great Pacific War: An Analysis of World War II Naval Strategy

Inventing Grand Strategy and Teaching Command: The Classic Works of Alfred Thayer Mahan Reconsidered

Both books offer a more interesting viewpoint relevant to current conditions but the direct approach of the first is an anachronism today.

Sumida should have edited Mahan’s initial work because he makes it much more thoughtful and coherent than the mess that Mahan gave the world.

The Roosevelt Myth, 1948, John T. Flynn — Sobriety. In the face of generations of drunkeness. Intellectual sobriety in on RedDR of the highest order when journalism understood that they should question both authority and obedience. I also recommend the works of Garet Garrett. He was one of large segment of society who were non-interventionists.

Buchanan’s book on making the world safe for Communism after WWII is brilliant:

Churchill, Hitler, and “The Unnecessary War”: How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World

This book is almost as disturbing as the current crop of revisionist books that cover the Allied occupation of Europe after the war (and I think the revisionist books are far more preferable to the standard court historian nonsense that makes so many bookshelves creak in agony):

Barred: The Shameful Refusal of FDR’s State Department to Save Tens of Thousands of Europe’s Jews from Extermination

The Art Of War, c. 350 BC, Sun Tzu (translation by Samuel B. Griffith) — The oldest formal treatise on war in existence, the essential principles of which have remained pertinent throughout history. Brilliant, simple and still relevant and much better than Clausewitz to distill the essence of both direct and indirect approaches. I recommend his grandson, Sun Pin as an accompaniment to this text:

Sun Pin: Military Methods (History & Warfare)

I would also recommend the writings of John Boyd (what little there are) as a sober and brilliant exposition of rationally using strategic thought:

Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War

Four more books are vital reading for the changing face of warfare now and in the future:

Fighting Power: German and U.S. Army Performance, 1939-1945

Command Culture: Officer Education in the U.S. Army and the German Armed Forces, 1901-1940, and the Consequences for World War II

Raising the Bar: Creating and Nurturing Adaptability to Deal with the Changing Face of War

The Last Hundred Yards: The NCO’s Contribution to Warfare

All four books are the complement to the other and speak to the importance of training, character in warriors and the distinctions between tactics and the employment of techniques in adaptive conflicts.

This concludes my addendum and amplification of Billy Beck’s wonderful book list. I owe the readership a book list on the second half of my annotated additions to Beck’s books on Liberty and the State and my independent list on Irregular Warfare.

Village Praxis Series: Choosing the Right Truck for the Coming Unpleasantness by Chris Dates

This segment of the Praxis Series is fairly specific in its scope, and focus. I will not cover repair, or maintenance of all-mechanical Diesels. Nor will I cover lift kits, Diesel tuning, or high-speed go-fast stuff. That said, I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about maintenance and care of your Diesel in the comment section. There are myriad reasons I have chosen to go with an older diesel for my SHTF truck, and I will try and articulate them to you so you can see the value these older trucks hold. 


The big three truck manufacturers all made all-mechanical Diesels. Some of them were manufactured up until the late 1990′s. Many readers of this blog are military, or former military, and they will recall the old O.D green K5 Chevy Blazers the Military used to use. The Diesel version of that truck was all-mechanical. It is incumbent upon the reader to choose the right truck based on the condition of the truck on the used market, budget, manufacturer and aestethic preference. For myself, I have chosen a 1989 to 1998.5 Dodge Ram Diesel. I’m a Cummins guy, and I think the Cummins engine is superior to any engine that is comparable to it in the context of older Diesels. Cummins engines can be found in many more places than just under a hood of a Dodge. That’s just one of the many reasons I chose Dodge. Parts will be widely available in a post-collapse world, but this is besides the point of this essay. 


Reason #1 – Automatic Transmission Fluid = Fuel


It is common knowledge in the diesel community that using ATF as an additive to diesel fuel in older Diesel engines can clean up sticking injectors, and remove carbon deposits from the engine. But, it’s also becoming common knowledge that you can just ditch the Diesel fuel altogether, and run all ATF as your fuel in your all-mechanical Diesel Pickup. There are other alternative fuels that one could use in their Diesel Pickups, and they’ll work too, and if cooking oils are easier for you to acquire, then by all means, stock up. However, if the situation in this country turns dire, a Diesel owner needs to keep in mind that just about every vehicle that is on the road now is a potential fuel source. Let’s examine the scenario where an EMP was detonated a couple of hundred miles over the United States. Suppose a vast majority of the vehicles that were perfectly operable before the EMP are now two ton paper weights. These vehicles are dead, and will take thousands of dollars to fix. However, the ATF that sits in the transmission pans of these vehicles is perfectly fine, and is perfectly combustible in your all-mechanical Diesel. Try it out for yourself if you don’t believe me. First try a slight mixture of Diesel fuel and ATF. Start with an 80/20 mix. 80% being Diesel fuel, and 20% ATF. Gradually increase the mix as you feel more comfortable. All-mechanical diesels will run on 100% ATF. So will pre-common rail Diesels.


I cannot stress this enough. However you get your ATF, it needs to be strained through a micron filter before you use it. In a nightmare scenario, you’ll be ok to just puncture a trans pan or trans case, and pour the ATF in your tank, if it ever came to that, but I would not recommend that for extended use. 


Another benefit of ATF is that is appears to have no documented shelf-life. It will keep for a very long time. So will Diesel, 12-15 years if stored properly, but it appears that ATF will keep for much longer than that. Start to lay in a stock now. Go around to the repair facilities in your area, and ask them if they have any used ATF they want to get rid of. You MUST make sure it’s pure ATF, and not mixed with oil. Also make sure it’s not mixed with coolant or water. Internal combustion engines do not like water at all. Even a couple of tablespoons of water can hydro-lock an engine. It’s impossible to compress water, therefore when the pistons are on their compression stroke, things will break on the inside. Metal will always give before water will. 


It shouldn’t take a nightmare scenario for you to start taking proactive steps on your fuel. Start doing it now, so you can get a feel on how your truck will run on ATF. Certain Diesels take to it well, some will exhibit loss of power, and fuel mileage depending on model, and atmospheric conditions. People from the north already know that getting a Diesel going in frigidly cold temps can be a bitch sometimes. Well, it’s even harder using ATF. The hydrocarbon chain is much longer in ATF, therefore the engine can have a real hard time breaking that chain down to ignite it. This will add to increased soot and smoke. That’s why I say don’t wait, experiment now. People in colder climates will need to use an engine heater, but that’s something that should already be in place for Diesel owners in colder climates.


ATF is a good way to supplement fuel costs if you can find it cheap, or for free. Let’s imagine a severe uptick in inflation. If you’re able to find ATF for free, and you add only 50% ATF to your Diesel fuel, you’ve just cut your fuel expense in half. This approach is doubly good, because you can save money on fuel, and you’re depriving the Tax Man of “his” money.  In the event of all-out hyperinflation, used ATF should still be relatively easy to find, and cheap if you have to barter for it since I can imagine that hardly anyone will be able to afford to drive their vehicles. A family would gladly trade their the trans fluid they have in their vehicles for food or ammunition, or even a ride somewhere. 


Reason #2 – All-Mechanical Diesels are just about EMP proof


Any vehicle that was made in the last 25 years are highly vulnerable to an EMP attack. This includes diesels too. These vehicles are full of solid-state components, and these components have the potential to be fried in the event of an EMP attack. However, all-mechanical diesels are not so susceptible to an EMP blast. An all-mechanical Diesel does not use a computer to control the engine. An all-mechanical Diesel engine uses mechanical fuel injection, not electronic fuel injection. The fuel pump, and injectors are mechanical, therefore there’s nothing to be cooked in the event of an EMP.  There are no electronic sensors on an all-mechanical Diesel, because there’s no engine computer to interpret the data. There are some things to be considered when dealing with an EMP blast, and an all-mechanical Diesel, however. There are diodes in the alternator that can be fried, and since the alternator is chassis ground, the potential is there that the battery would be drained if the problem is not caught in time. There’s a very easy work around for this problem. You can simply disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery, or you can mount a ground-side switch in the cab of the truck, and route the negative cable to the switch, and then back to the battery. You can simply flip the switch whenever you get out of the truck. This will only protect you from a drained battery, it will not save your alternator, but you will have enough battery power to start your truck, and since your truck is an all-mechanical Diesel, no electricity is required to keep it running. Electricity will only be required to run the lights, and other accessory electrical systems that were not fried by the EMP, but these systems are not vital to engine operation. I would recommend that you keep a spare alternator in a Faraday cage, so it can be replaced. You’ll need to recharge your battery somehow. 


Not every transmission is hydraulically controlled in an all-mechanical Diesel. This means that some of these transmissions are controlled electronically, and they are controlled by a TCM, or transmission control module. These computers are vulnerable to an EMP attack, but if you have an all-mechanical Diesel now with an electronically controlled trans, don’t worry about it. Even if an EMP takes out your TCM, you still have direct drive(3rd gear). Your truck will not shift, but it will still move. If you wanted to be clever, you could bypass the TCM, and wire your own switches in line with the electronic shift solenoids. Shift solenoids are the components that allow the trans to shift when given the signal from the TCM. If your TCM is fried, these switches would allow you to shift an automatic trans yourself. Simply mount the switches in a convenient spot in the cab, wire the switches into the solenoid circuits, and label the switches to whatever gear corresponds to the shift solenoid. You have now successfully bypassed the TCM. You now have full control of your auto trans. You may be wondering why the solenoids would not be fried in the event of an EMP. Well, the solenoids are nothing more than coiled copper, and if those components are severely damaged in an EMP, you’ve got bigger problems….like cardiac arrest. Of course, a manual transmission will not require any modification, and that is the ideal trans to have.


If you feel that some of my instruction was vague, or if you want specific instruction on wiring, or any other questions, I can answer any of your concerns in the comments. I hope this was helpful to you. An all-mechanical Diesel owner need not worry about fuel in a post-collapse scenario, fuel will be very abundant. 



Badged Serial Killers: The Growing Murder Culture of Cops (Part V) by Bill Buppert

This series of essays have been concentrating on the more innocent and less strong among the population and the caging, maiming and killing that has been targeting the disabled to include the wheelchair-bound, disabled, deaf and blind.

This is the last in the series much to the relief of police apologists everywhere. The first four essays can be found here:

In Part One, I spoke to the cruelty and violence police are increasingly visiting on the most innocent of all – the animals. In most cases, the cops, in the name of officer safety, maim or kill the canine (and feline) offenders (and cows).

In Part Two, I spoke to the cruelty of cops against children.

In Part Three, I spoke to the increasing war on woman by the thin black and blue line.

In Part Four, I talk about the violence by police against the elderly.

Again, the absurd violence visited on these people as a result of whatever wrong they were perceived having done never justifies the sadistic and disproportionate violence that modern cops get away with. Like with the other essays, I have tried to keep the incidents at less than a year old.

Most friends and families are touched or know folks who are either disabled or mentally and emotionally handicapped in some fashion. In my experience, those with Down’s Syndrome have been among the most peaceful and loving.

“On his way home, Liko said, “The police followed me.”

Liko said, the officer smacked him in the face with an open hand and knocked him to the ground.

“His whole hand,” he said.

According to the police report, a Miami-Dade Police officer noticed a bulge in Liko’s waistband. The officer attempted to conduct a pat down, and Powell tried to run away.”

The Department, of course, excused the behavior of the police.

They are no different from some bully picking on some developmentally disabled child on a playground. The usual fabrication and lies so popular in the police ranks today was caught by surveillance cameras and clearly demonstrated the victim was shot by the cops while making no threatening moves.

“An arrest warrant affidavit charging Bennett with aggravated assault alleged that Bennett had stepped toward the officers with the knife raised in “an aggressive manner.”

But neighbor Maurice Bunch’s surveillance video showed that Bennett initially rolled back in his office chair before he stood up. And Bennett was standing completely still with his hands at his sides when Spencer began firing.

“There was absolutely no justification for any use of force against Mr. Bennett, much less potentially deadly force,” Tittle wrote in the complaint.”

When you watch the video footage of Spencer shooting mentally-ill Bobby Gerald Bennett in the Oct. 14, 2013 you arrive at one of two conclusions; either Spencer and his partner are sadists who jump at an opportunity to shoot someone or they are simply so scared for their “officer safety” all the time, they shoot and ask questions later.

The heroes in blue take down a wheelchair bound man in Rochester, NY. Pepper spraying and beating the man senseless in the process.

This also happened in Duluth where the uniformed government employee was cleared of all charges:

“That’s when officer Jouppi can be seen grabbing his arm and twisting it back.

Immediately Anthony said “Hey you can’t do that” and weakly swatted up at the officer to defend himself.

That’s when officer Jouppi began pounding in his face.

Anthony’s head can be seen snapping back after officer Jouppi punched him the first time. But that wasn’t enough. Jouppi followed with a combination of punches until Anthony appeared to go limp.

The video then shows Jouppi grabbing Anthony by the throat and ripping him out of his wheelchair.”

A deaf boy was assaulted and eventually tased by police in a double whammy of government school brutality and the cops who responded.

“Defendant Chris Hammond [a school staffer who assaulted the plaintiff] informed plaintiff that he was going to kill him and push him into an unsafe area of the construction site,” said the suit. “Defendant Chris Hammond proceeded to grab plaintiff and punched plaintiff in the face with closed fists.”

The boy reportedly picked up a stick to defend himself against Hammond and the other adult staffers. They retreated from the scene and left A.M. sitting by himself with his back to the school.

Police arrived at the construction site after dark. Knowing the boy was deaf, they allegedly made no effort to warn or communicate with him, but Tasered him from behind. As A.M. writhed on the ground from the “burns, paralysis and pain” caused by the Taser barbs, the two police officers rushed him and placed him in handcuffs.”

In another case, a Down’s Syndrome young man was murdered by police in a movie theater after having his throat crushed. Judging by the apparently common obesity problem among cops, this was most likely the result of a cop sitting on him. All over an unpaid movie ticket. Of course, none of the cops were charged.

“According to Frederick County, Maryland, police statements, he swore at them and refused to leave. The deputies tried to remove him, despite Saylor’s caretaker’s warnings and pleas for them to wait and let her take care of it. What happened next is a little unclear, but witnesses say the deputies put Saylor on the floor, held him down and handcuffed him. Saylor, called Ethan by his family, suffered a fracture in his throat cartilage. He died of asphyxiation.

The death was ruled a homicide, but a grand jury failed to indict the deputies and they returned to work without charges.”

Only in America can a death be ruled a homicide and government employment is your get out of jail free card.

The attacks are brutal, ruthless and tend to have a common thread of mistaken intent or a threat to officer safety to justify the maiming and killing.

“In another incident of police violence, one in the city of Houston, Texas, police officers responded to a call at a mental hospital concerning a man named Brian Claunch. Brian was acting aggressively and was both mentally and physically disabled, he had lost an arm and a leg in a train accident and experienced bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Brian used a wheelchair and was medicated and to be plain, could not have been too much of an imminent threat towards trained police officers. It did not stop one police officer from shooting Brian in the head and killing him instantly like some Nazi Officer. When the police officer was asked about the use of deadly force, the officer explained that Brian had been holding something in his hands – that object turned out to be a pen.

People who experience forms of developmental or mental disabilities are often times doubly targeted by police violence due to high rates of poverty and homelessness. The brutal murder of a homeless man with schizophrenia in Fullerton, California presents what happens when homelessness, mental illness, and police brutality meet. Kelly Thomas was sleeping on the streets when he was murdered; he was approached by six police officers in July of 2011.”

I have covered the Kelly Thomas incident in previous essays and the recent acquittal of two of his more sadistic thug attackers shows that the legal system protects its government employees rather well from suffering the consequences of their actions.

Much like Kelly Thomas calling out for his father while being savaged, young Ethan Saylor made the same calls for help:

“Mommy!’ a witness later reported hearing Saylor cry out while struggling with the deputies. ‘It hurt [sic], call my mom.’

Another witness wrote in his statement that the 26-year-old could be heard ‘squalling’ and repeatedly saying ‘no’ as the officers wrestled with him, one of them even reading him his Miranda rights, the Washington Post reported.” 

I would suggest that the continued mauling and beating of these disabled people by cops speaks to a special brand of psychopathy that may even pass the previous discussion on cops lethal encounters with dogs, woman, children and the elderly.

The common thread is that the immoral violence initiated by police is almost always excused, rationalized or acquitted like the shocking verdict for the two police thugs on trial for Kelly Thomas” murder in Fullerton.

One of the thugs who murdered Kelly is getting quite the jackpot for his duties.

“The city pension board reconvened later that year to reexamine the case and consider stripping Cicinelli of his LAPD benefits [40,00 per annum] in light of the Thomas killing. They ultimately decided to allow those payments to continue, however, though Cicinelli was eventually fired from the Fullerton police more than a year after the Kelly incident first unfolded. All the while, though, Cicinelli continued to be compensated by the city of Los Angeles.”

This tells you everything you need to know on what the government think of official violence:

“On the whole, the defense argued that the two officers were acting in accordance with their training in how to control a tense situation.”

The other defendant, Ramos, told Thomas before the assault, “Do you see my fists?” They’re getting ready to fuck you up.”

During a protest in the aftermath of the acquittal:

“While being transported to jail, Walder said the police were laughing and grinning. During the journey, one of the cops leaned over to the protesters and with “malice in his voice” said, “There’s a pack of 12 cops waiting to smash your fucking faces in.”

Another officer then immediately remarked, “And I’ve got two words for all of you, ‘NOT GUILTY,’” prompting laughter amongst all the other cops.”


In a nutshell, murder is murder when conducted by others but badged government bureaucrats have a license to kill. The US government has declared war on the citizenry and is employing a brutal occupying army to do it while the media industrial complex sings praises to the boys in blue and fawning hero worship of the badged thugs. Government employees who happen to be in an extraordinarily safe profession.

How a society treats its most innocent and least capable is a marker of its civilization. Judging from the behavior of the US government and its police subsidiaries throughout the fetid plain, one can see a callous and cynical attitude. It sees the citizens and residents as mere pawns to be ordered about, fined, kidnapped, caged, maimed and killed at the whim of a thoroughly corrupt legal system that sees it primary task as threatening or employing violence to build and maintain a society.

These are troublesome times and these incidents in this series are merely the tip of the iceberg of the extent and depth of police brutality that is an everyday occurrence in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Surprisingly (or not so), the government does not collect data in a uniform way on how many folks are maimed or killed by cops in the US.

“In 2011, Fisher attempted to do just that, tracking information about shootings by police officers using news media reports that he found on the internet. He found reports of 1,146 police shootings, 607 of which were fatal. The FBI, on the other hand, reported only 404 “justifiable homicides” by police officers for 2011, all but 3 of which were shootings.

Cop remain the existential threat to individual liberty and freedom, absent enforcement no bad laws can be foisted upon people and put into action. These stories were mostly focused on the immoral violence committed by police on a daily basis. This does not include all the corruption rackets that permeate the traffic violation franchise for revenue enhancement the state has set up so elegantly nor the fact that at the end of the day, the police are political enforcers who are the puppets of the collectivist nomenklatura in the USA.”

Due to non-reporting, under-reporting and cover-ups of police killings in the US, it is most likely far higher than the oft-quoted 5.000 American corpses stacked up since 9/11. The actual numbers are most likely in five digits and completely bifurcates the data from prison deaths caused by corrections officers.

There are no good cops anywhere because if there were they would police their own ranks, resign in protest or whistle blow on the seething corruption and sadistic mayhem that is American policing. Federal policy in the Drug War and the incessant warfare on the free market waged everyday by the central government has simply given carte blanche to the badged thuggery that happens all the time.

There are no regulations, reforms or housecleaning nation-wide short of a wholesale reexamination of what crimes are rightfully malum in se and a consistent hounding of all police violence visited on the citizenry. Once the devil’s triumvirate of officer safety, police unions and a government legal system are struck at the root and destroyed in place will any semblance of justice prevail. Until that time, Americans will continue to suffer under the not so tender ministrations of an occupying army that can fine, kidnap, cage, maim and kill citizens at will in league with a diabolical criminal justice system that puts the Sovietized system to shame in comparison.








Badged Serial Killers: The Growing Murder Culture of Cops (Part IV) by Bill Buppert

This series of essays have been concentrating on the more innocent and less strong among the population and the caging, maiming and killing that has been targeting the elderly and in some cases infirm.

In Part One, I spoke to the cruelty and violence police are increasingly visiting on the most innocent of all – the animals. In most cases, the cops, in the name of officer safety, maim or kill the canine (and feline) offenders (and cows).

In Part Two, I spoke to the cruelty of cops against children.

In Part Three, I spoke to the increasing war on woman by the thin black and blue line.

One does not have to go too far in the news to find these stories and I want to repeat that police brutality and abuse is under-reported and non-reported to a large extent and the prison complexes probably hide legions of personal narratives that would chill the most brazen police apologists in America (well, maybe not because they are morally immune to civilization).

I lost my 86 year old father to Valhalla this past year and my wife’s grandparents lived with us in to their 90s until they passed when we lived up north. Old folks are more fragile and not as quick as their younger days that make the following stories I relate to you even more horrific. Please keep in mind that most of these horror stories involving badged brutality are less than a year old and the last two decades has seen a tremendous uptick in police brutality against innocents so this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Jaywalking seems to be a popular trigger like the young college girl mauled by the cops in Part III of this series. 84-year-old Mr. Wong was assaulted by New York’s finest:

“According to the report, suddenly on Jan. 19 while en route to his West 97th Street apartment, “Wong walked right into a nightmarish police operation” that had been concocted by the commander of the local police precinct, “in response to a spate of fatal pedestrian accidents.”

When all was said and done, the octogenarian was left bloodied, his head, arm and ribs injured and sore from a violent confrontation with police, he told the newspaper. Wong said he was left in disbelief that after a lifetime of abiding by the law everything could have gone so wrong, being knocked unconscious on the street and handcuffed in a local hospital emergency room, and facing a range of criminal charges.”

Mr. Wong is suing the city for five million but this won’t affect any of the thugs involved because the taxpayers will foot the bill if he wins. Nice work if you can get it. These cops are not alone, there a number of lawsuit stars on the force:

“Meet Detective Peter Valentin. Detective Valentin makes approximately $125,000 per year, including overtime, for his role as a narcotics officer with the NYPD. In the last 8 years, this cop has been sued for violating the civil rights of the people 28 times, or about once every 3 months or so. The suits that have settled have already cost the city (read: the taxpayers) over $884,000, as exposed by the NY Daily News.”

One of the trends one observes in the mountains of narrative stories on police misbehavior is the vicious and bullying nature of the encounters and the escalation authored by the police in almost every instance.

Don’t expect any of the cops to face punitive measures or even lose their jobs; they appear to be what they want to keep in the ranks. The man who savaged this 70-year-old woman is back on the force, of course.

“Her head makes a thud sound as it hits the ground. Allegrone “suffered a bloody nose and an abrasion on the bridge of her nose,” according to the Times Union.

But Doering said the senior citizen dug her nails into Jones’ hand and wrist and that his officer was justified in throwing her to the ground to prevent her from doing so.

Police Chief Matt Doering said Glynn County officer Kevin Jones “acted reasonably” during the Dec. 5 [2013] incident that took place in St. Simons Island, Ga.”

Some of the heroes tased and shot and killed a 95-year-old man in a nursing home in Chicago:

“The Park Forest police version is that on the night of July 26, John Wrana, a resident of the Victory Centre senior living facility, threatened staff and paramedics with a 2-foot-long metal shoehorn and a metal cane. The police statement neglects to mention that the old man also used a walker, at least according to photographs supplied by Grapsas.

“Attempts were made verbally to have the resident comply with demands to drop the articles, to no avail,” the police statement reads. “The resident then armed himself with a 12-inch butcher type kitchen knife.”

But [the family's] lawyer says that Wrana’s family never saw a knife in his room and that staff also told him Wrana didn’t have such a knife.

“So where did the knife come from?” [he] asked.”

He refused medical care, they called the police and after they were done, he no longer required any more medical care at all.

These are not unusual and the increasing violence against senior citizens by police is becoming more frequent in concert with the last ten years of rapid militarization of police forces.

Speaking to the hoplophobic nature of all police forces across the US fed by the DHS propaganda machine that despise the private possession of any firearms.  72-year-old Jerry Wayne Waller was gunned down by the cops investigating a burglary.

While investigating around the home, officers met up with an adult male who was armed with a handgun. At least one of the officers fired and struck the man, killing him at the scene. But, according to former city council member Becky Haskin, that man was simply a neighbor who was also looking into what may have set off the security alarm.

“Officers felt threatened by the man [Waller] with the handgun and he was shot.”

The Fort Worth Police Department has not confirmed that information as they are continuing to investigate the case.”

Recently, an 80-year-old man was gunned down in his home in California by cops at the wrong address:

“The deputies crashed through the front gate and began executing a search warrant for methamphetamine on the property. Detective Patrick Hobbs, a self-described narcotics expert who claimed he “smelled the strong odor of chemicals” downwind from the house after being tipped off to illegal activity from an anonymous informant, spearheaded the investigation.

Deputies approached the house, and what happened next is where things get murky. The deputies said they announced their presence upon entering and were met in the hallway by the 80-year-old man, wielding a gun and stumbling towards them. The deputies later changed the story when the massive bloodstains on Mallory’s mattress indicated to investigators that he’d most likely been in bed at the time of the shooting. Investigators also found that an audio recording of the incident revealed a discrepancy in the deputies’ original narrative:

Before listening to the audio recording, [Sgt. John] Bones believed that he told Mallory to “Drop the gun” prior to the shooting. The recording revealed, however, that his commands to “Drop the gun” occurred immediately after the shooting.

When it was all over, Eugene Mallory died of six gunshot wounds from Sgt. John Bones’ MP-5 9mm sub-machine gun. When a coroner arrived, he found the loaded .22 caliber pistol the two deputies claimed Mallory had pointed at them on the bedside table. 

Mallory had not fired a single shot. The raid turned up no evidence of methamphetamine on the property.”

There is no surprise here in the grisly aftermath of yet another no-knock raid in the imbecilic drug war. Notice the cops are employing a sub-machine gun and the lies started immediately but the recording of the incident clearly demonstrated (again) the consistent trouble with telling the truth that plagues all police behavior today.

Katharina Lambert, age 88, was mauled by a police dog in her house during a no-knock raid on her home. Most likely, Miss Lambert would have been tried for murder if she had maimed or killed the dog to defend herself since she does not wear a badge. The appended article has an interesting listing of other such incidents.

“Lambert awoke to vicious bites to her arm and shoulder causing serious injuries like puncture wounds and severe bruising, she says. Echevarria had to physically remove the dog from Lambert to stop the attack.

She also claims that medical treatment was delayed and that the department knew about her severe hearing impairment. She doesn’t pull punches when it comes to accountability. She is personally zeroing in on everyone involved and believes that the culture of San Bernadino police encourages the idea that “it is permissible to unlawfully enter a person’s home, deploy a police K-9 to attack innocent people, refuse to accommodate a disabled person, and delay prompt medical care.”

A similar police dog attack killed an 89-year-old and he died of his injuries and the poor taxpayers footed the bill, of course for officer savagery.

The beatings continue:

“A 62-year-old grandmother, Daisy L. Morales, has filed a lawsuit against a Worcester police officer and the city after she says she was wrongly arrested and assaulted nearly a year ago. Morales’ suit contends the assault by officer James Powers of the Worcester Police Department was racially motivated.

“The individual defendant mercilessly beat Ms. Morales at her home simply to ‘teach her a lesson’ for questioning his police authority,” states the lawsuit against Powers and the city of Worcester.

Filed with the U.S. District Court in Worcester on Friday, the suit accuses Powers of beating Morales in her own home while Powers was in uniform. The alleged beating left Morales, then 61, with “life-threatening, permanent injuries which have required extensive surgical procedures and ongoing physical therapy treatment,” according to the lawsuit.”

You have to read the full text of the affidavit and the attached report to see the absolutely rabid nature of the cop (James Powers) involved when he perceived his authority was challenged by a diminutive elderly woman.

He is the poster child for the attitude that seems to be the rule and not the exception among the thin black and blue line:

“He turned on Ms. Morales with a wild look in his eyes and shouted: ‘I will show you police brutality!’ At this, the large, menacing Officer Powers charged at the diminutive Ms. Morales, picked her off the ground, and body slammed her with all his might.”

These are just a few of the horror stories of police brutality against the elderly in America and the same thing happens globally, the curious combination of psychopathy that seems to combine cowardice, bullying and sheer fear for their lives make s the cops quite trigger-happy and eager to physically dominate hurt people in many encounters.

I also suspect the abuse captured on video and audio of these rabid encounters is the tip of the iceberg when compared to the prison system in America that has the highest per capita prison population on planet earth with 25% of the worlds prisoners and 5% of the global population. The elderly prison population comes with its own unique pathologies.

“[T]he largest absolute number of people in prison. The US prison population is much larger in absolute numbers that the prison populations of China and India, countries with four times the US population.”

The American Civil Liberties Union published a report in 2012 which asserts that the elderly prison population has climbed 1300% since the 1980s, with 125,000 inmates aged 55 or older now incarcerated.

The problem remains an increasingly savage police presence in America that get worse by the year while their own threat environment gets increasingly safer making them one of the safest occupations in America apart from their self-immolation on retirement. The increasing obesity problem among cops as a nation-wide (if not global) phenomenon leads to early cop deaths after retirement along with the indiscipline in lifestyle that most overweight folks suffer from. After all, police careers are the number seven job of the top ten for attracting psychopaths in America.

Hence, the tremendous increase in police violence against the civilian population. There is a watershed event forthcoming where this behavior by alleged protectors will lead to quite a bit of unpleasantness visited on these occupying forces posing as cops across America.

In Part V of this series, I will be discussing the brutality against the disabled to include the wheelchair-bound and mentally retarded.

Badged Serial Killers: The Growing Murder Culture of Cops (Part III) by Bill Buppert

Women have been ravaged and brutalized by cops in much the same way as children and others who tend to be less strong than men. They have been beat, tased, sexually assaulted, caged and maimed and killed in increasing numbers as the police ramp up their penchant for savagery on the streets against those who would dare disobey or resist.

In Part One, I spoke to the cruelty and violence police are increasingly visiting on the most innocent of all – the animals. In most cases, the cops, in the name of officer safety, maim or kill the canine (and feline) offenders.

In Part Two, I spoke to the cruelty of cops against children.

In Part Three, I address the growing acts of violence against women by cops in America.

It speaks to the sad state of masculine virtue in America today that the tens of thousands of women brutalized and victimized by police violence and misbehavior have not suffered a greater number of revenge incidents. This would be percolating from the husbands, fathers, brothers and uncles who have seen their female relatives savaged by out of control bullies in uniform but the future is an undiscovered country.

Among ladies, pregnant women appear to be an especially attractive target for the thin black and blue line. Here is one of many horror stories involving women with child.

The badged hero is Lucas Krull:

“The video shows the officer throwing the woman against a banister and hitting her head as she cries hysterically and screams, “I’m pregnant! Get off me. You’re going to kill my baby.” He even clubs her on the head and tackles her.”

“According to Krull’s boss, he is correct in his brutality against the woman.

Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard told local media outlets that the officers showed “tremendous restraint” while subduing the teen and Hardaway, whose family said is six months pregnant. Krull used a distraction technique that officers are taught to employ to disorient someone who’s resisting arrest, Sheppard said.”

Read further and, as usual, Sheppard makes stuff up out of whole cloth like the use of pepper spray even though none was found.

The meme remains the same; police represent the kind of immoral initiated violence no normal man or woman possesses outside the magic exceptions of government “service”. They are exempt from moral and normal rules of conduct that the rest of society must abide by.

In a recent incident in Chicago, cops used disproportionate force apparently because the pregnant woman was not instantly obedient:

“Tiffany Rent is eight-months pregnant, but that didn’t stop a Chicago police officer from using a taser on her. The assault and arrest occurred Wednesday morning outside of a drug store on Chicago’s South Side.” The father attempted to intervene and suffered a dislocated elbow from the ensuing police thugscrum. “The Chicago Police Department, however says that their officers did nothing wrong. Rent, they said, had “attempted to take off” after parking in a handicap space outside of a Walgreens drug store.” And, of course, Rent was completely within his rights to assault a pregnant woman:

“Superintendent McCarthy said this is a matter of “upholding the law” and that Rent should have been tased for her comments: “Well, first of all, you can’t always tell whether somebody is pregnant. So, you want to use it where you are overcoming assault or preventing escape. That’s what it boils down to.”

Imagine if the roles were reversed but that part of protect and serve is a one-way street.

Pregnant women are not unduly picked on by cops with thousands of incidents abounding of cops savaging woman in all manner of ways.

This quote needs no explanation because the department defended the behavior of the badged gentlemen:

“A Superior, Wisconsin police officer slammed an uncooperative woman against the hood of a squad car, slapped her and hit her twice in the face with his closed fist — and an attorney for his department said the brutal attack was “defensible.”

This young lady was mauled by four for jaywalking when she was out jogging:

“Suddenly, one of the cops shouts at an innocent girl jogging with her headphones on through West Campus. He wobbled after her and grabbed her by the arm. Startled, and not knowing it was a cop, she jerked her arm away. The cop viewed this as resisting arrest and proceeded to grab both arms tightly, placing her in handcuffs. She repeatedly pleaded with them saying that she was just exercising and to let her go. She repeatedly cried out, “I did not do anything wrong…just give me the ticket.” The other officer strolled over and now they were making a scene. She tried to get up. I doubt she was running away as she was in handcuffs, but the second cop pushed her back down to the ground. Because of the commotion, they walked her to the cop car in the alleyway next to Big Bite, where she, overcome with frustration, yelled loudly to gain attention. Because of that, the cops tightened their grip causing her to squirm and kick.”

You can see the heroes in blue in this video dealing out street justice to the young jogger.

Of course, they will get away with it when any decent group of men walking by should have immediately jaywalked across to the thugscrum and stopped the cops.

Another police officer mauled a young girl with his tools of the trade:

“Officer Cole, who was known as “Trigger Happy Trooper,” can be seen on dashcam video Tasing the girl until she passed into a vegetative state (footage below).

She clearly posed no threat to the officer, but he Tased her anyway.

She was in handcuffs at the time. Once he Tased her in her back, she fell to the pavement and became paralyzed.

She said, “I can’t get up.” The officer sneered, “I don’t want you to get up,” as the high voltage electricity made its way through her limp body.” And of course: “The officer was cleared afterwards and was not convicted of murder.”

As I have noted in the previous two essays in this series, not only is the brutality gut-wrenching and barbaric but the psychopathy of the boys in blue really shines through when they are laughing or joking about the latest incident in which they maimed, tortured or killed someone in the “line of duty”.

“After Americans protested the beating death of Kelly Thomas, they were arrested and thrown into a police van. As they were transported to jail, cops could be heard laughing and saying “There’s a pack of 12 cops waiting to smash your fucking faces in.” Another cop added, “And I’ve got two words for all of you, ‘Not Guilty,’” prompting the officers to laugh.”

I don’t know whether this is an exclusively American phenomenon in policing or simply the sadistic demeanor of modern cops but the sheer sociopathy of the remarks and behavior should give anyone pause to not shun all you come across.

Watch this video and you will see the cops have no humanity:

“Hear about them laughing and high-fiving each other after Tasing a teenage boy to death, finding pleasure in the fact that the boy’s “asshole tightened up” as they kept electrocuting him until he stopped breathing.”

This woman was tased and pummeled in a patrol car while handcuffed.

And, of course: “Springettsbury police: DA clears officers of brutality allegations.”

It gets worse.

One woman lost her arm due to police misconduct in jail:

“Needham was arrested on a warrant in April because she failed to appear at a preliminary hearing on charges of simple assault, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Her attorney told the Post-Gazette that the woman was using the bathroom when sheriff’s department officers broke down the door, shocked her with a taser and bound her in wrist and arm restraints that were too tight.

The rough treatment and confinement caused Needham’s left arm to develop compartment syndrome, a medical condition in which muscle tissue is injured and swells, cutting off circulation to a compartment of the muscle.”

The arm was amputated.

The police stations and jails are chambers of horrors where video and film footage of wrongdoing is much more difficult to obtain much like the malfunctioning camera in the patrol car where Jesus Huerta died mentioned in Part II. I suspect if one were to start hard investigative journalism delving into these modern Black Holes of Calcutta, the results would be disturbing and nauseating. If the mean streets see an abundance of police brutality, imagine how their private dungeons look. The same place where rape gets the wink and the nod from the constabulary.

This young woman was mauled and permanently disfigured by brutes who, of course, went on to lie about their wretched behavior.

“The shocking footage shows the woman being thrown, face first, into a bench inside a jail cell. After doing this to the woman, the police say reportedly false statements on camera to justify their brutal actions. In the video, the woman does nothing to provoke the cops and shows no aggression. Why they attacked is unclear at this time.”

These are not simply isolated incidents because they occur across the country and women are even be raped in custody by these supposed protectors.

LAPD officers Luis Valenzuela and James Nichols are under investigation for allegedly forcing women into performing sexual acts under threat of arrest, several times over the past five years. So far four women have made independent accusations against them, all involving a strikingly similar scenario.”

Please note the brief description of alleged misconduct in this next case and nothing was done:

“A San Antonio police officer has been arrested for cuffing and raping a 19-year-old woman over the weekend. The felony sexual assault charges are the third known accusation of sexual misconduct against Officer Jackie Len Neal.”

Of course: “His car’s backseat camera was not working.”

This should come as no surprise:

“Nationally, there are twice as many reports of sexual misconduct by police as there are by the general public. Officers also have a higher rate of sexual violence at home; an estimated 40 percent of police families suffer from domestic violence, compared with 10 percent of the general population.”

Government is evil and its servants even more so. It reinforces the notion that to be protected from a few bad people, we put the worst people in charge.

Some women are shot at by police and fortunately their traditionally poor marksmanship saves their lives like the two ladies who suffered a fusillade of 103 rounds into their pickup when the thin black and blue line was filling pants over the Dorner episode in California:

“In the early morning hours two women driving a light blue pick up truck were fired upon more than 100 times by six officers feared the two petite Latina women Margie Carranza and her 71-year-old mother Emma Hernandez who were delivering newspapers was the 6′ 4″ Christopher Dorner.”

These women were not so lucky:

“Well over the weekend, two women who were innocent bystanders in heavily populated, tourist laden Times Square were shot by officers in what was described as an over reaction to a chaotic scene.”

This is the same city where two cops shot a suspect but nine bystanders were also hit by police rounds. We realize that cops cuff, tase, assault and maim women, they also kill them.

The most infamous recent incident was the woman gunned down by police in streets of DC.

“At this point a thorough investigation is necessary,” he said. “… Obviously law enforcement should be trained to de-escalate a situation and to avoid lethal force if at all possible. This lady was unarmed. … She had a baby in the car. Her behavior was erratic. … It appeared this was likely someone who was suffering from mental illness, but the officers don’t have the luxury to know that. At the time the shots were fired, was she presenting a threat of serious bodily harm to the officers? Was she trying to flee? Or was she trying to injure or kill someone.”

Again, the disproportionate response was evident everywhere. One has to seriously question what measure of cowardice is built into officer safety where they will execute a person on the slightest perceived provocation. A response that un-badged civilians would be caged for.

This woman died in a thugscrum in LA from a number of injuries:

“The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating at least five officers after one of them allegedly stomped on a woman’s genitals and she later died of suffocation.”

An older disabled mentally ill woman named Emily Delafield was tasered to death in her wheelchair but “[t]en shocks from a police Taser were enough to kill a wheelchair-bound Green Cove Springs woman whose death in a confrontation with two officers in April has been ruled a homicide but, according to prosecutors, justified.”

These stories are horrific and reveal a culture of barbarity that is hard enough to countenance on men but the consistent motif of a savagery visited on women gives one true pause. It also seems very disturbing the trend line of all the “justifiable” barbarism that is underwritten by the police investigating themselves and the rubberstamping of injustice by the government legal system.

One can go on and on with the horror stories that are the real narrative of modern American policing. The 19,000 police departments (Marc Stevens tells me the real number is 86,000) in America are rotten to the core and if a good cop exists, he is being very quiet and laying low so he is not noticed.

I don’t want to reform departments, I want them all to go away and be replaced by a new model that does not give rights more equal than others and refuses to provide a framework of perverse incentives that create the nasty police state Americans labor under today.

There is a giant barbaric secret and untold story brewing in the background here, there is no active database maintained by any statist authority in America that tracks the total number of deaths by police on civilians in America. None. I would also suggest that maiming is not for lack of trying to murder people on the part of cops.

“I found out very quickly that the government doesn’t maintain a database on how many citizens the police kill every year and that struck me as really odd because the federal government has statistics on everything. I mean, you could probably find out how many tons of potatoes people over 50 eat every year in Wisconsin,” Fisher said.”

That is an accountability project worth pursuing that would blow the roof off the whole sordid enterprise.

When a society treats its most innocent and less strong members with such casual disregard with the approval of the state, it goes a long way to establish just what the government priority is. Which is a license to maim and kill the very people it supposedly represents and protects.

Police break the social contract everyday. Don’t ever call the police.

Badged Serial Killers: The Growing Murder Culture of Cops (Part II) by Bill Buppert


Children under but the rarest circumstances should be the last people on Earth to be victims of kidnapping and violence, yet the police in America and their confreres around the world continue to conduct a war on children in the schools and on the street. For the sake of this essay, we are speaking of boys and girls under the age of 18. Yet the government authorizes sexual assault by the TSA against minors and brutal punishments against children by its agents that would be criminal offenses by private citizens.

I am convinced that the police not only harbor serial killers but much like the regimes in China and the USSR they encourage a culture of barbarism that celebrates the maiming and killing of innocents.

Remember that allegedly in the US, one is innocent until proven guilty yet the punishments levied in street justice by the police are becoming much more the norm than the exception in how they execute their law enforcer duties.

In Part One, I spoke to the cruelty and violence police are increasingly visiting on the most innocent of all – the animals. In most cases, the cops, in the name of officer safety, maim or kill the canine (and feline) offenders.

In Part Two, I will speak to yet another level of cruelty that is emerging: police violence against children.

Arresting is a polite government euphemism for kidnapping and the police even handcuff six-year old girls. In one such case, “The officer stated in the report that he noticed damage to school property and tried numerous times to calm the girl, who eventually “pulled away and began actively resisting and fighting with me.” “The child was then placed in handcuffs for her safety and the officer proceeded to bring her down to the police station,” said Chief Dray Swicord.”

One overweight cop was caught on tape choking out a 13 year old boy.

“For those of you who don’t know, Officer Joey Williams of the Hot Springs Police department was caught red handed on video tape, and with a camera choking 13 year old- Jarrod Graham.

Jarrod Graham along with several other youths were illegally skateboarding on June 21st 2007 in down town Hot Springs, Arkansas. Jarrod Graham that day received a choking and arrest instead of a ticket, as the local city ordinance states is the fair and just punishment for such a violation. Many of the other of the “Hot Springs 6″ youths were chased, headlocked, harrased, and arrested.”

Six year old Salicia is not the only child harmed by police. She was formally charged with assault by the way.

In another incident, an eight year old girl was handcuffed and jailed in Illinois.

Think about that! Hundreds of millions of parents have experienced this kind of behavior with their own children in private and public and if they were to use the same means of restraint would be subject to public humiliation, sanction or arrest for abuse. Yet this is the bottom line of thinking about police violence. They are sanctioned by the state to do what NO decent or thoughtful human being would do: use violence as a first resort for resolving all problems.

Many folks are exposed to the seemingly endless video train of police brutality examples but a sizable portion of those are now emerging where the cops prey on the most innocent and helpless sectors of society.

There are numerous instances of the police “school resource officers” in the government schools mauling, sexually abusing and severely injuring minors in the conduct of their duties. This video is particularly disturbing and shows the absolute thuggery of the cop attitude against the innocent. The trend of having these police in government schools in and of itself has led to an outrageous number of maimings and even killings of children on school grounds by government agents.

The combination of the young school drug induced violence in government schools in the last two decades, coupled with the militaristic sea change in American policing, has resulted in a huge spate of excessive violence visited on children in America.

“Hard cases make bad laws. Policymakers’ overly punitive and police-centric response to high profile school shootings demonstrate this fact. But if you have doubts, ask the six-year-old child who was handcuffed to a chair as punishment after he got into a scuffle with another boy in the school cafeteria. If he doesn’t convince you, perhaps the scores of schoolchildren who police assaulted with pepper spray (while at school) will. Or talk to one of the 3.3 million public schoolchildren who are suspended from school each year, often as a consequence for minor rule breaking, such as talking back to teachers or fistfights.”

All of this is part of the police state mentality polluting the politics of mainstream America.

And it only gets worse.

A young man managed to shoot himself in the face with his hands cuffed behind his back after retrieving a large caliber firearm the arresting LEOs had overlooked.

“According to police, Huerta was found inside with his hands still cuffed behind his back, a gunshot wound to his head and a well-worn .45-caliber semi-automatic handgun at his side — the same large caliber as the service weapons issued to Durham police. A recording system inside the cruiser that could have captured video and audio from the event was not on at the time of the shooting, according to the police.”

And there is no doubt that once the police investigated themselves, all involved officers were cleared.

Even in the cases where police shoot children, we find that the police investigation of themselves inevitably justifies the violence against them.

A 17-year old young man named Christopher Roupe was just executed at his house by a female officer who then pointed the smoking gun at his sister who had come downstairs to see what had happened. He was holding a WII controller and the badged thug opened fire.

In the recent case of Vidal, we have yet another incident where a death sentence is handed to the young man is the only recourse.

The wanton injury and killing of children handed out by cops across the nation on a daily basis is emerging as a troubling pattern of behavior that is not only encouraged but defended.

In yet another incident in Santa Rosa, CA; a Sheriff’s Deputy gunned down a young man carrying a fake AK47 airsoft weapon. In this case, it was a junction of the officer safety mantra and the almost universal suspicion among cops concerning the wielding of any weapon by private citizens. The bloodlust is not new in Santa Rosa or the rest of the nation.

“In 2000, an advisory panel of the US Commission on Civil Rights urged Sonoma County, where Tuesday’s shooting took place, to create civilian review boards following eight fatal officer-involved shootings in less than three years, but that recommendation went unheeded, Reuters reported.”

The police in the great police state of New Mexico recently opened fire on a van with five children for a speeding citation.

Again, all of these incidents and hundreds if not thousands more show a trend to violence and the abhorrent application of this violence to children on the part of the armed agents of the state. In the abstract, the apparently casual use of violence to ensure compliance is more the rule than the exception. In the very same state of New Mexico where anal violation of drivers by cops screamed across the headlines, the chief of training is calling for relaxing the ability of cops to use deadly force.

Much like the casual government dismissal of the importance of life in abortion legislation and the institutionalization of torture after 911, this police brutality and culture of violence will not relent until the brakes are put on through societal pressure or even worse retaliation among the cops in America who behave far more like occupiers than peace officers.

Once children can be targeted in such a grisly fashion on such a consistent basis and the perpetrators of these offenses simply go unpunished, as so much cop crime does, the unintended consequences in the future will be unmistakable. A mere two generations ago, none of the described events in this essay would have happened with such frequency and easy dismissal by the authorities.

Erick Gelhaus, the child murderer of young Andy Lopez in Santa Rosa is still at large and on the job.

The police remain an existential threat to the liberty and freedom of every American and the children are, quite literally, under the gun also.










Tyrant’s Day 2014: Saying No to the Offal Office by Bill Buppert

Publisher’s Note: There is no better way to celebrate Tyrant’s Day than to talk about the nightmare scenario of any sitting President which is the secession and dissolution of the Constitutional Union and the freeing of the people presently living in the USSA.

I inaugurated the first of several conversations about secession several years ago.  The first essay is published below and the accompanying essays are linked below that.  Mordor on the Potomac can NEVER be reformed.  You can send good people but they will be sucked into a system of corruption and servitude that is unrivaled in the last thousand years in the magnitude of treasure and blood expended. 

Buppert’s Corollary to Acton’s Axiom is that “Power attracts the corruptible and absolute power attracts even worse”.   Rare is the ruler in any annal of history whose mindset is not possessed of a severe psychopathy or sociopathy; they rule and seek to do so because they wish to control others ultimately through any means necessary and primarily through the initiation of immoral violence against the resistant and disobedient. Five millennium of chronicled history is unimpeachable – government, whether secular or religious, is the source of ALL slavery and the fount of most violence leading to the abattoirs like National Socialist Germany or the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. 

We are on the road ourselves.

The wars the US now engages in AfPak, Yemen, Horn of Africa and Iraq are simply more expenditures of blood and treasure on top of the War on Drugs, Poverty and the other formal declarations of war on consensual behavior.  The Soviet Union was quite vicious but at least they were honest about their form of government.  We are bombarded by the government/media complex on the freedoms and liberties we enjoy.  What?

The final deSovietization of these united States will only occur when America fractures, dissolves, devolves and calves off into the inevitable regional enclaves which have been created already through spontaneous order and decades of localism and regional differences .  Remember that all the analysts were caught flat-footed when the USSR collapsed in 1989.  It can happen here so you had better prepare for the worst because it is coming.  That is not one Black Swan approaching, it is a flock.

The America in the Inland West is significantly different in culture and temperament from the Soviet-lite states of the Northeast or the Marxoid Pacific coast.  This country was born in a divorce from the United Kingdom started in 1775 and a secondary revolution in 1860-65 to right fissures that had long been festering and it is time for the country to file for divorce again – from Washington.

I spoke on this very topic at the Porcupine Festival for the Free State Project in Lancaster, New Hampshire on Friday, 22 June 2012 as Keynote Speaker.  See:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O28aiatbmuM -BB

“Good Morning, Governor, how might we…”

“Mr. President, I realize you are a busy man so let’s get down to brass tacks…we are calling the ball and withdrawing our support of your Administration and the Federal government in DC. Effective immediately, we have coordinated to place all outgoing receipts to the IRS in a caged account here in Boise…”

“Governor, you can’t do that…”

“Please don’t interrupt while I am speaking as we are from this point onward peers in the family of nations. I hope you have reviewed the diplomatic instruments we sent by courier last night to Department of State which delineates the terms of our divorce.”

“I did receive those and you have no earthly idea the can of whoop-…”

“Please, sir, maintain the decorum of these proceedings so we can move forward to an amicable separation. I give you my personal assurance on the safety and well-being of all Federal personnel we have detained for immediate repatriation to the remainder of these United States. Any non-law enforcement Federal personnel who wish to remain behind will be permitted to do so.”

“I hope you have thought through the consequences of what you are embarking on.”

“Mr. President, we have had over two hundred years to give the rulers on the Potomac a chance but that time has expired. Effective immediately, all so-called Federal lands now belong to the nation of Idaho and we will dispose of these lands at our leisure. In the interest of burying the hatchet, we will not seek compensation for the seizure, abuse and tenure of Federal practices on the aforementioned land and call the balance even.”

“Those are my lands, Governor…”

“In actuality, they belong to neither of us, sir. On to other business, I have alerted my National Guard forces to establish checkpoints at all the main arterials in and out of Idaho. All National Guard forces deployed overseas will return home in the next 48 hours. I would also caution you on the use of military force to convince Idaho and its citizens to forcibly return to the yoke of the Union. Idaho has a well-deserved reputation as a rather well-equipped state in firearms possession and use. As Yamamoto said, you may find a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

“Are you threatening the president of the United States?”

“No, sir, I am simply making an observation about the hazards of one country invading another.”

“You are land-locked, Governor and wholly dependent on federal subsidy for a great deal of employment and infrastructure in Idaho.”

“No longer, the tremendous tax burden across the spectrum formally imposed in our nation as a subject State in your country is now effectively terminated and we are going to unleash the free market to address all of our former shortcomings as a result of the overarching government supremacism practiced here before. In telephone conversations with my neighboring governors, we are on the verge of Confederation negotiations that will pave the way for Idaho embassies in British Columbia, Montana, Utah and Wyoming. We do intend on opening a consular office in DC as soon as we can ensure the diplomatic baggage containing sufficient weapons assures our safety in the greater DC metropolitan area for our diplomatic personnel.”

“Governor, what Constitutional right do you have to secede from the US?”

“Mr. President, the behavior you have exhibited toward the Constitution has been at best characterized by active neglect and abhorrence for the restraint on governance in the Bill of Rights. I am rather surprised you would resort to assuming the document in any way has weight in Washington, DC. I would suggest my rights extend as far as our ability to throw off what has become a government of occupation instead of cooperation. We resign, sir and wish to go in peace.”

“I will use every measure in my arsenal to force you back into the fold.”

“Mr. President, thank you for the heads-up but we have taken certain precautions to ensure that any rash measures on your part have a disproportionate impact in the DC/Virginia corridor. Please don’t press us on the issue. I would like to offer one more rather moderate important proposal to our future business. These United States as administered by DC are now essentially bankrupt. War on the world, out of control spending and borrowing, debt and deficit, non-funded future liabilities in the tens of trillions and a banking infrastructure rotten at every level has pushed the US to an economic abyss from which it cannot shrink. We will provide you a demonstration project of tiny government, free banking and a formerly enslaved citizenry unleashed to realize their potential with no government interference. We simply wish to go our own way untethered from the Remora Nation DC came to symbolize.”

“Governor, this conversation is over.”

“Good day, Mr. President.”

More companion essays followed:

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My archives at zerogov.com contain a variety of treatments on secession in addition to those mentioned above.  Enjoy.


Badged Serial Killers: The Growing Murder Culture of Cops (Part I) by Bill Buppert

Publisher’s Note: This is a five-part series that investigates the growing death culture of the American cop and the predator prey relationship between badged thugs in the pay of the King and the following victim classes among the Helotry that is America:

Part I: Dogs and other Animals

Part II: Children

Part III: Women

Part IV: The Elderly

Part V: The Disabled

Please keep in mind that I will examine all sorts of police depravity and violence to include the murder that has become so prevalent and dare I say popular among statist police in America. Depending on your level of resistance, you will be fined, kidnapped, caged maimed or killed in America if you resist the most banal edicts handed down by your rulers as law hence law enforcement.

Police are the pointed end of bad politics, idiotic rules and immoral laws. Unlike their confreres at the Nuremberg trials, they are never held accountable for their “just obeying orders” schtick.

I want you to pay particular attention to the incidents where the police laugh or joke about their maiming and killing because there is no better casual indicator of the depravity and psychopathy that is modern day policing in the USSA.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics surveyed 6,000 people and based on extrapolations of the information estimated that around 500,000 people every year are, ‘hit, held, pushed, choked, threatened with a flashlight, threatened or sprayed with pepper spray, threatened with a gun or other form of force,’ by police. The FBI Uniform Crime Reports states that around 300, ‘justified homicides,’ happen every year, yet does not record police killings considered to be unjustified.”

The numbers are most likely far higher for non- reported and under-reported violence by police in America.

Make no mistake – you do live in a police state. Please be sure to update me on local incidents you can call to my attention. -BB

“He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”
― Immanuel Kant

Yet another dog is murdered by cops.  A service dog, no less.

The advent of film and video footage has revolutionized the ability of the general public to see how the police behave in real life and not the sanitized Disney version that Hollywood and its sycophants in the mainstream media have portrayed.

Sir Robert Peele’s principles are long dead and buried in US law enforcement.

This particular one is indeed extinct:

“The police should use physical force to the extent necessary to secure observance of the law or to restore order only when the exercise of persuasion, advice and warning is found to be insufficient to achieve police objectives; and police should use only the minimum degree of physical force which is necessary on any particular occasion for achieving a police objective.”

The American law enforcement community has experienced a sea change in the last half century that has made the police the greatest threat to individual subjects in North America. In the end, liberty and freedom can only be taken if the enforcement mechanism of bad laws and totalitarian edicts is active and engaged. The risk of death by cop is far greater than any foreign-borne terrorist threat or most natural disasters and ironically, 2013 is one of the safest years for cops themselves in decades despite the silly “hero” rhetoric drummed in by the government media complex.

Will Grigg has written eloquently and extensively on startling detailed anecdotes of the police state in action throughout the fetid plain. I have contributed some observations on the state of police misbehavior on a grand scale but not so much as other observers.

Something strikes me about the spate of dog murders by cops that have emerged in the media in the last decade. The officer safety madness is a large part of the reason for the devastation and lethal effects of modern policing and the trail of tears of the maimed and murdered bodies stacked up by the badged bullies. As we have become accustomed to the double standard, the epidemic of police shootings of dogs stands in stark contract to the injury and killing of “police dogs” as assaults on an officer and treated as such. Again, ensuring that mundane being drained by taxes to pay the salaries of the statist police are always treated as second-class citizens even to dogs (if badged).

Some observers have suggested a linkage of animal abuse into adulthood: “Douglas, Burgess, and Ressler looked at the lives of 36 serial killers to determine whether they shared any behavioral or psychological traits. They found that 46 percent of the serial killers in their sample had demonstrated cruelty to animals as children, while 36 percent demonstrated similar cruelty during adulthood.”

Ask yourself this: if you have serial killer tendencies, how do you hide in plain sight and quite literally get a state-granted hunting license? Become a cop.

Are there widely accepted precursors to serial killer behavior such as cruelty toward animals and a casual disregard for their welfare?

When counselors at several federal penitentiaries evaluated inmates for levels of aggression, 70% of the most violent prisoners had serious and repeated animal abuse in their childhood histories, as compared to 6% of non-aggressive prisoners in the same facilities.” 

The casual disregard for the lives of animals by cops is fairly commonplace as well as human life if the past decade of cop-on-citizen violence is any indicator.

As criminal profilers pointed out, around 99% of the serial killers start showing cruelty to animals even from an early age. What makes matters worse is the fact that their families do not notice this negative behavior or perceive it as child’s play. More often than not, hurting and/or killing an animal demonstrate the need to take control and dominate.”

It would be necessary to establish that most of these police dog killers have this tendency at a tender age but the increasing incidence of this kind of abuse raises some disturbing possibilities.

One dog murder by cops gives a clue to the mindset involved:

“One he didn’t even think twice. He just stepped back and took out his gun and shot her twice and stood in the street and laughed about it.”

Another cowardly incident in New Orleans where the cop (of course) lied on his report of the dog execution.

“He fires (at) the dog in retreat,” said Jeff Dorson, executive director with Humane Society. “Why do we know this? The bullet wound. The entry and exit were in the side, and it wasn’t a dead-on shot in the front.”

The cops laugh after killing a three-month old puppy in San Antonio here.

Even restrained animals are subject to instant liquidation by the badged bureaucrats:

“Moments later the animal, named Cammie, barks at officers and struggles to avoid a hook attached to a long, metal rod. Once police stopped trying to snare the animal, it laid down quietly. Upon second attempt, police successfully restrain Cammie, who struggles but then stands motionless, looking away from the officers.

That’s when LaGrange Police Officer Doug Howell drew his weapon, aimed and fired a single round into Cammie’s chest, dropping the dog immediately. Shortly thereafter she began wagging her tail, so the officer put another bullet in her head.”

Cats are not immune to the bloodthirsty treatment of animals by cops:

Two officers acted accordingly and shot the cat dead. What enraged the cat’s owners is the fact that it was never checked for identification tags neither did the officers attempt in any way to determine whether it was a stray or a pet cat.”

There is a pattern of conduct emerging that speaks to several factors.

Modern policing in North America now uses officer safety as a mindless mantra to justify disproportionate response to real and perceived threats to their person and safety.

I will cover police abuse of children in a future essay which bears a grisly resemblance to the war on the innocent that dog murder entails.

The stories are legion but this incident is illustrative of the vicious and lethal mentality of cops in America today:

“As Vidal Collapsed backwards on to the floor the two officers jumped on top of the 5ft 3 100 lb Vidal to restrain him.. As Vidal’s Father tried to step in and grab the screw driver The Southport Police Officer that had instructed the other officers to use their tasers, moved between the father and the pile of people on the floor and said ” We don’t have time for this” And shot Vidal Once in the chest as the other two Officers held him on the floor. Vidal’s father then grabbed the officer as he was lining himself up for another shot.”

Yet another testimony to why no one in their right mind should ever call the cops.

I would suggest that the increasing violence toward animals is yet another harbinger of things to come in the future as the American police state becomes more and more violent toward ordinary citizens and anyone it sets its sights on.

One can suggest that any broad cross-section of the working population in particular occupations would create serial killers and the police profession would appear to have a few of their own:

Manuel Pardo, a former Florida police officer turned serial killer who was executed Tuesday, was one of the latter, officials say. He shot nine people to death in the late 1980s, claiming he was a ”soldier” ridding the streets of the wicked.”


Police are considering the possibility that the serial killer who has dumped at least eight bodies along a Long Island barrier beach may be an ex-cop or other law officer, law enforcement officials familiar with the case said.”

The notorious killers like Gerard John Schaefer even practiced their serial killer temptations on patrol.

I would also suggest that the brutality demonstrated in the video of this young homeless man being beaten to death is emblematic of the tendencies among the constabulary in America.

I think about the very real possibility of institutionalizing serial killer ethics and behavior is becoming the rule and not the exception in American policing. Much as child molesters and voyeurs would sign up in droves for the chance to be a TSA enforcer gaping at and laying hands on innocent travelers, there is no greater opportunity for a serial killer to practice their craft in America than going to the academy and getting the badge. They would have a license to kill and qualified immunity that would get them through the bad times at taxpayer expense.

The “heroes” that fired 103 rounds into the wrong pickup and wrong gender and did not kill the two female occupants. The police investigating police concluded and “found that the officers were not at serious fault in trying to kill two innocent unarmed women and unleashing a wall of lead on a vehicle.”

Police will not ever police themselves…ever.

There is now a close race between private serial killers and the professional class emerging in American policing to see who can field the greater army of murderers. Much like the terrorism moniker fitting the protector in America more than the actual stated target, the fabled cops are becoming the very thing they supposedly hunt.

Murder begins where self-defense ends.

The spate of animal slaughter by cops may be an unpleasant precursor of misery to come for the citizens being administered by the “serve and protect” crowd.